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  1. As a lot of you may have noticed in sports both pro and college specialized number fonts are becoming more and more common than the standard block font. I thought this sounds like an interesting topic to talk about For me I prefer specialized number but to a degree. My preference is for numbers to remain similar to standard block but with a minor tweak. My two favorite examples are my two favorite college/nfl team the Florida Gators current jerseys and the Jax Jaguars 2014-2018 jerseys. Both are block fonts but make minor tweaks to fit their brands better However I cannot stand gaudy, huge and gimmicky numbers. Obvious offenders are the Bucs and Oregon. On the flip side I’m not a fan of rounded numbers. The only times these work for me is Chicago Bears, Steelers and the Georgia Bulldogs. Wisconsin and Alabama basketball don’t feel like DI sports schools but like mid tier high schools to me and I just feel block would look better (Then again Wisconsin may look like Nebraska) And one last thing this goes to one number specifically. One. I’m not a fan of 1’s that lack the top tick to it and are just a straight vertical line. First reason is it looks like and uppercase i or lowercase l and second it just feels too ‘small’ I guess? Not to mention 11 look like pause buttons and the ones are inevitably too close to easy other. the top part of the 1 and the base in some cases spaces it out much better also personally I prefer when colleges keep the number font consistent for all sports
  2. my point is i don’t think it is an issue for two teams to have similar colors. Alabama TAMU and Miss State all have similar color schemes but no one is saying they need to change. I just think the older uniforms for Milwaukee and Pitt look much better
  3. You’re missing the point. One person claimed that the Brewers navy and gold looked like Seattle despite Brewers having gold and teal. The point is i don’t see how two teams having similar colors is a bad thing especially since nearly every team in baseball wear navy and red. I just find navy and gold a much better combination for the brewers than blue and yellow. Navy ad gold matches the rust belt much better than bright blue and yellow and the logo and colors looked like a classic beer logo. The new logo is an obvious M and B making a glove which could be literally anyone with the initals of M and B. Yet everyone thinks it’s cool and clever. I’m generally against having the sports equipment being part of the logo. Imagine a football team having a helmet as the logo... wait congrats Milwaukee now you’re like every MLB team. Then again the previous logo was another letter logo and before that it also included a baseball. But as i said they look more like a classic brewery logo than just baseball team No36. Like Milwaukee could change their name to anything and the logo would still apply (they could say the b stands for Milwaukee Baseball like the Habs say the H stands for hockey not Habs) Likewise I feel the same for Pitt. I don’t think it matters that their colors were similar to Notre Dame or Navy and that again navy and yellow looks better for the rust belt. On top of that I just liked the numbers and striping of the previous set better. the new one feels bland. Not to mention throwbacks will feel redundant. Like i use to love the steelers throwbacks but their new ones just feel redundant and look exactly the same. At least the bumblebees look different and you could tell they were different
  4. maroon is a red just like burgundy, crimson and scarlet. If you want to stand out from your rival wear green Regardless the point remains. they wear similar colors so i don’t see it as an issue for divisions rivals to wear similar colors. We can split hairs all day about how the Cubs wear F1037 and that dodgers wear F1038 but the point is i don’t see similar color schemes as a problem especially for baseball when half the league is navy, red or both especially when the brewers looked nothing like the mariners though i agree the mariners should focus more on teal. The point is i personally think Miss State, TAMU, Arkansas and Alabama all have near identification color pallets Side note to the main question I think the Marines are so close yet so far from the perfect uniforms. Make the red pink, blue teal, add piping on the front and make the blue jersey the away instead of gray (with Miami written on it of course) Maybe even make the numbers white on the black jerseys and an alt blue hat
  5. No one thinks of Notre Dame or Navy when they think Pitt rivals. I guess FSU should change it’s colors because they play BC and Virginia or Florida or South Carolina and Georgia since they’re both red and blue. Minnesota and Wisconsin both wear red. Literally Alabama, Miss State, Texas AM and Arkansas all wear dark red and white/gray so I really don’t understand your problem with rivals wearing similar colors. Brewers looked nothing like Seattle. Seattle wears teal and navy how is that similar to navy and gold? Do the Bears and Dodgers need to change their colors?
