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  1. The Pens / Pirates RR! The Flyers / Quakers RR! Still think the NHL needs to play on that concept! Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia, State rivals, Division rivals and the fact that the two Cities share a unique Hockey history with the Pittsburgh Pirates Hockey Club moving to Philadelphia and becoming the Quakers Absolutely LOVE the Sharks RR! they really need to look into using this concept
  2. I have a love / hate relationship with the '80s Flyers uniform. I Love the way it looks, it's my favorite of their uniforms, to me That look is the Flyers. Hate comes from the fact that I am on the West side of Pa LOL! Actually Rick Tocchet and Tim Kerr were my favorite non Pens players
  3. Thank You, Well spoke! You can go back through time (all sports) and see how many Teams have rarely if ever have changed logos or even altered those logos. Montreal Canadiens, NY Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pittsburgh Steelers (yinzers would burn the City down to the ground if the Steelers ever changed or messed with their logo)
  4. Patrick Division used to be: Pitt, Phil, Wash, NYR, NYI, NJD Adams Division used to be: Bos, Mtl, Hart, Que, Buff Norris Division used to be: Chi, Minn, Stl, Tor, Det Smythe Division used to be: LA, Cal, Edm, Winn, Van
  5. Thing is, Gretzky could have made the Kings Purple / Gold uniforms Popular, especially given their '93 Cup run. And Yes, very few Pittsburghers know about the Pirates Hockey Club (which is why I grew up hating the fact that yinzers used to call it Black and Steelers Gold, now it's just called Pittsburgh Gold)
  6. The Lakers were originally Blue / White when they moved to LA from Minneapolis, the Kings uniforms were Purple / Gold from their inception in '67, the Lakers colors changed to Purple Gold that same year. Sure the Lakers had more success than the Kings but I hate when people say well Purple and Gold are Laker colors or (since I am from Pittsburgh) Black and Gold are Steelers and Pirates colors first, ignoring the fact that the NHL Pirates Hockey Club (1925-1930) were Pittsburghs first Pro team to wear the City colors of Black and Gold, not the MLB Pirates(Blue / white / red uniforms) nor the NFL Steelers (not born until 1933)
  7. EA hasn't been the same without direct competition pushing them to do better.
  8. Only thing I didn't like about this look was the color scheme. The Gretzky era are still my favorite Oilers look but if you made this in Royal Blue and Orange
  9. The Bridge that leads me from my local community (Homestead / West Homestead and Munhall) to the City of Pittsburgh is now called the Homestead Grays Bridge (formerly the Homestead Hi-level Bridge)
  10. I agree, as much as I have to hate the Flyers (being a Pittsburgher and all) but I loved their 80s look
  11. But why was Black added in the first other than being Black for Black sake? I'm loving this whole what's Old ('80s) is New again trend. It's 2020, the Flames retro (bright colors) uniforms POP on my HDTV screen. My Pens ditched Black / Yellow Gold for that god awful Vegas Khaki (my St Johns Bay Khaki work pants are the same color "Gold" as my wifes '08 Fleury jersey, which was bought from the Civic Arena Team Store) Beige Gold and it looked Horrible on my HDTV. The Black / Yellow Gold POPS. I just don't get the dark drab colors. Oilers Royal Blue / Orange POPS, the Navy / Orange is just meh
  12. I hope so, it's long over due! My Pens did it, the Islanders, the Oilers (but then they F'd it up again by going Navy), the Sabres...the Flames and the Capitals need to do it!!
  13. I agree! I'm tired of all the Road Teams looking the same. I grew up in the 80s, some really good Road uniforms in that era
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