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  1. Sorry but Firemen Chiefs sounds dumb to me...It's just my opinion. I'd rather rename the team to Monarchs due to Royals. Like Buffalo, both Bills and Sabres had a bison logo. Or all Pittsburgh's pro teams wear same colour scheme. Keep the colour scheme and uniforms. replace the arrow with a crown, eliminating black outline. Easy, right?
  2. the ice blue on these bootleg jerseys is actually seafoam. Note the differences between these colours: ICE BLUE SEAFOAM
  3. When the Kraken finally put their jerseys on sale: Also they’ll become to sell out quickly.
  4. Too busy. This skyline is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
  5. MLB is not only one pro sports league had non-intimidating names, NPB had the Swallows and Carp.
  6. Always love Celtic FC’s home kits. I’m sucker of hooped soccer/football jerseys. Even FC Barcelona’s 2015-16 home kit.
  7. The mountain just feels out of place. Who thought it’s a good idea to add a mountain in the bird’s head? It’s making no sense.
  8. Speaking of Flames, I don't understand why kept their old primary homes by using as their alternates. I'd rather them had a WHA Cowboys-inspired jersey than a outdated piping jersey. Replace both the shoulder logos with flaming "C" and give a "Western" font for numbers, swap the white with cream. And you now had a jersey which is a tribute to the Cowboys and the Stampede.
  9. I'll love to see them adopt purple and vermilion to replace blue and red.
  10. Am I only one thinks Flames should adopt maroon to their scheme? Maroon is a unique colour and it’s rarely used in pro sports. Not only that, it helps tone down their bright red and yellow scheme. I love their 80s uniforms but they’re bit too bright. Since Calgary is nicknamed “Cowtown” and home of Calgary Stampede, why don’t make the Flames bit more western? I’ll love to see they add a western number font.
  11. Finally a Rev rebrand! However, the clash and "R" is not good. it's cluttered. and I'm sick of roundels. I prefer @mcrosby's concept.
  12. This feels too empty.
  13. No thanks. Wrigleyville sounds stupid. one more awful City Connect uniform and I’m switching to NPB. I can’t stand it of seeing my team Red Sox wearing yellow.
  14. a zipper collar? on a hockey jersey?
  15. Least the NPB don't had these stupid city jerseys. or else.
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