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  1. It does look nice but it isn't look Rockets AT ALL. In fact, it was worsened by the fact that it was against the Kings, of all teams, who have used very similar colors before in their history and over the course of the past few seasons. Typically it would have been the Kings in light blue and red against the Rockets in black. Took me a moment to realize it was in fact the opposite tonight.
  2. For what it's worth, the last game of the Christmas slate between the Nuggets and the Clippers looked really nice. Beautiful contrast between the Nuggets red and the Clippers blue uniforms.
  3. Wouldn't it finally make sense to have brought back orange jerseys in recent years? I mean, the team has lost enough games that their 0-6 record in those jerseys from before would at least have been a nice look for a bad team. Everyone had expectations for the Knicks when they first unveiled them, which put them to an end too quickly. Had they been worn during the past few years, no one would have noticed their bad record.
  4. Ever since the Jazz starting using that template (or inspiration) a few years ago, all I can think of is Dig Dug when I see them.
  5. Interesting screencap down below Wonder if it gives any clues since the uniform will be black
  6. Love the home and away options. The outlined numbers and collar on road uniform look great. Can't help but think that the alternate looks like the Detroit Pistons mid-2010's alternate tho.
  7. As a Sixers fan, I found it kind of weird that they won't even be wearing either of their white uniforms (association or classic). Lockervision shows them wearing their blue, red, and cream (their lightest colored one, and even then only for one game). Are any other teams doing this?
  8. Very interesting. I know there were rumors about them being used for games, but that doesn't seem very feasible. What I am a little intrigued (?) by is the fact that Miami's Vice court is the one shown in the photo. Might mean nothing if these courts aren't actually used once the season resumes, but kinda interesting nonetheless.
  9. While I agree, that white jersey is actually a photoshopped concept. Here's what the real white one looks like: And I'm sorry for doing this...again (I'm bored, and I only have 3 concepts completed), here's my concept for a vice identity for them:
  10. I found this tweet from Sam Amico interesting. I wonder if anything truly gets done regarding cutting down of uniforms within a team's set. I do wonder, however, because don't these jerseys make a lot more revenue in the long run?
  11. Just a quick edit of how a white AI-era Sixers jersey would look with Nike's uniform template. The smaller shoulders don't seem to be a problem in bringing out the most nostalgic pieces of this set.
  12. At least they were able to keep that in one uniform set (both jerseys) and make that their main identity. The Jazz, even with alright looking unis, have been all over the place with different jerseys.
  13. I raise you the Utah Jazz, who literally wore every color in the rainbow over the past 2 seasons (with regular, statement, city, and throwback unis).