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  1. Okay, my next concept is for the Boston Celtics. I hope that I have not become too revolutionary and changed their identity too much. Firstly, and most apparently, I added orange to their color scheme, paying more homage to the Irish heritage of the Boston area and of the Celtics team identity. And secondly, I have changed the green to a slightly darker shade to contrast better with the orange and the white. For the Celtics city jersey, I changed the gold to a darker shade than the one they used last season on their city and earned uniforms because those ones seemed to match too closely with that of the Lakers (or what the Lakers should look like). This city uni celebrates the many championships that have been accomplished by Boston sports teams (Celtics in particular) by making gold the primary (and well-known championship) color of the uniform. Sure I played it a bit safe. But why fix something that isn't broken? Boston Celtics - White (Association); Green (Icon); Orange (Statement); Gold (City)
  2. I joined just a few months ago after years of lurking here, so I thought I might as well get started on sharing my own concepts with the community. I am trying to make a Nike set for NBA teams (consisting of association, icon, statement, and either one or the other of a city or a classic). I started with my favorite, also slightly updated their primary and alternate logo. Philadelphia 76ers - White (Association); Red (Icon); Blue (Statement); White (Classic - 2001 Home Uniform)
  3. Fun little detail on the Sixers city/classic court inside the three-point line: a patriot figure shooting a basketball "with the inscription "70th anniversary".
  4. I mean it's moreso cream/parchment colored, but I guess still a light-colored uniform. There is enough differentiation between them though which gives them their own unique feel without seeming cluttered.
  5. Might just be the lighting here, but they look more white than cream in this photo (though the initial photo shows that it is clearly cream).
  6. The Sixers new City uniforms looks great (hypothetically) in action! I had a bit of trouble removing the numbers and adding them to the jersey, as you can probably tell. I really love their new look!
  7. I don't think so. They were holding their jersey unveiling at the 76ers crossover art collection that just opened. Lots of fan art being posted all throughout Sixers social media. I wish, but likely not (at least this season). @Conrad., did you know that the Warriors were going to do that last season before it happened?
  8. Literally their worst one since Nike took over was their gray city uni from last season. I didn't hate it, but it was my least favorite (though I thought it was very solid). Can't complain at all about any of their uniforms or Portland's. Only two teams who have stayed sane since switch to Nike.
  9. Don't give them any ideas. They can't censor us!!!
  10. Josh Richardson in new jersey. Looks like the gold piping is just on the right side of the jersey.
  11. Unless Enes Kanter took the picture for some reason. Then it's really banana yellow again.