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  1. Without the Hockey Team, there was no real purpose to demolish the almost 50yr old Civic Arena (originally built for the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera in the mid '50s) . Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, The Who all REFUSED to play at the Civic Arena due to poor Acoustics caused by the Metal Domed roof of the Arena. With no indoor Arena (seats 20+ thousand for a concert), Pittsburgh has NO WHERE to hold a Concert during the Winter Months (unlike where you're at in Florida, it actually snows and gets bitter cold here during the winter). Without the Hockey Team to be the Main Anchor Tenet, the new Arena probably gets built anyway using what? Tax Payer Dollars but with NO Anchor tenet, what good is that building? Sprint Center in Kansas City anyone??
  2. Actually it (Disney)Ties directly into my Point! A Multi-Purpose Arena or Football Stadium or a Ball Park or Disney or Cedar Point or Hershey Park, all create what? OUT OF STATE Taxable Revenue for the City / County / State in which they reside (which SHOULD BE used to Help the Residents within that Region...correct?) It's Not Lemieuxs Fault if the corrupt Allegheny County (Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County) and Pittsburgh Politicians misappropriate that Out of State Taxable Revenue. So where should you actually point your Anger to? The Owner of a Hockey Team or the dirty slimy Corrupt Politicians that misuse that Revenue Generated from said Hockey Team / Multi-Purpose Arena
  3. Didn't the North Stars use Black Stitching to give the appearance of a 3rd color and or a shadow type look on their Logo and Numbers?
  4. Ok I can buy that and I agree to an extent but I also don't have a problem with it. Let me ask you this, say Lemieux / Burkle build their own Arena. Would you have a Problem with them keeping ALL the Revenue generated from said Arena or are you one of those people that would bitch and moan because they are Greedy Billionaires for keeping all the Revenue to themselves. Not to mention, you know damn well the Politicians and the Unions would NEVER allow that to happen (they gotta have their hands on money money money) We're HUGE Disney World Fanatics, it's like the Florida residents that complain about the Tourists that Disney draws to the area but have Zero problem NOT paying State Taxes Thanks to that Tourism that Disney draws in
  5. Why? The PLAN B that the Pirates and Steelers got on board with USED Tax Payer money! The Eagles had gotten a new Football Field with State / Tax Payer money, then again former PA Governor Eddie RenDELPHIA (Rendell) as we called him on the Western part of the State, would do a Eagles Radio show (no bias whatsoever LOL). Check it, this is how F'd up the whole PA / Pittsburgh Slots License process was! Harrahs Casino was one of the 3 Casinos up for the Pittsburgh Slots / Casino License (Harrahs, Isle of Capri and Majestic Star). I'll give you 3 guesses (first 2 don't count) as to a what Politician (cough cough Rendell cough cough) had Ties to Harrahs Casino. KDKA News broke the story that Rendell had Ties to Harrahs Casino. The PA Gaming Commision, could have done the right thing and awarded the Pittsburgh Slots License to IOC (hence keeping TAX PAYERS off the hook for building the new Arena) but as you have been reading they F'd it up! Why do Cities and States bend over Backwards to draw in a Sports Franchise? Having a BIG League Sports Franchise means TAXABLE REVENUE coming into that City / County / Borough / State. Yinzer Nation oops I mean Steelers Nation is known to Travel to Away Games. Do you think the City of Cincinnati / State of Ohio CARES that Pittsburghers Invade their town for a football game? That is OUT OF STATE Revenue coming into their Area! As a former usher at CONSOL Energy Center (name change to PPG Paints Arena in 2016), a Multi-Purpose Arena hosts more than just Penguin Hockey Games (generally anywhere from 220 - 260 Events a Year, there's 365 days in a year correct? That's a crap ton of Taxable Revenue coming into the City). Hell I'll be at the Paint Can tomorrow (Saturday 17th) to see my favorite band IRON MAIDEN. Pens games, Concerts, Disney on Ice, WWF (oops WWE), Monster Jam, Stars on Ice (Figure Skating), College Graduations, 2013 I got PAID to watch the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament, NCAA Basketball (backyard Brawl, PITT vs WVU), NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament was here, NCAA Gymnastics, USGA Olympic Stars (my Daughter does Gymnastics, we couldn't go because we were on our Disney Cruise).
