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  1. Yeah just geography wise, like the AFC North is a pretty tightly grouped conference, the longest trip for a team being 8 hours between Cincinnati and Baltimore. Now with Omaha the shortest trip any team would ever have to make out there is 10.5 hours and the longest ends up at something like 17.5 hours. That's a pretty drastic shift in the logistics of the conference if you ask me. But if you moved Louisville into the AFC North all of a sudden you have a pretty tightly grouped conference again. I know that the rest of the conferences don't have quite as easy of solutions but it's at least something to think about.
  2. I guess here it wouldn't be unpopular but with the amount of quote tweets featuring an ungodly amount of flame emojis accompanying some chromed out helmet I think it's safe to say we're in the minority
  3. Divisions are kinda wonky with these additions, you'd almost have to totally realign them for them to make sense logistically. Maybe even reduce each conference to only a North and South division or something
  4. Oh and yours totally is unique, not trying to insinuate that you wholesaled the AZ look or something. If it weren't for the coloring I doubt I'd even have had the comparison jump into my head. I love your design, easily the best coloring you could have gone with and a pretty stupendous take on an originally pretty bland uniform
  5. I think it's mostly the pinstripe pants and the coloring of the jersey. By no means is it just the Diamondbacks uniform though, I was just saying I got the vibes of it. Take the white hat, the purple top, and the pinstriped pants pictured below and you'll see why my mind went to AZ as a comparative uniform
  6. Man I love this, I've found the last 10 years of MLB uniforms to be so drab and boring with the minor league stuff being far too cartoony and more sarcastic than serious. You struck the perfect middle balance here and made a uniform that is both traditional and unique, the only problem I see with them is they have a similar vibe to the Randy Johnson era Diamondback uniforms
  7. Is it just me or do the Pelicans have the lamest jerseys comparative to their community? If there's anywhere on the planet willing to embrace some wild uniforms it'd be New Orleans, yet for some reason they play it ridiculously safe... I just don't get it
  8. Chrome has never looked good on a single helmet or facemask. It's tacky and never compliments the rest of the uniform well
  9. Is it just me or do the vast majority of MLB uniform sets look dreadfully dull? There's little to no imagination with any of the, at least some of these have character to them