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  1. Some predictions for the Jaguars this year: Week 1 - White jersey, white pants at home versus KC Week 3 - Teal jersey, white pants vs Tennessee on TNF Week 6 - White jersey, teal pants vs New Orleans Week 8 - Teal jersey, white pants vs NYJ Week 9 - Black jersey, black pants vs Houston in England Week 13 - Teal jersey, black pants vs TB Week 14 - Black jersey, black pants vs SD Week 17 - Black jersey, white pants vs Indy
  2. This might be an unpopular opinion but I'm not a fan of the Jaguars teal pants. As weird as it may sound - they seem a little dull in my opinion. I definitely prefer the white and black pants, I'm hoping Jacksonville goes with those this year. I agree with contrasting combos though - Baltimore's black over purple is a favorite of mine.
  3. https://www.click2houston.com/sports/bulls-on-parade-here-are-the-texans-2019-home-game-themes?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar Texans have announced their uniforms for a few games this year: Sept 15 - All-white for their Home opener against Jacksonville Dec 1 - All-blue versus New England (doesn't say whether it's the Color Rush or normal blue jerseys and pants) Dec 8 - Red jerseys vs Denver (Doesn't say what pants will be worn)
  4. In my opinion, I don't think the contrast is that bad when the Bengals have played the Cowboys, I don't even think it's that bad when they played the Cardinals. Cowboys have the silver/greenish pants and the silver helmets, so there isn't a problem with colors blending between the two teams.
  5. You would be right, never have worn orange against Baltimore. They've only worn orange against Pittsburgh once, to my knowledge. They seem to use the all-black for those games.
  6. The Bengals almost always wear orange at least once in October. It's a safe bet they're wearing orange against Arizona or Jacksonville. I agree with you though, it would better if they wore orange against Jacksonville or Baltimore. Bengals have gone all-black in the past against Baltimore, not the most aesthetically pleasing when the Ravens go white over black haha.
  7. My Bengals Uniform Predictions for 2019: Week 1 - at Seattle - Color Rush Week 2 - vs SF - White jersey, white pants Week 3 - at Buffalo - Black jersey, white pants (I'm assuming Buffalo is going white at home) Week 4 - at Pittsburgh - White jersey, black pants Week 5 - vs Arizona - Orange jersey, white pants Week 6 - at Baltimore - White jersey, black pants Week 7 - vs Jacksonville - Black jersey, black pants Week 8 - at LA - White jersey, white pants Week 9 - Bye Week 10 - vs Baltimore - Black jersey, white pants Week 11 - at Oakland - White jersey, white pants Week 12 - vs Pittsburgh - Black jersey, black pants Week 13 - vs NYJ - Orange jersey, black pants Week 14 - at Cleveland - White jersey, black pants Week 15 - vs NE - Black jersey, white pants Week 16 - at Miami - White jersey, white pants Week 17 - vs Cleveland - Black jersey, Black pants
  8. The black trim on the Calgary Flames uniforms is a nice added touch. Also, I would take their old black horsehead alternates over their throwbacks anyday of the week.
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