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  1. Do we have an answer yet on if the Brewers will wear the Navy tops at home this season? When they were unveiled it was only listed as a road alternate.
  2. I've shown it to a few people around the Green Bay area and no one has even noticed the difference on first glance, once I show it to them they have all had a similar reaction of not caring, just happy the BiG is back
  3. 4 things I'm hoping for from new uniforms -Pinstripes at home -Yellow Alternate jersey -A Barrelman alternate hat to go with the yellow jerseys - Cream colored alternate home uniform
  5. Is there something behind the Brewers changing logos/uniforms? Or is this all just speculating
  6. So going through the Bucks jersey schedule, we wear our city jersey against blue, red, black, & purple uniforms so it can't be any of those colors and needs to clash so something like cream or yellow again? Maybe white, lime green, orange, grey? Also is it confirmed the NBA scrapped the earned jerseys this year?