  6. See (this is just my thought on it), HAD the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and City of Pittsburgh F'd over Lemieux / Burkle and the Pens Franchise and not came up with a way to finance the Pens NEW Arena, I wouldn't have blamed Lemieux / Burkle for relocating the Franchise to Kansas City (Pens played a pre-season game at the Sprint Center and were the Heavy favorite to get the Franchise IF they were to move). - Lemieux was told by both State and City officials to find his own way to build the Arena (HUGE reason I despise former Pens Owner howard baldwin (overhauling the uniforms was the first domino to fall in his ass hattery of Ownership) is that he felt the 40yr old Civic Arena was still a good Arena and didn't Jump on the PLAN B bandwagon that got the Pirates and the Steelers new stadiums) - PA was bringing Slots / Casino Gambling to the State, Lemieux partnered with Isle of Capri Casino. IOC Pledged (right of the bat) $290 million (NO Tax Payer Dollars used) to build the Pens new Arena IF they were to win the Pittsburgh Slots License (Pens were picking up cost overruns). IOC did not Win! - PA selected (the only minority in the running) Casino Owner Don Barden as the Pittsburgh Slots / Casino holder, Barden originally scoffed at the notion of helping to build the Pens new arena. Later agreed to it! Shortly after Construction on Arena and Casino began, Barden Defaulted on his Loans and was stripped of the Pittsburgh License. Construction continued on the Arena but was halted on the Casino. Guess what, the Tax Payers now had to foot the bill to help build the Pens new Arena So had all this crap fell apart, I wouldn't have blamed :Lemieux one bit IF he was forced to Relocate the Franchise
  7. Exactly! howard baldwin did a complete uniform overhaul of the Pens uniforms after Winning back to back Cups in '91 and '92 (many long time fans despise that pigeon logo) but it's not like a Team has never switched uniforms before after having a certain look / style that has won a Championship
  8. Yes I know. Why can't 3rds be White though and worn at Home? Home Fans are going to buy the teams merchandise regardless correct? Chicago's and Detroit's ICONIC Red uniforms can't be seen on the Road which for someone like me sucks arse (I'm a nerd like that LOL). Which is why I suggested maybe Alternate every year, this way Opposing Fans get to see opposing Teams full uniform set. Someone in LA at a Kings / Pens game sees (in person) the Pens Road Dark uniform and might say that's pretty F'n sharp, gotta buy me one. I wasn't a fan of the Golden Knights grey uniform until my best friend came home on leave (US Air Force, he was stationed in Vegas the year before the Knights came into the League LOL) but he bought himself a Home Grey Fleury Knights jersey, to me it looks better, In Person, than it does on my TV! The local stores around here sell Pens gear not VGK stuff so, unless I get to see it in person (whether it be at a Pens Home game or going to Vegas and seeing it in the Team store) I won't buy it. Maybe it's just me LOL!
  9. I GET IT, it's like the argument that people have with the Pens. Skating Penguin is associated by the Cups won vs the "modern" pigeon thingie that the younger fans like. For me I LOATHE the pigeon thingie and it's more because of the devious BS that then Owner howard baldwin did that essentially forced the Franchise into it's 2nd bankruptcy
  10. Aye but Gretzky could have made Purple / Gold Cool! When I think Kings, I think Royalty and when I think Royalty, I think Purple / Gold
  11. EXACTLY! Huge reason why I wish the NHL would go back to Home Team wear white. '91/'92 Season they split, half the season was Home whites and the other half was Home darks! What about Alternating year by year? Even Years = Home Darks, Odd Years = Home Whites! I miss the days of going to Pens games at the Civic Arena and seeing different colors Pens Home white vs Flyers Away ORANGE Pens Home white vs Kings Away PURPLE Pens Home white vs North Stars Away GREEN Pens Home white vs Flames away RED (God I would LOVE to see Calgary come to Pittsburgh wearing those wonderfully awesome 80s Retro Red) Pens Home white vs Rangers Away BLUE Pens Home white vs Sharks Away TEAL Pens Home white vs Bruins Away BLACK Now it's like I'm watching a Chess Match at Home Games. Pens Home Black vs Whomever Away White
  12. As a Pens fan, bout damn time! - Pens went Retro (long time fans have wanted the '88-'92 uniforms Back ever since ass hat howard baldwin changed the logo / uniform for the '92/'93 season) - Isles went Retro. - Oilers went Retro then went and F'd it up again ...smh. - Calgary needs to go Retro (seeing their '80s Red Retro in the Playoffs POP on my HDTV screen was AWESOME). - It'll never happen but the Caps need to go Retro full time. - The Kings need to Embrace Purple (Forum Blue) and Gold, enough of the Oakland / LA / Oakland Black and Silver - My wife is originally from NJ and wishes they would go back to Red / Green full time
  13. I know it's a rare occurrence but what about Mr. Pittsburgh Penguin himself Mario Lemieux? Player, Owner / Player and then just Owner! Lemieux the Player is responsible for a huge portion of the Franchises Biggest / Emotional moments Lemieux the Owner also responsible for the Franchises Biggest / Emotional moments
  14. You still play EAs joke of a NHL game? LMAO!!