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  1. Did Toronto move to Utah in this scenario? Or did the Toronto Raptors never exist and the Jazz became the Raps when they moved to Utah?
  2. In Canada hockey is still king, but here in the US I think it’s a fair assumption that soccer is more popular than hockey
  3. I know it’s a somewhat unpopular opinion, but i’m really glad mls went with the traditional club names. It really helped legitimize the league as real football
  4. “fire crown” has got to be one of the corniest things i have ever heard
  5. The size of the logo on the hat is too small, I can barely make it out in the top pic. Other than that it’s a solid logo
  6. i hope it does, that teal is far too garish. Teal only looks good when done right
  7. reversing the yellow and white on the striping on the secondary uniforms could help utilize the yellow better
  8. It’s not retconning it from history, mlb the show is a game, and it needs to make money. The studio figures the safe way to go is to remove the logo, which eliminates most controversy.
  9. im a devils fan but cannot wait to see msg.
  10. I was going to say that myself, “Gateway City” is a mouthful and sounds a bit corny.
  11. I would prefer a return to the OG mavs colors, this green is far too bright
  12. those look like a bad children’s halloween costume
  13. i saw a guy on instagram call these ups uniforms and i cannot unsee it