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  1. No plus, i can't find the SJ draft hat on fanatics , what the ...!
  2. Or that they don't put the SJ all together !! smh
  3. Not bad but i feel like the stripes are a touch too thick ... and i woulda put the "screaming sharks" (thats what its called) on the front of the black third
  4. i might be a weirdo but i never actually saw a "C" in the orca logo before someone told me its supposed to be a C for Canucks
  5. some white on the 3rd wouldn't have been a bad idea.. other than that, you looking good at last Vancouver!
  6. If you talking about the helmet logo.. looked like a mix of eras just because it was poorly photoshopped in the first image they posted. They did the annual photos and the "throwback helmet" is always the same , '66 logo (no mix of eras to be seen)