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  1. This is such an odd issue with the Redskins fan base. The majority of the Redskins fan base HATES, and I mean HATES, the Gold pants. As a life long Skins fan, I personally love them because they look like sweet throwback uniforms, especially with the striped socks. But the issue is this - the only time the Redskins were really good, was during the Joe Gibbs era of the 80s and early 90s. Joe Gibbs took away the gold pants and this resulted in the current uniform combo we see today (burgundy on white, white on burgundy). There is SO much nostalgia among the middle-aged fanbase about the Super Bowl years, that they absolutely hate the gold pants. Additionally, the gold pants were brought back in 2010 by current GM Bruce Allen because his dad used to coach the Skins in the 70s and they wore gold pants. 99% of Redskins fans hate Bruce Allen, so they also associate the gold pants with Bruce Allen's failure to run a team + the mediocrity of the team. So when the Redskins brought back the Burgundy on white combo for the 2018 season, fans LOVED it. I personally do not love it. For me, it's as if the Steelers made a 1970's move and went back to wearing Black on white. It just wouldn't look right. But anyways, that's your history lesson on Redskins pants
  2. NFL rules place a limit of 3 times per year for Color Rush/Alternate uniforms. In order to wear them more than 3 times, you need special permission from the league which is what Cleveland did. I think the Saints have reached their limit already...or they're 2/3. They wore them against Seattle and Dallas. I think they created the white pants to mimic the color rush concept hoping fans would love it, but it just looks terrible. Imagine the packers start going white on white with absolutely no striping down the pant legs? Horrible. Don't know how the team with arguably the best alternate uniform can simultaneously possess the worst alternate uniform.
  3. Why doesn't Oakland match wear throwback logos on their helmet to match the throwback jersey? it's such a simple swap, and makes a world's difference in appearance in my opinion
  4. Does anyone know why the Bills choose to wear white on white for their throwbacks at home as opposed to the usual home set blue on white? I assume it's because the white throwback jersey has a different candy cane style sleeve striping to it, but it just seems like the blue on white with the throwback helmet would look good for a change. All of their sideline gear with the throwback logo is blue.
  5. This would be SO MUCH BETTER than the plain white pants. I would even vouch for these being a permanent road uniform set. Man, do NFL teams not have any aesthetically-minded people on their staff?
  6. Jim Irsay just tweeted that the Colts will be wearing Color Rush uniforms this weekend. Well that's one way to announce it lol
  7. Did anyone else notice that Tom Brady was the only player on either team last night (and this season overall) who was wearing a jersey without the NFL 100 patch on the collar? His jersey had the pre-2019 normal NFL patch on it. The only team allowed to omit the NFL 100 patch are the Bears since they have their own "100" patch on their chest. I just found this Brady thing to be odd. With how stringent the NFL is toward fining players, I wonder if he will be punished for this. Here's a photo from week 4 with the NFL 100 patch: Here's a photo from last night without the NFL 100 patch:
  8. No clue, but that is one UGLY look. Also is it just me or do the helmets of pre-1980's NFL look like they were extremely uncomfortable? Like it looks as if you are wearing a hard plastic shell on your head without any padding. lol
  9. Wait, so I have always known about the same place finisher matchups and how they're structured. But does one division always visit another division in same place finisher matchups? I thought they just alternated the individual matchups - I didn't know that it was the whole entire division visiting the other division.
  10. FYI The Redskins will be wearing their throwbacks this week. Although I have other more direct means to knowing this info (ironically for this message board, I work for the NFL), I have friend who are season ticket holders and the ticket stub for this week's game has throwback photos of Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, and Doug Williams on it. The Redskins only do this when they are wearing their throwback unis for their homecoming game - as opposed to normal games in which the ticket stubs have photos of current players. I assume this uniform will be phased out in 3 years, and replaced by a new throwback for the Redskins 90th anniversary. My hunch is that they will roll with an iteration of these 1950's:
  11. Are you serious? It's 2019 and FOX is still broadcasting in 720p? how has this not been addressed yet?
  12. OMG you are SO correct. FOX Broadcasts look grainy and the colors tend to be duller, as if your TV is on standard setting. CBS broadcasts look crisp, sharp, like your TV's VIVID setting. And on CBS, the colors pop, edges are more defined. Seeing the rainy Seattle turf contrasted with the white/gold of the Saints color rush was BEAUTIFUL. I love when my Redskins are on CBS. Luckily we have 3 games due to cross flexing this year.
  13. As a Redskins fan, i am interested to see if we will wear gold pants tonight as opposed to the white pants that have become the standard circa 2018. Oddly enough, we broke out the gold pants for a meaningless week 17 game last season - absolutely no logical explanation why. This is our only primetime game this year (not counting an away TNF game week 8 ) so maybe tonight is the night?
  14. What are your favorite uniform combos for the Jags? I remember week 3 last year during the titans game they wore white on teal pants. Interesting look
  15. Off topic - with the Browns getting a new uniform next year, what do you guys think of them bringing back the Alabama throwback look that they wore in the past, where the jersey numbers were on the helmets? They could have this design become the full-time look OR maybe just an alternate combo?