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  1. again are these redesign in respect of their old classic looks or heir previous? Because no :censored:ing way the Jags new uniforms are better than their originals. They literally are the most generic uniforms by Nike like they forgot to fill out anything. Also i’m surprised you prefer the red over the creamsicle for the Bucs
  2. I was watching a Summer League game and only now did i realize their names were on their uniforms but at the bottom. I always assumed the summer league jerseys simply didn’t have names on them what reason is there for this? I doesn’t look easier for refs to read and just looks plain stupid. I know a few NBA alternates have names at the bottom though. What prompted the NBA to try out this style? I’ve never seen any other sport that puts the names on the bottom
  3. is this a comparison to their previous uniforms or their classic ones? Like are the vikings new uniforms better than these specifically?
  4. interesting. out of curiosity do you have a reason? What do you think of their redesign? Are there any other uniforms you disliked? Personally I think the brighter green is a step up and i love the black unis but it just lacks something. Maybe it’s the weird numbers or the text style of the new york wordmark on the chest (was a little disappointed the away didn’t say Jets) or the refusal to incorporate a jet into their logo and just made their old logo slightly larger but i just don’t know. Love the helmets though
  5. being detailed focused doesn’t mean you can’t be nit picky. If i say i hate the giants uniforms because their helmets at RBG0-39-0 and their jerseys are RGB0-40-0 i’m sure you’d say i’m being nit picky also why do you like gray face masks they look ugly
  6. how? They have more detail than the giants and i don’t see you complaining there’s only 2 outlines. that isn’t messy and it is noticeable and recognizable their new gold adds much more shininess and real gold to it. They’re both perfectly fine they wear gold pants half the year. I disagree on the numbers gold doesn’t look recognizable on white ad their home jerseys are black so their away numbers should match that again why does this matter? I don’t even remember their old pants with any white. also their old gold colored pants are hideous again complaining for for the sake of complaining and if they did you’d probably call it gimmicky. I’m sorry but much of this comes off as complaining for the sake of complaining. If the saints always wore their current sets you’d think they’re amazing os there any uniform redesign that you feel upgrade the uniforms in the modern nfl?
  7. what if their current sets were what they always were would you feel the same way?
  8. fine people don’t like them wearing black pants does that mean scrap the whole set and change everything? Like i just find it kind of nit picky. This set isn’t even ‘new’ it debuted over 20 years ago
  9. i’m not dismissing anything i just don’t understand what they mean by yoga pants and saying imo the saints uniforms haven’t changed that much and any change would be negligible at best
  10. what is there to argue about aren’t they both generic block numbers?
  11. this was from last year. personally i hate the look along with no socks like in college
  12. well given how untucking your jersey is also against the rules and players still do it i still see it in games again i’m sorry but i just don’t see it. i don’t care and feel you’re making a country out of a town. i just can’t see it and have never noticed sock color so it’s a non issue to me
  13. so literally that is all? They wear gold pants for half the season so what’s the concern? And of course people here would notice that’s the point of the website but you think the regular fan will notice?
  14. i just don’t understand the arguments and want debate. i can understand hating the bucs but the saints look pretty much the same. like if they changed tomorrow how many people would notice?
  15. again dude i just don’t see it and even then i don’t really care