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  1. The Bridge that leads me from my local community (Homestead / West Homestead and Munhall) to the City of Pittsburgh is now called the Homestead Grays Bridge (formerly the Homestead Hi-level Bridge)
  2. I agree, as much as I have to hate the Flyers (being a Pittsburgher and all) but I loved their 80s look
  3. But why was Black added in the first other than being Black for Black sake? I'm loving this whole what's Old ('80s) is New again trend. It's 2020, the Flames retro (bright colors) uniforms POP on my HDTV screen. My Pens ditched Black / Yellow Gold for that god awful Vegas Khaki (my St Johns Bay Khaki work pants are the same color "Gold" as my wifes '08 Fleury jersey, which was bought from the Civic Arena Team Store) Beige Gold and it looked Horrible on my HDTV. The Black / Yellow Gold POPS. I just don't get the dark drab colors. Oilers Royal Blue / Orange POPS, the Navy / Orange is just meh
  4. I hope so, it's long over due! My Pens did it, the Islanders, the Oilers (but then they F'd it up again by going Navy), the Sabres...the Flames and the Capitals need to do it!!
  5. I agree! I'm tired of all the Road Teams looking the same. I grew up in the 80s, some really good Road uniforms in that era
  6. Absolute truth!! I'm not a Pro Athlete but my brothers (I have 3 younger brothers) and I get really intense when we play Spike Ball or Whiffle Ball home run derby, so if 4 brothers can be intense over some picnic game (in front of nobody) LOL, I'm sure these Pro Athletes get intense when playing their League games. As a former usher at CONSOL Energy Center, Elevator 8 duty was awesome (locker room - press box...well ok FedEx level near the staircase to the press box...but it was only used by players, staff, media, etc). most players (I got to talk to) have said they really don't notice the crowd until a stoppage in play because they are focused on their shift / game but I agree we as fans really don't matter in the bigger picture
  7. I never understood why people felt that way! I mean once the actual Games started, the players intensity levels were gonna ramp up, not like they were gonna begrudgingly play these games at a half assed level because there were no fans in the stands. I'm willing to bet players / coaches liked the idea of being able to hear the communication with their teammates on the ice, I may be wrong but didn't Edzo touch on that earlier in the Playoffs? Watching at home on TV, I really enjoyed being able to pick up the Sounds on the ice better. The chirping, the chatter, the sounds of the skates on the ice. It was definitely a Neat viewing experience
  8. Congratulations Tampa Bay, you Earned it!
  9. You're still a baby! I'm 47, my childhood (including teen years) is getting fuzzy in the rear view mirror LOL. Every time a AARP commercial comes on TV, my wife is like, 3 more years (meanwhile she's 44) LOL
  10. Not sure if this qualifies but early Pittsburgh Penguins. Late 60s, 70s up until drafting Lemieux. Traded away #1 picks for aging Vets (aka Hockey Card players), being beaten out Attendance wise by the Pittsburgh Spirit (M.I.L.S), 1st Bankruptcy. Also like to include the 90s (specifically the howard baldwin years). Failure to jump on the Plan B Initiative (with the Pirates and Steelers) to get a New Arena. Selling off the Pens / Franchise rights to non Hockey Concessions and Parking revenue (Pens got all the Parking / Concessions revenue generated by non Hockey events such as: Concerts, WWF, monster Jam, etc. Overpaying Vet players when they didn't have the money to do so (Ego is writing checks the Franchise didn't have sorta thing)(me thinks that Non Hockey Revenue might have come in handy when paying the Players). 2nd Bankruptcy
  11. nutting hasn't had to spend money on Fireworks, Free T-Shirt Fridays nor have to pay a Band (yinzers love their Styx) to play a Concert after the game, Shortend Season, Expanded Playoffs and the pIRATEs still cannot make the Playoffs smdh
  12. I agree with you to an extent! It's not so much these Athletes are complaining, it's (for me anyway) more that they act like we're living in the Stone Ages and Modern Technology doesn't exist Bold - for almost 2 months PA Residents weren't allowed to leave their Houses (except to go to Store), I know in my community, the Karens were out in full force, if you tried to go for a walk around the local High School Football Field / Track, then they would shame you on social media for it. At least in the bubble they don't have friends / neighbors turning on them and trying to get them into trouble for being out and about. Try being in the Military and on a 6 month Cruise (before modern technology like email, zoom, skype, texting) when a hand written letter took 10 Days just to reach it's destination and then waiting for a reply letter back. Hell, I'll take sitting in a Bubble with my Xbox, iPhone, Laptop, iPad, things so I can communicate with my Friends and Family on a second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour daily basis as opposed to sitting on a ship for 2 months, where communication is a hand written letter....that doesn't take a mental toll on a person? Underline - Exactly, being that I was in Other Countries (while in the Navy, I see how other people live. We are very very fortunate to have the amenities / freedoms / luxuries that we enjoy while other parts of the world can't even afford basic human needs. Take Italy as an example, you have 3 generations of a family living in what is a standard 2 bedroom Apt (here in the States). Egypt, children were sent to the docks to peddle homemade wares for money because their family is so poor and living in a single room shanty. Everyone knows the hardships of Ethiopia and such so don't need to go there Italicized - My wife is a Social Worker and we see this a lot. Her one family is a family of 11, they cannot afford $20 Discounted tickets to Kennywood Park while (and we see this because we belong to many different Disney sites) there are people complaining about their Annual Disney Pass going up in price
  13. to add to this, ok so the Bubble isn't all Rainbows and Unicorns full of Fun stuff to do, try doing a 6 moth tour of duty on a Naval Ship during a time of unrest (my first Med Cruise was Nov '91, tensions were still high after the Gulf War), doing nothing but circles in the Adriatic Sea waiting for something to happen. Waaa Waaa we can't fly fish, we cannot golf (because ya know, a lot of the peasant golf courses aren't open either or open on a Limited Basis so the peasants cannot golf every hour of every day either)
  14. HARUMPF!! 100% Agreed. After 14yrs (almost 6 full months on Furlough), I was a victim of covid closures. I have spent the last 2 weeks scrambling like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to secure a job for myself so I can help support my Family, problem is, a lot of places are coming off of a Hiring Freeze and now have a crap ton of people (whom lost their jobs thanks to covid) vying for the same 2,3 jobs. So please spare me the song and dance act. Tuukka Rask left the Bubble, other players could do the same
  15. Would the Players Union have any input on that as well?