  6. Alright what about Pitt then? should they keep navy and gold because Pennsylvania is a rust belt state like Indiana? does the same go for Milwaukee Brewers? Let’s be real these are just changes to cash in on trends
  7. The 2015 Jags teal uniforms were actually pretty solid especially with black pants way better than their current ones (Honestly considering the half gold isn’t visible in this picture they look really great)
  8. I think apart of the reason is they think after college they can get a sponsorship or work with the biggest athletic brand in the world. I did read though that Bol Bol chose Oregon over Kentucky because of uniforms though i’ve also read it’s because the coach of kentucky basketball stiffed him on becoming a member of the US basketball olympics team. Personally I don’t buy it. I really can’t think of a person choosing one school over the other because of uniforms Side note Oregon’s basketball uniforms are actually really good
  9. I agree that Oregon has some truly awful and gaudy BS and should definitely keep some consistency. As you mentioned the Rose Bowl uniforms are a great start. i’d also use this as it has classic elements while feeling modern and unique I actually think this is my favorite combo now
  10. I agree. As i’ve mentioned my favorite Ducks uniforms are the less wacky ones
  11. I didn’t say because they sucked in orange that makes it bad. What i was saying is bucco bruce is not an iconic logo because the bucs were awful under it. I dislike them because they’re loud and gaudy and incredibly dated. They are incredibly 70s
  12. And i agree. Bama and Penn should remain the same because of their history. My point is oregon never had either and iconic or consistent uniform ever. Again if Oregon became a powerhouse early on then i’d say keep them the same but every decade oregon has conformed to that era Didn’t see people complain about the Jags new uniforms I agree there should be a middle ground. But we are talking about absolutes here and what defines a middle ground is subjective. I personally think the uniforms of Oregon i linked were that middle ground but as we see people disagree. The uniforms I linked are gaudy and ugly. In fact some people may say that Cal uniform is too gimmicky. I’m open to discussion though and especially redesigns. I really like seeing redesigns so if you have a better oregon uniform shoot
  13. So if they go against another Green and yellow team that begins with an O no one would know? Eh too much black and don’t like the round numbers but alright fair enough I’m not saying they should change their uniforms but what history does Oregon have? What i’m saying is Oregon has never had an iconic or consistent look unlike Bama or Penn State. If oregon won 8 nattys and consistently had NFL HoFers then i’d say keep it old schools like Bama and Penn State but before Mariota and Kelly no one cared for Oregon. The fact is Oregon’s identity now is fun and modern football just as Bama is old school and tradition. Alright what would you design Oregon’s uniforms to be a middle ground? If you were in charge what would you do? You I brought up Oregon earlier and you said to start a new thread. I’m sorry if i come off as argumentative but i’m trying to have a discussion. I’m sorry i come off as aggressive i’ll take that into account next thread and make it more clear for discussion I’m not arguing i just want to discuss different views and how oregon can improve. I just like discussing this stuff Alright i’ll take that into account. How can i approach a debate here?
  14. The bucs sucked in orange. That is the legacy of Bucco Bruce to most fans. Losing the NFC championship is nowhere near winning the super bowl (again should’ve been twice). If the bucs went 26-0 with Bucco Bruce then most including me would see it more positively. You also conflate the previous logo for the current one And that’s why the whalers moved. A decent logo can overtake mediocrity. Bucco Bruce doesn’t especially when bucco bruce is the face of the longest nfl losing streak
  15. Then what would separate them from the other teams? What do you consider to be the last good oregon uniform? Like if i put alabama and penn state through a gray scale what would be the difference for you? What’s the difference between clean and generic? Like if i create a college tomorrow i has it as plain as humanly possible how is that not generic? I just don’t get why we can’t have crazy uniforms. Would you rather have everyone look like Penn state or everyone be unique and gaudy? Personally I would like less ridiculous numbers that are enormous and to use the green helmet with the O or Duck full time I actually like it when teams minimize white in uniforms
  16. so oregon should look like every other ‘traditional’ team? btw did the ducks wear all white both time? Isn’t all white something old school teams like Penn State do?
  17. So losing the NFC Championship is more iconic than winning the lombardi? It should’ve been 2 super bowls if the refs called that catch and catch. Sorry but i consider super bowl champions as more prestigious and iconic than one decent playoff run in 20 years of mediocrity. I’d say Rams v Bucs in 1999 and Bucs vs Raiders in 2003 were better looking Btw didn’t you criticize the Pewter for looking like brown? (maybe that was someone else) Yet the padres can wear brown and mustard and look amazing?
