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  1. I feel like a lot of people dislike uniforms that switch from bright colors to more more muted colors. Two immediate examples are the Rams and Pitt Panthers. Both used bright blue and yellow and around the 2000s they switched to navy and gold. IMO those were very solid looks but more recently they switched back to the blue and yellow. I just feels like people hate darker colors why is that? These are probably my favorite pitt uniforms The current ones are good but I just like these ones better same for the Rams
  2. I don’t understand how zanier equates to better. Would it be zany for the bengals to start a chimp at QB? Yes would that make it a quality product no. Like is there any other form of entertainment where you have this mentality? And I disagree for pageantry and school pride. First off CFB has existed for about 50 more years than pro football. Is that really that massive of a difference? That’s not even mentioning newer schools. And from my experience the biggest ‘fans’ of college teams are either tee shirt fans or old alumni. This is especially bad for smaller colleges. Lastly spectacle can only get you so far and generally ages very poorly. Once again looking at movies would you say a michael bay movie is better than something like Ben Hurr or Shining because it has better special effects? It’s flash no substance Also this is kinda cherry picking. what about schools with bad sports cultures like Kansas football or Vanderbilt? You can’t just cherry pick good examples and say it applies for the whole thing So like i already asked in this post is there any thing else, entertainment, food, drinks, antiques or anything else where you prefer something inferior over a superior product?
  3. Alright then when was the last time the triple option won the natty? Unique doesn’t equal good. It would be unique to have the draft be decided by the best records but that would make it impossible for bad teams to get top plays so it would not be good Why should i care about bowl games they’re basically participation awards. and sure bragging rights for beating one opponent rather than bragging rights for being champion and just because everyone agrees with you doesn’t make it true. colleges are no different than corporations. geography makes a rivalry arbitrary because it isn’t special or unique and has no real basis. Like UF plays in the sec and FSU in the ACC. why is florida not rivals with any other acc team besides FSU? I am trying to understand. me bringing up objections doesn’t invalidate your point
  4. Except all the top teams run basic formations. When was the last time the triple option won a championship Those occasions are very rare and it hurts the playoffs. Why should i care about the season if my team loses one game? well i disagree. i don’t feel any kind of community at colleges. Also rivalries are overrated and arbitrary. Why should I as a florida fan hate FSU? Because they’re kinda close?
  5. I never understood why people prefer college sports over pro sports. The pro sports are the best college athletes so why do some people like college which has worse talent. On top of that so many games are just lopsided. I know occasionally some pro leagues have blow outs but they’re not nearly as blatant as college especially when no names like Citadel go against Clemson or whatever. I will admit March Madness is better than almost all pro sports but CFB playoffs just suck
  6. so one is considered “classic” and the other is “trend of an era”. How long do we need to wait until the 90s-2000s be considered ‘classic’? Dark colors? When has red and orange been considered dark? The Falcons throwbacks were black what era is that? How about FSU wearing garnet and gold? Or Notre Dame with Navy and gold? There certainly is a fine line between ‘classic’ and ‘generic’ and in fact sometimes that line is only defined by the age of the team or brand. People hated the marlins using gray away uniforms despite it being a tradition of baseball and teams like the yankees having them but since the marlins are a more recent team and their uniforms aren’t going for a timeless/classic feel it comes off as out of place The former X-skins were just a great set period and fit any era. Yankees ehh they definitely feel early baseball and have become tradition but if the yankees were founded in the 90s they’d probably be labeled as bland especially with a color scheme of navy and white. Habs look fine though I feel the red jerseys are more timeless than cream orange
  7. i consider it gaudy loud and outdated. The current uniforms are truly timeless basically everyone i know likes the red and pewter over the creamsicle. No matter how much you try to update those old uniforms they’ll still reek of 1970s and seeing guys like Sapp and Alstott in them before the rebrand just look weird. The current look is sleek and intimidating
