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  1. I'm still really enjoying this. Top 3 pod for me right now. (and I listen to A LOT)
  2. Hey not to be constantly pimping my stuff, but I recently got the chance to sit down with Tom O'Grady to talk about his legendary career and specifically designing the Milwaukee Bucks 90's rebrand. There's a lot of really good stuff here, including how the Bucks almost were a green & orange team. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1TQmoDsibyk29Tj7Q8lE1x https://anchor.fm/teutonia-world/episodes/Enter-the-Swamp-Dragon-ehu5di https://anchor.fm/teutonia-world/episodes/Enter-the-Swamp-Dragon-ehu5di
  3. The Hawks have come home to embrace something like a consistent visual identity. By my count there are now only 4 teams left who still just do whatever. Btw, the Bucks have worn cream or black as the solid/main color at least as much as the green. They've only worn one green set since the rebrand. If they were actually a team that was firmly established as a green team (like Boston) they should've had 2 or 3 green variations by now. Milwaukee's chief marketing guy was on a podcast last month and basically confirmed a solid blue look is next. The Bucks suck at this.
  4. When talking incomprehensible convoluted color schemes in the NBA it goes 1. Jazz 2. Bucks 3. Cavs 4. Nuggets
  5. My beef with Silver is he doesn't consistently consider the best interest of the game. Some will think this is a great idea politically, others will hate it. But he's trying to maintain credibility in a bubble tourney. Everything that makes it seem like a gimmick is a bad idea. The Association is trying to crown a champion under incredible circumstances, and this decision carries all the weight of allowing players to wear numbers with fractions
  6. The alternates are terrible to be sure. A lot of these problems could be mitigated with a good ol' fashioned wordmark. But again, I want to emphasize this point. Even if the Bucks were to come up with a new classic look for their uniforms that eliminated the black and white and got a new sponsor that somehow matched... Who's the team in pro or college sports that makes cream/tan/light brown/french vanilla work? I like the SF Giants fine, maybe a few teams? Now who's the team that makes green and blue work? Several Seattle teams make a go of it to middling results. Even if you have the best possible design (some of those concepts posted were really dope btw) white is just better. The contrast of white to green looks great on TV and in person. Pairing cream with blue and green is setting your brand behind the 8ball before you get to Psycho Bango and all the black alts and all the Cream City nonsense. We're not a minor league baseball franchise, we're a team that won a title with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The preferable solution in my opinion is multi colored green and this for a patch:
  7. It's a matter of principle. Our visual look isn't tied to any of the eras of greatness, very goodness or flash in the pan-ness. We look stupid. There is no visual through-line tying Kareem to Marques to Sidney to Ray to Giannis. That's point number one. Point number two is these colors don't remotely work, especially with an orange Harley patch. There are simply far too many colors. The Bucks should be a green and white team with a spash of red, but put that aside. There are only 2.5 green teams in the NBA. The Celtics, the Bucks and not really the Wolves or Mavericks. It's not too much to ask that the Milwaukee Bucks who have been around since 1968 have a well defined visual corner. The Wizards had a nice little navy and cream thing going for a while. I found it attractive. It was abandoned because as attractive as the pairing was, they didn't look like the Bullets, and that was with far less colors and no sponsor patch. The Nets decided to wear grey all the time for a while. It seemed like a decent and creative look. It was abandoned because it was just a fad at the end of the day. The Bucks wore purple and green for more than a decade. A lot of fans really liked it. It was abandoned as soon as purple fell out of vogue. At a certain point you have to decide what your team colors are. The terrible shiny jerseys that the Bucks wore in the early aughts were the problem, not the colors.
  8. 1. Cream/Green is an inferior pairing, but that's a matter of taste, whatever. 2. The Bucks won a championship with Red/Green and own that combination throughout the 3 major sports 3. Even if you prefer Cream/Green, the Bucks don't wear it. You could make a case for cream replacing the white like this: ...but again, that's not what The Bucks do. They wear 27 bad colors and put cream next to white. They look like an expansion team.
  9. Just my opinion, but you're either A. a red team B. a blue team C. a red-white and blue team D. other The Cavs' identity sucks because they've jumped back and forth from a red team to a blue team. In addition, Cleveland has been both a red team AND a orange team, another no-no. The Bucks identity sucks because they've abandoned their corner of red and green to dabble with cream and blue. They crossed the red/blue divide and also they have far too many non complimentary colors. The Jazz identity sucks because they've used every color imaginable including a black and baby blue phase. They are somehow both a green and purple and navy team. Some of this can be tolerated due to the team's Mardi Gras roots, but they don't play in New Orleans anymore.
  10. The Bucks Irish Rainbow is more an easter egg than anything else. Just another design element thrown in, among an endless series of terrible colors. They nod to the past as they turn their back on it. The problem with the Nuggets is they can't decide on a color palette and the sorta colors they have are an established poor combination in sports. If you asked the average guy in a sports bar the colors of the Nuggets, he'd have to think for a second. This puts them solidly with the Bucks, Jazz, Cavs and Pelicans
  11. Inglewood always down for the greater good.
  12. This is absolutely wonderful. The only thing I would change is I've always felt the stripes should wrap all the way around a la the Nuggets. But what a beautifully balanced rainbow. I hate the way this version currently has a single stripe of blue, and of black, with the white next to the cream. It's completely unbalanced. I love this though.
  13. The height of the Detroit Lions franchise is this jacket:
  14. Bottom right. They are all an improvement (especially if you change the number font) but the darkness of the pewter on the pants is a rugged and attractive look in my opinion. Pewter and orange has such a nice contrast to it. The others are simply light silver, which doesn't say Buccaneers to me in the same way
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