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  1. As a Ranger fan, the current logo and uniform set leaves a lot to be desired. "Rangers" is nowhere to be found on any of the uniforms, the "TEXAS" lettering isn't unique and resembles the font used by the Angels, the primary T logo on our hats doesn't even match the T on the jersey...and on and on. These are obviously just my own opinions, so I wanted to create something to look at to put my mind at ease. (First time concept creator here) First change was the shade of red and blue. I wanted to match the exact shades from the Texas flag. The star in the circle will probably bring some "too much like the Astros" criticism, but I think Texas needs to claim this symbol. It is, after all, what the actual Texas Ranger law enforcement badge looks like... I took a lot of inspiration from the 1972 original logo (below). I never liked the "Rangers" lettering from it (thought the lowercase made it look too cartoony), but I did like the "TEXAS" font used. As a team representing the entire state, this font just screams Texas, and I think using something a little more generic (like our current uni's) is a missed opportunity. I also took the idea of the drop shadow from this logo. The vast majority of teams just use a simple outline, but the drop shadow is unique. The sleeve hat-on-baseball logo is obviously a colorized version of the below. Another unique bit of imagery I wanted to bring back...in the inaugural game, the team wore Stetsons on the field during the anthem for God's sake. Lastly, for the alternate I wanted to recreate the 1957 version of the Texas Ranger badge (below). By all accounts the actual Rangers didn't like the design of the badge, but visually it's great. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  2. Particularly love your color choices here. The shades of the secondary colors in the Kraken, Sockeye, and Totem designs are all unique, I don't recall seeing them anywhere in sports.
  3. Love bringing back green. Is it the same shade as the Stars? (I'd support that). One thing I'd change is the angles of the star points. I'd flatten them out so that in the above image, the straight flare on the D is parallel with the line. Currently it makes the star look puffy in my opinion.
  4. Love the FCD. Only thing I'd like to see is maybe blue shorts with the home, red shorts with the away and white shorts with the 3rd, just to compare. But I appreciate the simplicity of these too.
  5. Could definitely see this happening (or some version of it). Especially since the Stars trademarked this logo back in 2016 http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/06/22/dallas-stars-planning-1940s-texans-throwback/
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