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  1. I don’t like the slate blue equipment. I just feel that slate blue is not a right colour for Avalanche’s equipment. Navy is a much better choice. The equipment should be navy. What a blown opportunity.
  2. One of the league’s best jerseys ever is now back! Hey Sharks, please retire the stealth pyjamas and make this a permanent alternate now. NOW. Hopefully they switch this to full time in few years.
  3. Please be Spiders. It’s perfect and unique name.
  4. Too way off. Navy is much better for the equipment, my opinion. But I love the new pants of the alternate. It’s one of my favourite alternates.
  5. A another “FC” called team. How uninspiring. Olympique Montreal sounds a much better name, right?
  6. I'm not sure, but some of elements that remind me of the OG Jets 1979-1990 uniforms. Probably a recolored version of the jersey. But I had a second thought. the whole brand hints probably this is a Thrashers jersey in Jets' colours. "No, this is very unlikely!" Yeah, but this is just is a theory. I found out the Reverse Retro program is interesting but it's also bit lazy. They just switched colours or used their current colours in their past jerseys. I never mean the RR is bad, but I feels this program a lack of creatively.
  7. So, now we’re talking about the Canucks again for a thousand time?
  8. they should stop adding sponsorship patches or they'll looks like: Please get rid of them. Especially.
  9. Because, they looks like they’re wearing yoga pants while they wearing same colour for the socks and pants. Also, the contrasting socks made the uniforms feeling a unbalanced colour scheme. (Ex. Falcons’ too much black and small bits of red and white.) If they want wearing monochrome, they should wear different colour socks to balance the colour scheme. And it’s looks better. I think that’s why the contrasting socks are unpopular.
  10. Too much city/whatever jerseys. NBA is getting out of control. IT’S TIME TO STOP. I know they wanted to be creative for city jerseys, but now it’s already carried too far. Too much jerseys. Most of the city jerseys are just from bad to abomination. Also, I hate they call primary jerseys now are Association, Icon and Statement. They’re very confusing. How you know whose team is home or away or wearing alts? Note I just realized most of the teams wearing city/colours in home court. Honestly, I don’t mind if they wearing coloured uniforms in home. But I still prefer the traditional home and away and alternate. Throwbacks are counting. No, I don’t hate all city uniforms, some of them are great(Miami’s vice, Utah’s Delicate Arch, few more.) especially the Spurs Fiesta jersey. But please limit to only three uniforms(throwbacks additionally), wear city jerseys for only a few days( three or fewer).