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  1. The states motto is an homage to French-Canadians who founded many settlements in Minnesota. In fact, the county Minneapolis is in is named after a French-Canadian
  2. Wtf I love Joe Kelly now
  3. One day everyone that remembers them playing as the slurs will be dead and only a very small amount of people will refer to them by their former name. That name will just be an example of how far society has come since the backwardness of the 2020s. Death is inevitable so we might as well find comfort in it somehow
  4. Edmonton Elks (it wouldn't be Elk) is a phenomenal name for a CFL team. If the EE logo wasn't so iconic I would want them to have antlers on the helmet but them not having to change the uniforms at all will make the transition easier
  5. Its definitely a great design. I know UVA does it but I can't think of anyone else. It works well for Detroit for sure
  6. Doesn't look good on the Broncos, Benagls, Jags or Texans. It really fits with the old-school style of having numbers on the side of the helmet for the Team Formerly Known as a racial slur. The rest are a lateral move at best
  7. Hearing the name then seeing the logos feels like this
  8. I'm glad they didn't go gimmicky with the logo. If it was a cartoon Kraken with a hockey stick that would suck. I feel like its kinda like the Wild with an awful name but good logo and colors
  9. Seattle Hypersonics
  10. I'm thinking San Antonio just because Portland has already had groups trying to quash building a baseball stadium. Jerry Jones has said he would support a team coming to San Antonio so the only major hurdle is if they would want to play a few holdover seasons in the Alamodome. Other than that, Toronto could be attractive if worse comes to worst for the CFL. Idk if any team would want to play in the Skydome for a few seasons so that could be a hindrance