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  1. Dual blue never looks good with royal as one of the blues (there are exceptions to everything and I'd love to see an example of it working). You need a dark blue, and a light blue to make it work. Royal is just too much in the middle so there isn't enough contrast and it just looks muddled. I hope they never mix and match the royal and navy elements
  2. Off topic, but I know a friar that lives in downtown Phoenix (Franciscans help run the basilica) just a few blocks away from Chase Field. He always goes when the Padres are in town in his brown habit and people buy him free beer because they think he's just a super fan
  3. I can see my grandpa wearing a hat like that while hunting. I absolutely love the outdoorsy feel of this Twins concept. Keep up the great work
  4. Now I'm trying to imagine what button up basketball and football uniforms would look like...
  5. The worst nightclub in town. The only people I saw there when I visited was Quentin Tarantino and Dan Schneider
  6. I think it would be nice if Minnesota could finally get a team
  7. FYI Zoomers is a term for Gen Z'ers. Or at least it is on Reddit
  8. Putting a Z at the end to appeal to Gen Z'ers isn't gonna work. Zoomers think that stuff is cringeworthy
  9. Isn't the most common form of colorblindness red-green? This isn't gonna end well
  10. No, but people will have different opinions on what makes something superior or inferior
  11. Why does that matter? There's many different types of offenses if you pay more attention than just how they line up Why watch the NFL if your team doesn't win the super bowl? Not everyone agrees with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you don't need to try and drag people down for theirs. Opinions aren't true or false so why do you feel the need to invalidate people with different opinions? Its like if I asked you what your favorite color was then mocked you because it wasn't the same as mine. Tallahassee and Gainesville are 2 and a half hours away and they've played each other for almost 60 years. You could argue any rivalry is arbitrary but that doesn't mean it isn't real or intense
  12. If your understanding of differences in offense is "basic" and "triple option" then I can't help you 1. Beat rival teams for bragging rights 2. Get a good bowl game Well just because you disagree doesn't mean that millions of Americans can't feel that way. I don't get why geography would make a rivalry arbitrary. Why ask questions about why people think a certain way if your just going to try and invalidate it instead of understand?
  13. I think the style is more fun. Theres way more variety in the types of offenses you'll see. Theres also more underdogs and with the "every game counts" aspect, when an upset happens its way more dramatic. Like when Illinois beat Wisconsin last year, it hurt them more than when the WFT beat the Steelers today. It's just higher stakes. I think the smaller playoff makes it more intense (I still think it should be expanded to 6 or 8 teams though) I think the sense of community and the rivalries are way more fun as well and can be clashes of culture within a state. Colleges are ingrained in a community more than billion dollar corporations are.
  14. What does that even mean? There's hundreds of colleges that range from Alabama to Oregon to small D3 schools with no coherent branding so "college uniform" is a little broad