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  1. It mirrors the swords on the shoulders No i don’t
  2. All uniforms are gimmicky to an extent. If uniforms were purely practical every team would wear only black and white I disagree. The swords look similar to their secondary logo and the previous jerseys dark blue yoke. If there was on complain I’d prefer the dark blue numbers on the shoulders to be white like the front and back but the previous set had the same problem do it is what it is I assume you mean the pants? I disagree. It’s clean and simple but effective I never really notice so not a concern to me I disagree. I think besides being a little too thin they look fine. The little edge at the top is suppose to look like the state of tennessee itself. I hated the previous number look a lot more. It just reeked of early 2000s and just look like stock numbers you’d see on high school teams. My rule of thumb in numbers is either use default block numbers or something super specialized but not just a middle Eh i guess but to me if it works it works and here I think it works you don’t agree to disagree I have never really paid attention to nike logos Could you fill me in? You can say the set is bad but incoherent? There is a clear theme going on with the swords and silver. Can you give an example of a coherently bad uniform set so i can get how these are incoherent?
  3. I don’t. I don’t get what’s wrong with their unis. Basically every combo works and fits really well. You don’t need to insult me for having a different opinion
  4. I can argue with that. The Seahawks uniforms are easily the best in the nfl hands down. Everything just clicks so well. The titans aren’t half bad either thought their baby blue looks better I think wild uniforms work for some teams while others like the browns the more plain it is the more fitting it is
  5. this looks pretty good. Nice and simple while being old school. What programs did you use and template?
  6. that would’ve looked really nice tbh
  7. I didn’t I didn’t either I asked it as a genuine question
  8. So nike makes things that are either too busy or too minimal?
  9. I mean the guy has some really good work even if they’re a bit gimmicky. My faves are the panthers, Jags, Browns, Chargers and Rams
  10. I remember a while ago seeing these designs pop up from graphic artist Jesse Alkire. Not gonna lie he’s made some amazing design which i recommend checking out but these are probably the worst ones he’s done. I do think the current unis look much better
  11. I have. I just made a post about my thoughts on the details and what i think of it. nothing to do with marron&gold
  12. I’m always of the opinion that opinions shouldn’t be finalized until we see it on field. It honestly pisses me off that every team does gimmicky videos with filters and lights everywhere Regardless from what i’ve seen I do like it a lot. Helmet: I really like the helmet. I would’ve been fine with glossy helmet but I don’t really care that it’s Satin. I do like the silver face mask to match the outline of the Falcon and to give them some silver in their unis since it is technically one of their colors Numbers: So far I think the numbers are fine. They fit the branding and don’t look too over the top. I don’t hate the drop shadow but i don’t think it’s fantastic either. Doing a simple outline would’ve been fine Jerseys: I think they look pretty good. I personally don’t care for word marks but I don’t mind the ATL. I guess it could be smaller but it’s not a problem for me same with the side panels. The design itself is pretty plain. Going against the grain the red gradient is my favorite because of how unique it is and looks fire, that is like actual fire. I am glad it is an alt though and not the main one pants: also very plain but fit well sock: I don’t really care about socks honestly. I also am fine with socks matching the pants Right now I’m giving it a 7.5/10. It has potential and is solid certainly much better than their last look
  13. is calling me a swooshketeer necessary?
  14. no i haven’t at all. more people have been telling me my opinion sucks than me telling them that. Why do you think i’m being called a Swooshketeer? I’m done responding to comments like this just focus on the Falcons uniforms
  15. I’m not deliberately trying to make make enemies. I’m not the one who is name calling here i was defending my position
  16. no that’s what IVE been saying I’m not the one name calling
  17. Fine You’re correct and always correct clearly i’m an idiot with brain damage who can’t stop drinking Nike coolaid I never once acted like my opinion was the center of the universe. All you’ve done is insult me a call me a nike fanboy But i digress. Let’s agree to disagree about the falcons new unis. Have a wonderful saturday buddy
  18. What does that even mean? Eh I guess so. I personally didn’t care but sure they should been on the sleeve I think it’s OK Also think it’s OK Meh I agree but never really thought much of it Never noticed You sure it has nothing to do with the awful 1-31 stretch of games? Or that they make more money by replacing them and making fans buy new jersey’s so they’re not outdated maybe they weren’t but the new set isn’t an improvement You’re fundamental argument is teams replace their unis means the previous set was bad. Were the 9ers 80s look bad hence why they replaced them? Were the Orlando Magic previous set which is why they replaced them? Look let’s start from square one. Just explain to me what elements you think don’t work and what does work and how Nike can fix them and I’ll explain what i think works and doesn’t work. Don’t need to get snooty or calling me a Swooshketeer. See me calling you an old grouch who hates everything new? No you don’t
  19. why they’re almost exactly like standard block font just with tiny edges
  20. Thanks for assuming things They changed somethings and even then you want them to copy old uniforms so it’s a lose lose How were the brows egregious? If you say it’s because of the drop shadow yeah no sports teams have ever used drop shadows Id say the jags current look is more egregious. Say what you want about the previous set they were unique and had personality. The current ones don’t and feel soulless and bland
  21. i’m just using wikipedia and it says the cubs were the first major league team to use them
  22. read what i wrote. I said the MLB not the National League. Even then they only wore them for one year. While on the topic I think pinstripes are a perfect example of trends/fads turned tradition. The issue is if we close our minds to anything new they’ll never become tradition
  23. because i designed these uniforms and you’re criticizing my life work. /s In all seriousness though i am not taking it personally. I’m just sick of hearing everyone circle jerk of how nike is trash and “everything” they make is trash and that unis before the 90s were sacred and beautiful. Again even when Nike does the right thing and goes back to a classic look like the Bucs people still take a dump on them when that is what they wanted. I’m not even a nike fanboy but it’s just tiresome hearing the same thing over and over