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  1. *11 if you include Cleveland. Here is a list of the last 20 NBA Champions. (Small markets are higlighted). As you can see, that is 12/20, or 60% of the teams. So in the last 20 years, championships have been predominantly won by small markets. **Sidenote: The "lAkErS wHo WiN eVeRy YeAr" won 4 chips in that time span, the same as the Spurs.
  2. HOF players LA has obtained since 2010: LeBron James Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook Dwight Howard Steve Nash HOF players OKC has obtained since 2010: James Harden Paul George Carmelo Anthony Chris Paul
  3. Wow, you included the Guardians who just released their logos last week. I can’t imagine having to rearrange the whole thing because the Indians changed their name.
  4. This “story of the logo” is pure BS Nikespeak. All they had to say was “ the wings and basketball from the parent Pelicans’ logo forms a star” and it’d be fine.
  5. In one of the NBA Changes(not sure which one) threads, we recently discussed that “CLT” is not a good look on a basketball jersey, and is too close to a certain word.
  6. He’s a high-level quarterback whose trade rumors bring to the League. They probably already know he’s guilty, but are dragging this out as long as possible so he can be traded (and create another compelling storyline).
  7. Twitter: “What’s the difference?”
  8. 2017 & 2018 NBA Finals Week 4, Giants vs Cowboys, October 11, 2020 Game 6, Lakers vs Suns, 2021 Western Conference First Round.
  9. But they have the audacity to place a Nike logo directly above the three stripes.
  10. Yeah, didn’t know a team could switch leagues(and cities) without notice. Frank Reich is a decent basketball coach, though.
  11. They choose not to. Their own throwbacks have three stripes.
  12. I could’ve sworn that was navy…but thinking about the stupid Raiders connection, it makes sense.
  13. Fun fact: the only NBA teams to never wear a black jersey are the Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans.
  14. The Mil, sorry, NBA Champions Milwaukee Bucks have had a plethora of color schemes over the years. The originals were simple--green w/ red trim. They started experimenting with different shades of green in the 70's, and by the late 80's, fully embraced the "Irish Rainbow". Milwaukee then took an interesting turn and followed the purple craze of the 90's, leading to a look that was more "Mighty Ducks" than "Milwaukee Bucks". By the mid 2000's they decided to return to their roots, with the color red being featured prominently for the first time since 1986. Ten years later (sensing a trend?), the Bucks bring back the rainbow, but with a twist--cream becomes the secondary color, with black and blue replacing the bright greens. What I have decided to do is unite all of Milwaukee's past colors in a way that isn't garish (red, purple, light green and cream??), but also reflects and embraces the history of Milwaukee's basketball team. The Logo Purple (from the 90's), lime green (from the 80's), and red (from the 60/70's & 00's) all return to form a new "Irish Rainbow" in Milwaukee's current primary. The Uniforms (remain mostly the same from Milwaukee's current set, but there are a few key differences). The cream is darkened so that is is more legible when appearing on and/or next to white. The new rainbow appears on the side panels, and is now placed on the shorts as well. On the cream Statement, the new Irish Rainbow colors are featured across the chest. The Court What better way to unite the Bucks history than to bring back the Mecca? The pointed edges forming the "M" returns. The new Irish Rainbow is placed on the baseline, surrounding the wordmark.
  15. If you swapped the gold and yellow, I think it might be more legible.
  16. Native American imagery is kinda a no-no these days, I doubt OKC would be able to get away with this.
  17. For the Jags, could you make the thin stripe white in between the teal and black? Also, maybe darken the gold so that the name contrasts(or make the name white with a black outline).
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.0 A white version is what i initially came up with, to be closer to the original creamsicles, but the inclusion of pewter led me to make pewter pants. However, I wanted to get as close to the original set while keeping pewter in the color scheme. Red and white jerseys are unchanged, while a new orange jersey becomes the primary road. Numbers on road jersey are white with pewter & red outlines; same goes for the shoulder stripes. Helmet & pants become white, with a red/pewter/orange/pewter/red stripe to match the road jersey. Socks become red on main jerseys/orange on red alternate. New logo, orange replaces red, the flag is outlined in thick red, with the black elements replaced by pewter.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1.0 The Bucs made the right choice last season, going back to to the late 90's pewter uniforms. (Hey, it even won them a ring!) But creamsicle and pewter is an idea that, depending on the execution, can be either terrific or terrible. Numbers become orange with a pewter & red outline on the road jersey, and white with a pewter & orange outline on the home. Shoulder stripes match the number. Pants stripe is white-red-orange-red-white, a nod to the original white creamsicle pants. Facemask & socks become red.
  20. The model is incredible! If there is one thing that I suggest, maybe use the old Clippers script?
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