  8. For teams going from worst to best uniforms i easily think of the Bucs and Chargers for 5 years the Bucs wore these ugly and gaudy uniforms. Now the logo updates were nice but everything else was a mess. Ugly numbers, clashing colors, nothing worked. Luckily it’s year they reverted back to their Super Bowl era uniforms with the updated logo and they look fantastic, easily their best look The chargers as well. Their previous set was just boring to look at compounded by the fact they used navy instead of powder blue. Now personally i liked the navy but only with the navy helmet like the 60s or 2000s. However their current set is perfect. I love the chargers logos on the sleeves and putting the numbers on the helmets. I do wish they had numbers on the sleeves other than that they look amazing As for the opposite I’d say the Rams and Miami Marlins Rams is a bit cheating since they just wore their throwbacks all year but they were so good. all they had to do was update that look. Yet Nike turned them into a Madden Create a Team. Besides the helmets I don’t really like anything. The shade of blue is off and the numbers look stupid. Can somebody explain why their white uniforms look dirty? The other one is the Marlins when they first rebranded. The Florida Marlins teal and black was great but they traded it out for an uninspired and gaudy orange and blue as the miami marlins. I do like their new miami vice esque uniforms look nice but I just think something is missing like piping or something but it is a big improvement
  9. It mirrors the swords on the shoulders No i don’t
  10. All uniforms are gimmicky to an extent. If uniforms were purely practical every team would wear only black and white I disagree. The swords look similar to their secondary logo and the previous jerseys dark blue yoke. If there was on complain I’d prefer the dark blue numbers on the shoulders to be white like the front and back but the previous set had the same problem do it is what it is I assume you mean the pants? I disagree. It’s clean and simple but effective I never really notice so not a concern to me I disagree. I think besides being a little too thin they look fine. The little edge at the top is suppose to look like the state of tennessee itself. I hated the previous number look a lot more. It just reeked of early 2000s and just look like stock numbers you’d see on high school teams. My rule of thumb in numbers is either use default block numbers or something super specialized but not just a middle Eh i guess but to me if it works it works and here I think it works you don’t agree to disagree I have never really paid attention to nike logos Could you fill me in? You can say the set is bad but incoherent? There is a clear theme going on with the swords and silver. Can you give an example of a coherently bad uniform set so i can get how these are incoherent?
  11. I don’t. I don’t get what’s wrong with their unis. Basically every combo works and fits really well. You don’t need to insult me for having a different opinion
  12. I can argue with that. The Seahawks uniforms are easily the best in the nfl hands down. Everything just clicks so well. The titans aren’t half bad either thought their baby blue looks better I think wild uniforms work for some teams while others like the browns the more plain it is the more fitting it is
  13. this looks pretty good. Nice and simple while being old school. What programs did you use and template?
  14. that would’ve looked really nice tbh
  15. I didn’t I didn’t either I asked it as a genuine question
  16. So nike makes things that are either too busy or too minimal?
  17. I mean the guy has some really good work even if they’re a bit gimmicky. My faves are the panthers, Jags, Browns, Chargers and Rams
  18. I remember a while ago seeing these designs pop up from graphic artist Jesse Alkire. Not gonna lie he’s made some amazing design which i recommend checking out but these are probably the worst ones he’s done. I do think the current unis look much better http://www.jessealkire.com/nfl#/falcons/
  19. I have. I just made a post about my thoughts on the details and what i think of it. nothing to do with marron&gold
  20. I’m always of the opinion that opinions shouldn’t be finalized until we see it on field. It honestly pisses me off that every team does gimmicky videos with filters and lights everywhere Regardless from what i’ve seen I do like it a lot. Helmet: I really like the helmet. I would’ve been fine with glossy helmet but I don’t really care that it’s Satin. I do like the silver face mask to match the outline of the Falcon and to give them some silver in their unis since it is technically one of their colors Numbers: So far I think the numbers are fine. They fit the branding and don’t look too over the top. I don’t hate the drop shadow but i don’t think it’s fantastic either. Doing a simple outline would’ve been fine Jerseys: I think they look pretty good. I personally don’t care for word marks but I don’t mind the ATL. I guess it could be smaller but it’s not a problem for me same with the side panels. The design itself is pretty plain. Going against the grain the red gradient is my favorite because of how unique it is and looks fire, that is like actual fire. I am glad it is an alt though and not the main one pants: also very plain but fit well sock: I don’t really care about socks honestly. I also am fine with socks matching the pants Right now I’m giving it a 7.5/10. It has potential and is solid certainly much better than their last look
  21. is calling me a swooshketeer necessary?
  22. no i haven’t at all. more people have been telling me my opinion sucks than me telling them that. Why do you think i’m being called a Swooshketeer? I’m done responding to comments like this just focus on the Falcons uniforms
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