  18. What are you guy’s general thoughts on Oregon’s constantly changing uniforms? What would you do different if you were president of athletics? The thing with Oregon is I would say they’ve never really had an iconic look like Alabama or Florida and so all the drastic changes they’ve made haven’t felt forced. Sure some are gaudy, ridiculous and dated by the very next week but at the same time they’ve really hit some knockouts Id say their best set of all time is their Rose Bowl all greens. I’ve always loved the O on the helmet instead of wings and the cartoon duck is just amazing. The only criticism I have are to add TV numbers and to change the number style My next favorite are their Orange White Green combo that looks both old schools and modern and just looks amazing. Anyone who thinks face masks should be gray because they’re not apart of the uniform here is your answer I also gotta say even though i prefer the basic O i also really love this helmet especially with the white jerseys. They look so much better than the reflective wings. Matte green is just so clean Again are these perfect? No. Are they gaudy at time? Absolutely. Does Oregon have some of the absolute worst garbage Nike craps out every year from Chinese sweatshops? I don’t think i need to answer that but at the same time when when you swing so many times you’re bound to hit one home run
  19. you’re insisting that it’s ok for things from the 70s and 80s to be outdated and should be preserved but why can’t the same be said for the 90s? Were all uniforms and logos perfect before the 90s? You admit the Bucs creamsicles jerseys are dated and not timeless but that is Ok yet everything past the 80s is not? so why can’t the 00s bucs uniforms and logo be a time capsule?
  20. but why can’t modern logos do the same? You think in 50 years people will look back on current ‘trendy’ uniforms and logos and think of how great they are? And why is it bad for the 90s but not for the 70-80s? How do you know this isn’t a trend either? We can’t know what a decade will be defined by until decades later. the 2010s is about to close what will the 10s be defined by exactly?
  21. Yellow and orange really aren’t the same. Everyone praised the bejeebus out of the bucs old uniforms and endlessly mocked their creamsicle jerseys. I agree the modern bucs uniforms are ugly but their previous set was amazing. All they needed to do was clean up some things which they did for the logo but nothing else Pewter is much more unique than red and orange. It adds so much more because no other team uses anything like pewter. Meanwhile more than a few teams use red and orange or dark yellow I’d rather have boring than gaudy which is what i describe the current uniforms as well as the creamsicle. They look worse in modern HD. The previous set were bright enough I’d say the buccaneer flag is more iconic since they won a super bowl with it. The only thing iconic about Bucco Bruce is one of the worst records in nfl history and the most disastrous starts ever. Being old doesn’t make something iconic You’re right but being aggressive doesn’t hurt them either. Lions, Jags, Panthers, Bears alternate and the Tigers old logos all were intimidating/aggressive and all look great yeah but red is the primary unlike the creamsicles. Pewter isn’t brown I didn’t say no logo used flags (BTW the second one is an alternate) but a pirate head is far more common as i’ve shown because pirate head No 45 is more evocative than a saber cutting a flag. Find me a logo of a sword cutting a flag and i’ll concede You seem to know more about florida than a native floridian. Peaches are important to Georgia should they start dressing up like peaches? Rats are everywhere in NYC should the Jets change their name to the NY Rats? The red is bright enough for florida and it’s not like the previous uniforms nuked orange from their color scheme so they were still colorful The current red is bright enough. Admittedly the 00s uniforms could’ve been a tad brighter but they look fine to me. Dark red is certainly an overstatement The current set was designed in 2013. Maybe those colors would be better since oil is black and copper gives a feeling of the earth but the oilers are fine. Why is it ok for 70-80s uniforms to look outdated but not the 90s onwards? Was everything better before the 90s? Good. Creamsicle orange is obnoxious and a sign of the 70s. Red was plenty bright hardly maroon especially now. Do you know how many winning season the bucs had with the cream in 20 years? 4 as well as a 26 game losing streak the longest in nfl history and third in sports history. How many notable players from the orange era besides Lee Roy? And no Young, Vinng and Doug Williams don’t count. Meanwhile during the red era we have Warren Sapp, Derek Brooks, John Lynch, Mike Alstott and plenty more. The seahawks lime green uniforms are unique do you think they’re beautiful? And again a super bowl victory. Which do you think is more iconic? 0-26 or a Lombardi?
  22. first off as i mentioned i don’t watch hockey. second i’m 19 so i won’t recognize any uniforms before the 90s. Lastly something you notice with all of them is they all separate blue and green with white which the bucs creamsicles don’t do with red and orange. BTW what is that last one a USFL team?