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  1. Incredible work you're doing. Love the Corinthians team. Would love to see you update the OP with an overview of all your stuff until now. Maybe the maps and a list with links to each team. Keep it up!
  2. Your work is simply incredible. Stunning all around and a joy to follow. Have you ever considered a US/Canada premier soccer league concept series? Keep it up!
  3. Beautiful! Curious to know where the Canadian team will be based - Montreal or Toronto? Btw. I love the smaller, simple logos you put next to the bar with team names.
  4. Much better than before - and it will probably be even better with the right text. Agree with TheHealthiestScratch about the monogram+halo for the clash kit.
  5. I'm sorry to say that I don't really like Vegas and San Diego. I feel like they are a different series, a different universe to all your previous clubs. I think the previous clubs in this series all have the "old school", historic feel - like it is some clubs that has been around forever. Both Las Vegas and San Diego looks more like something newer. They don't fall in line with the historic feel of clubs like "Brookhattan" or "Philadelphia Field Club"... But that's just my two cents
  6. California Surf, Cleveland Rangers, Indianapolis Racers, Nashville Sounds maybe. I like Las Vegas Quicksilvers and Milwaukee Lakers,
  7. This series is seriously good. I think your Las Vegas Venom concept is one the best I've ever seen. I like the blue version of Jacksonville as well! The colours work really well together. I think the only one I'm not hyped about is the Checkers.
  8. Indeed it is - AFL is centered around Melbourne it seems - and I guess one of them would be more than enough.
  9. Wellington Phoenix is top class. Not sure what I think about the "F" and "C" on each side on the Christchurch though. If you need more team ideas you could always look to the AFL. Maybe some teams could expand into real football. Maybe Carlton, Collingwood or Essendon?
  10. Love Auckland City and North Harbour! I vote for the leaves on the last one. You could always expand to Fiji or some of the other Pacific nations. Or Queenstown in NZ.
  11. Beautiful updates. I love the Adelaide logo - reminds me of Adelaide Crows of the AFL.
  12. Ahh what a pity. Yeah, I have seen your MLS series. It's great, but I like fantasy series more
  13. This is a great series! I love your take on the Bundesliga - I've actually started a Football Manager career with your West Berlin team. Maybe you can redesign the Danish league one day?
  14. Unfortunately all your pics seem to be broken at the moment? Also hope to see you continue this, because it's top work!
  15. I've been a long time follower on this site, but haven't signed up before today. I must say this is some of the best work I've seen. Beautiful logos and shirts. Can't wait to see more!
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