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  1. Me reading this the first time: hey, that's not bad, they were always in the top half of the majors Me after rereading and realizing it's NL rankings instead of MLB: Oh, that's bad. Maybe Montreal shouldn't have a team again
  2. The acquisition of Florida puts John Quincy Adams solidly in the bottom 5 presidents
  3. I'm a Minnesota sports die-hard. Unfortunately I live out of state for college so it's not worth my time or money to figure out how to watch the Twins in a normal game when they suck. If they're on FOX or ESPN? You're darn right I'll watch them no matter the record. And if they're having a good year, I'll maybe try to find a way to have them playing in the background in my laptop while I study, or go over to my parents or uncles place on the weekend and have a beer or two with the Twins on in the background while we're shooting the :censored:. Ultimately though, I'm 1 or 2 timezones away (yay for no daylight savings time in AZ) in an NL market. I don't have many options, but I still consume way more Twins content than D-Backs content (I might head to chase more often when the pandemic dies down, I've only been once). So I can't blame anyone that chooses to stay completely loyal to family or hometown allegiance over the place they happen to live. Idk if Tampa is as transient as Phoenix, but the Sun Belt having so many transplants could explain the woes, especially with the Stadium. Chase field is super convenient to get to and I know so many people who wouldn't even think of going to it if it wasn't easily accessible. IDK if the D-Backs are the best comparison, and call me a dummy if it isn't, but that's what I've noticed with a tansient city with a way worse team. When Los Doyers are in town, it's apparently 60% blue in there.
  4. I would if I knew how. My usual move of just laying on top of things doesn't seem to work for photoshop
  5. Me wanting the Expos back is based purely on their logo and the expirience of following a bi-lingual leage (can't quite get into the NHL or CFL). As someone born in 2000, I have 0 memories of the Expos existing so I just think it would be neat.
  6. Yeah! South Dakota State has had a heck of a year!
  7. Typing doesn't work on mobile for me. I need to type into the notes app and then paste it into the browser
  8. I feel like a New York team should be allowed to do this on the 20th anniversary. It's 1 game, it's not anything egregious. If it turned into an everyday thing I'd be against it obviously, but today is just different, ya know?
  9. It's obviously the same stripe pattern as before, they just modified it for a full panel. I don't get why it's such a contentious issue.
  10. This was the dude who's such a dick that when he sued a former teammate for defamation, the judge basically said "Nothing could possibly lower your public reputation more" and dismissed the case because he's undefamable, right?
  11. Someone told me it had to do with how old baseball cards looked or something. Like a navy and red team would look more royal and pinkish in the cards graphics. I doubt the color scheme is changing
  12. If the Gophers unveiled unconventional hockey uniforms, the Cake Eater suburbs would riot. Actually, the thought of Edina not existing anymore *might* just make that worth it.
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