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  1. PLEASE, I beg you, NO stupid pos pigeon, robo, hummingbird, Corporate, MONEY GRAB logo ever!
  2. Does this Topic include a Player Tee with the Wrong logo on it? Paul Coffey played with the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1987 (traded to Pens) - 1992 (traded to LA), Coffey wore the Skating Penguin logo. Wanna say in the mid 2000s, the NHL / Penguins put out Paul Coffey #77 merchandise (Player Tee) BUT it had the pos pigeon logo ('93 - '02) not the Skating Penguin on it. Coffey never wore the pos pigeon logo while a member of the Penguins
  3. This would be cool though Start 1min before the team comes on to the ice (before opening face off). Then show the Kraken ripping apart the ship after each WIN! Hey if the Succos can use the Hoist the Colors video clip from At worlds End, why can't a Hockey Team named the Kraken use the Davy Jones / Kraken video clip from Dead Mans Chest?
  4. Well to be honest that's how the name Penguins was looked at when they first announced the Team Name. The Original Owners wife thought the Civic Arena looked like an igloo and thought winter / igloo / PENGUINS. The Questions and Opinions started to come out: why a Penguins, Penguins are not fierce, what does a Penguin have to do with Pittsburgh, Penguins don't live in igloos, etc etc etc. Pittsburgh has a long History of Hockey: Pirates (NHL / 1925 - 1930). Yellow Jackets (USAHA / 1920 - 1925), Shamrocks (IHL / 1933 - 1936), Hornets (AHL / Red Wings Farm Team / 1936 - 1967) yet PENGUINS is what they chose to name the NHL Hockey Team Now, the Penguins name is Beloved here. I was born in '73 and that's all I have ever known them to be
  5. To me it's a slap in the face of the fans. it comes off as the NHL has just quit trying and is throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks! The half assed attempt by the League, the Players no longer show interest, hey if the League doesn't care, the Players don't care, why should I care to watch it? Just get rid of it and give the boys a week off (in every Sport). Sad thing is, I actually like the concept behind the Divisional ASG Format (brings back the Pride of representing not only yourself, your Team but also the Division you play in), it just sucks that the NHL and Players half ass it and think that's what the "FANS" want. I used to look forward to the Skills Comp / ASG (actually set aside the time to watch it) but Friday night, I was at PPG Paints Arena for Cirque Du Soleil (Fantastic show btw) instead of watching the Skills Comp (didn't even bother to DVR it). I just don't care anymore, it's become a farce of an Event weekend. What was once a MUST WATCH Event has now become an after thought and that bothers me because my LOVE for the Game of Hockey supersedes that of my LOVE for the Pens / Islanders I'm big on K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) and to me the AS Weekend has become more of a WWF/E Sports Entertainment thing than a actual Hockey thing. I can see why Players would rather skip it, take the 1 game suspension than to participate in it. Platform shooting is something the players do after practice while messing around, hell probably attaching some sort of wager on it (lunch, dinner, etc) but it's not something I want to see in the Skills Comp (throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks)
  6. Any idea how Montreal Ownership and Toronto Ownership feel about that possibility?
  7. Not that I really care anymore because I think the All Star Lame Games should go away in all sports but Pittsburgh hasn't hosted an All Star Game since 1990 Bring Back: Wales vs Campbell Orange / Black All Star Uniforms 5 on 5 Play the Game as a Game, without all the Fluff Somebody on the NHL FB page made a comment about these recent ASG basically taking the Hockey out of the Hockey ASG and he cited a few examples. I'll see if I can find his actual quotes and examples but it was something to the extent of; - 3 on 3 (that's shiny / pond Hockey not NHL Hockey) - Platform shooting (are they shooting a NBA style McDonalds commercial? What's that got to do with Hockey?) I know they cited the Pens for the inspiration on this (Crosby / Malkin shooting from the upper deck but even that was kinda stupid) - Shooting Stars Accuracy shooting (what was wrong with JUST Hitting the Targets?) I get it's supposed to be Fun and for the "Fans" but call me old school or boomer (funny cause I'm only 46, yet some youngins feel the need to call me Boomer when I disagree with them LMAO) but I was at the 1990 ASG Skills Competition here in Pittsburgh. We didn't NEED all the garbage Fluff to accompany the Skills Comp. In a sense it was Business as usual type deal, the Players STILL HAD FUN simply doing what they get paid to do
  8. Funny thing about that Super Bowl - My best friend was born / raised in Greenfield WI before moving to Greenfield (Pittsburgh neighborhood)(his dad took a job as a Pgh Police Officer, my Dad was already a Pgh Police Officer) in 1990. So Packers football was his Families life blood LOL - (Pittsburgh) Greenfield home of former Boston Red Sox Owner Larry Lucchino, former Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and former STL Rams QB Mark "Mookie" Bulger. - I graduated from Pittsburgh Public High school (Taylor Allderdice c/o '91) with Curtis Martin (didn't know him personally, other than to say Hi or Have a Good game in the Hallways) so I was disappointed the Pats didn't win that Super Bowl HOWEWVER always said Curt looked better in the Green / White of the JETS (Allderdice's colors are Green / White)
  9. Great Job, only complaint is Please DON'T EVER mix yinzer nation with my Pens. For Years ('80s - '90s and even into the early '00s) I was chastised and ridiculed for being a Pens / Hockey fan FIRST in a football crazed town.
  10. Aye that be True but I wanna see Chicago's ICONIC Red uniform at PPG Paints Arena. I wanna see Detroit's ICONIC Red uniform at PPG Paints Arena. When the Rangers / Blue shirts come to PPG Paints Arena I want to see them IN their Blue uniforms. I still think they should alternate! EVEN Years - Home Dark ODD Years - Home White This way Everyone gets to see both sets of Uniforms in their Home Barn. The Winnipeg White Out is stupid now, considering the Jets wear BLUE at Home. The Pens Flirted with a Black Out back when the Arena was named for CONSOL Energy Center (Coal) but supposedly the Goalies had a hard time picking up the puck, so they did a Pittsburgh Gold / GOLD RUSH during the 2016 Playoffs
  11. Long Time Pens fans have been waiting for that '88-'92 uniform to make a return since howard ass hat baldwin changed the logo / uniform in the '92/'93 season
  12. don't forget the reason the NHL Allowed this color change was due to Pittsburgh's Original Hockey Team. Pittsburgh Pirates Hockey Club 1925 - 1930 wore Black / Gold uniforms (Boston Bruins wore BROWN / Gold uniforms during that time frame, same League). Hell, the Pirates Hockey Club were the First Pittsburgh Team to wear the City Colors of Black / Gold. Pirates MLB wore Red / White / Blue and the Steelers weren't born until 1933
  13. You can definitely say this about the MLB, seems like White vs Black (Gray seems to be popular Road color) every game This is why I wish the NHL would go back to Home Whites, so much more Color at Home Games when it was. I grew up in the late 70s - early '90s (Home Whites) Pens Home Games at the Civic Arena were full of Color back then - Pens Home White vs Flyers Away ORANGE - Pens Home White vs Islanders Away BLUE - Pens Home White vs Capitals Away RED - Pens Home White vs Whalers Away GREEN - Pens Home White vs Kings Away PURPLE (before Gretzky Era) - Pens Home White vs Sharks AWAY Teal Now it's like watching a Chess Match - Pens Home BLACK vs whoever Away WHITE (sure, Teams have accent colors on their White uniform but it's not the same)