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  1. The titans? Who played in the AFC championship game this past season? I’m a giants fan who lives in Houston. Was happy to see football brought back to Houston after how devastated the city was when it left. So I also cheer for the Texans.
  2. they keep letting O’Brien make these stupid moves, Texans fans might start rooting for the Titans.
  3. Love the oilers look. Wish it still remains, but it is what it is.
  4. Which was terrible to begin with.
  5. because bud adams liked to hold a grudge. He was pissed because the city was getting ready to approve and move forward with Minute Maid park and the Toyota Center when he had been beginning for years to get approval on a new football stadium.
  6. pretty sure the Texans can’t wear the oilers colors at all. I know a year or so ago JJ Watt was trying to pitch and Bud Adams daughter who runs the team now, shut it down. Something about it being a rights issue.
  7. They’re still having the draft. Won’t really have a live audience, but might be shown there.
  8. Yankees have always worn those two jerseys during Spring Training. About 99.99% positive those are not regular season alternates. The Boston ones, are the ones the Sox wear on the day of the Boston Marathon.
  9. Would need to make those silver shoulder stripes white as well.
  10. I really don’t think the teal pistons was bad. It was colorful and loud, which was the 90s. I’d welcome those back.
  11. The city part has always been straight.
  12. I think the patriots should adapt that color rush uni as their uniform. I think it would be a nice update after having the same unis for almost the last 20 years. I like that it’s based off of their 1960-1992 unis minus a stripe on the shoulders, but yet somewhat modernized in their current colors. I think they would probably need to change their helmet color because I don’t think the silver looks good with that mock up. Wouldn’t mind if they went back to that Pat Patriot logo on the helmet either. I always thought it was a pretty neat logo.
  13. Houston’s, because for some reason the believe they should be a red and black team and there’s too many of them as is. Houston fans have been clamoring for more of the red/yellow “clutch city” days. The only good part of their new uniform set, is that they’ll wear those red/yellow jerseys as their throwback.
  14. The only red on the actual titans unis is the swoosh on the jerseys and on the logo on the helmet.
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