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  1. The lack of shine on the gold pants is why I think the Saints have moved away from them. Flat khaki is just not a good look.
  2. Can a team go color rush if they’ve already used them 3 times in the regular season? I’d love to the Saints to go color rush through the entire playoffs.
  3. Now if we can just get gold pants with striping that matches that of the helmets. I’d love to be surprised by this today!
  4. Because the Saints don’t have any gold pants. They have hideous dull tan pants that become see through when wet. And from Payton’s tweet to looks like the team captains select the pants color...and they must agree with my assessment.
  5. With all the different yellows due to the gradient I guess we won’t be seeing yellow (gold) jerseys...unfortunately.
  6. The Vikings all-purple color rush tonight would look a lot better IF the helmet decals were all yellow, That way no white at all.
  7. I’ve heard the Saints players do not like the “gold” (not gold but khaki) pants. Kinda see through when wet with sweat, etc.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/gametimesaint/status/1182440308459626498?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1182440308459626498&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231182440308459626498 Might the Saints have some new pants???
  9. Email from the team has the Saints wearing white Color Rush jerseys tomorrow vs Rams.
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