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  1. M/W/G with gold facemasks is probably the Gophers best look in their current set
  2. I prefer the Packers rip-off from the Lombardi era
  3. I'm about to head to my first ever college football game as a student and they're rocking these beauts
  4. Good work so far. I'd suggest taking screenshots of the map and posting them here from imgur
  5. If that's true you gotta be thinking it's a blackshirts tribute. That's the only thing that would make sense for a permanent alt
  6. Looks like $5 tickets aren't cheap enough to get people to actually go to the trop now that Stu pissed everyone off. Maybe he'll cite "lack of money from ticket sales" as another reason to split games/relocate
  7. I see as much Phoenix Rising gear as D-Backs gear down here. The Hispanic community alone makes Phoenix a better MLS market
  8. I can't wait for the Rays to return home from their road trip to an empty(ier) stadium. I want to see if fans boycott to tell Stu to :censored: off or finally show up to try and convince him to stay. Previous is more likely
  9. The Athletics name and overall branding can fit with any city so changing it makes no sense to me
  10. TL,DR: NCAA is trying to strongarm California into not allowing student athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness
  11. Nikes been knocking it out of the park as of late. UConn has great color balance. Solid look for a team thats future is in doubt
  12. Split branding that's still similar. When they play in Tampa they still call themselves the Rays, in Montreal they tweak the name and become the Rois (Kings). Make the logo an R with a starburst. On the road they could just have the R as the chest logo to avoid favoritism.