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  1. TNT’s All-Star Draft had the Indiana-style wordmark and colors
  2. Houston press release: Our new icon jersey reflects our new team name, symbolic of they way we bent over backwards to make James Harden happy.
  3. Seattle: if they can keep Russ happy(and keep him cooking), they have a good shot with the way the D played over the last 6-7 games Los Angeles: with Matthew Stafford leading a competent offense, I’d say they are the best in the division. San Francisco: when healthy, they are a Super Bowl team (see: 2019). Arizona: now with JJ Watt added to a defense with Chandler Jones and Budda Baker, both sides of the ball are now equally potent, making them a Divisional round-team
  4. I’m starting to think it’s Atlanta’s fault...they must hate orange and blue teams
  5. Philadelphia 76ers Definitely one of the more wilder ones of he bunch. Philly has had many, many designs, so unfortunately, I could not fit them all into one cohesive design. Using the red alternate the from the current set as the base, the "streaking stars" swoosh goes up the front of the jersey, but with the font from the Allen Iverson/2000's-era font. The side panels are lined with the black and gold trim from that era, too.
  6. Miami Heat Another team with limited uniform history, Miami has had 3 designs(if you count the vice). I used the wordmark from the original set, the colors from the vice set, and placed them all on the current set.
  7. Right here. Dallas Mavericks With their uniform history being very limited, this one was harder to come up with ideas for. I settled on their somewhat minimalist-but-still-unique alternate as the base, with the wordmark and their trademark green from their original set plastered on the front. The pants from their current set are modified with the stripe pattern.
  8. Yeesh.
  9. The Ravens don’t have that problem
  10. A simple number outline can do wonders for Jacksonville:
  11. May be alone on this one, but I hope the Jaguars go teal over black as the primary home look. With no black on the white pants but a black helmet they look like the Miami Dolphins minor league affiliate. Teal over black and white over teal, with one black over teal game and one all-teal or all-black game.
  12. The paperwork has likely been filed to the NFL already, the Jags just wanted to get the fans excited.
  13. First Round of remixes!! Arizona Cardinals 2.0 This thread is "Tweaking Existing Uniforms", but it's my thread, so I can break the rules. Helmet unchanged Pants from 1996-2004 return. Striped socks are added for the red pants. Arizona flag on shoulders(from 1989-2004) returns, but is colorized in Cardinals' colors
  14. We now have Twitter... Elevate Automatic LIVE
  15. Weathering the storm How about that? It’s time... To rise Eliminate all others Ladies and gentlemen, the Jags are wearing White over black all season!!
  16. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta had the right idea with their new set, but completely messed it up with gimmicky side panels, large wordmarks and a chrome facemask. Throwback become the base of the uniform, with the striped socks becoming the only option. Black pants added. Font from previous set(2003-2019) returns. Black facemask instead of chrome.
  17. But who are we giving up for Drummond? Gasol is on the minimum, and I can’t seem to find another rotational player to trade away.
  18. Both Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, former teammates in Detroit, are sitting out as their respective franchises try to trade them. (Griffin) (Drummond)