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  1. Add that to the list of things I didn't expect to see this morning!
  2. Eh. Chuck may beg to differ on that. Since the Rox moved him to RF his defending has gone from league-average to "almost liability".
  3. Bit of an odd topic, I imagine. I'm Irish, living on the Isle of Man, and while I'm a fan of the Rockies and baseball in general, I don't really get any exposure to MiLB. However, I do often see the various themed logos (foods, movies etc) and keep thinking to myself "man, I'd love something with that on it". But they don't ship outside of the States. Well, this year I'm off to Disney Orlando for the missus' 30th (apparently I'm marrying a child...) and I figure now is as good a time as any to order a load of the more novelty themed gear and have it delivered to the resort for me. I've already earmarked a few that I really like (Buffalo Wings and Fayetteville Woodpeckers (though I know that's not themed, I just love birds and the logo is killer IMO) and Norfolk Coffee for my better half), but I was wondering what some of your favourites were, to get some more inspiration on others to look for? I really wanted a Lansing Locos cap but they only have the 59Fifty style left, which doesn't suit my head at all.
  4. The Penguins and Blue Jays fixed versions actually look pretty darn good to me.
  5. Manchester United's grey kit from however long ago would like a word... but my GOD that one above is horrible in many many ways.
  6. As a Rockies fan, I love the NL and a pitcher having to hit. I think, certainly around the middle of the game, it brings up serious questions of strategy. But anyway. The problem is, axing the DH means killing off 15 high-paying jobs. That may be only 2% of all active roster spots across the league, but I can't imagine the players' union being on board with it.