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  1. In the identity battle between LA Galaxy and LAFC, I think the Galaxy should lean into the fact that they are a classic club by MLS standards and have a classic look. And I think LAFC should lean into the fact that they are rooted in LA proper and have a very vibrant fanbase. But with the primary set, just let the gold shine on the black. LAFC should keep it simple there. But with the secondary and third kits, I'm going for somewhat of a Hispanic feel. I hope the color scheme and sleeve stripes bring that through on the secondary. The third features a big sugar skull (designed myself) on the back of the jersey with a marigold and white color scheme.
  2. I'm glad there's excitement about this division. I think it's my personal favorite based on what I came up with. So let's get it started in LA. The sash on the white kit combines recolored versions of the Galaxy star. Here's what it would look like up close: The yellow and green is a pure throwback to this uniform: https://assets.sbnation.com/assets/850002/56157700.jpg The third features star patterns on the cuffs and the side panel of the shorts as well as Orion on the shirt.
  3. 10 teams remain! The changes I made to Phoenix and Sacramento are mostly self-explanatory, but I'll give a before and after just to make it clear.
  4. I had limited myself to the idea that the diamonds in the argyle ought to fit in between the logos and the sponsor before I had varied those colors to blue... which means I can make the diamonds bigger and still see the sponsor and the diamonds separately. So thanks for the suggestion, I'll update it at the end and see what it looks like. St. Louis was a fun concept for me because it's the only club that lacks any identity at this point. So my concept is completely from scratch. I'll take you through the process. I started with the idea that red/blue/yellow in some combination would be the way to go. The club's preliminary branding seems to lean that way, heavy leaning on the flag imagery. But I opt for royal blue as the primary color for a couple reasons. It gives them some variation from FC Dallas, a divisional team. It also gives them variation from the rest of the league, since a lot of clubs use red as a primary but only SJ and Montreal use royal blue, and both of those two rely heavily on black with it. So the royal blue can be a unique look for St. Louis. From there, the emphasis on the colors goes blue, red, white, and yellow in that order. I played around with some Crystal Palace-like color schemes, where red and blue play a similar role and yellow is an accent color. But I really want to feel like the shirts I make in this series are something I would wear myself in public, and those colors are just too much all together. For the logo, I wanted the arch and Fleur de lis to be the centerpieces, while bringing in the waves form the STL flag. I hope the shape is unique as well. It's the recent I didn't use an oval. And after seeing the logo, I hope the rest of the design elements for STL fall into place. The blue/blue/red matches the look of the logo (and the red/red/maroon does this as well). I debated a blue/white/red kit, but ultimately decided against it. The yellow kit again pulls from the logo with the red on the bottom of the cuffs and the blue wave on top.
  5. I don't love much about SKC's identity, from the logo to the colors. But their rebrand coincided with an incredible growth in interest in the club as well as a new stadium, so it's gonna stick whether it has any character at all. Anways, this was their best look: https://fox4kc.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2014/06/zusi-besler-mls-cup-1.jpg?w=2560&h=1440&crop=1. They should embrace the asymmetric kit where the navy blue side panel is integrated into the logo. I go with navy shorts to get the kit more balance and differentiate their look even more from NYCFC. Argyles have almost become a design feature at this point for SKC. I stick with the chrome argyles on a white kit, but bring in iridescent blue as well to give it some real character. KC Wiz fauxback!
  6. I dropped the light blue from the primary uniform and the logo because I just like the colors on the 2019 Dynamo shirts (https://www.prosoccerusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/USATSI_12376371.jpg) ... so I kept the idea of double orange and black accents, but brought back the white shorts. The secondary is not too dissimilar to this kit (https://houston-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/styles/image_landscape/s3/images/2019-10-06-Dynamo-vs-Galaxy-2630.png?SCXvgZVAYBTH0WgwMnVnF.FC0z_q2HDO&itok=j0XxRwRh&c=ef94be41d6f9a41c2d44499bcc9c4269) ... but here I brought the light blue back as an accent color. I also vary the shades of orange a bit more and wrap the stripe all the way around the shirt. The third is pretty self-explanatory. I'd like to see the Dynamo lean into a space themed kit at some point. Thank you for all the comments so far.
  7. The primary keeps FC Dallas in hoops, but goes big with it. It's a similar idea to how teams that use stripes can take it to the max with a half-and-half jersey. This is the same idea, just rotated. The secondary brings back more traditional hoops with FC Dallas' typical blue secondary colors, but brings a brick look to give it some character. Dallas Burn fauxback!
  8. Not particularly, other than to provide balance to the set. The primary and secondary are very bright, so I balance it out with a white shirt that uses a darker green and gray.
  9. I wanted the primary to feature a big sublimated tree from the logo. I also hope Austin goes with something like Green/White/Black. I think MLS has a dearth of teams that incorporate multiple colors across the shirts/shorts/socks. I hope the look has a bit of a Manchester United feel to it. I'm going for a real Texas feel on the secondary, and wanted to pair a cherry red and brown together. The big star is inspired by the one outside the Bullock Texas State History Museum.
  10. The LA logo is an upgrade, and then incorporating that darker yellow into the number is a nice touch. I actually like those lines in the numbers, which I wouldn't have expected to. And the horn looks great on the helmet. I'm a bit disappointed the shoulder loops don't loop back around as they did on the classic Rams uniform, but I understand why you went the direction you did. Very good look for the Rams.
  11. The Gaelics logo has such a classic feel to it that I can't quite describe. It's like a logo I would imagine they would still have 150 years from now. It looks great on the white helmet. I think I prefer the plaid pattern on the sleeves only, but this set is great.
  12. I wonder if the Giants script would work better on the helmet with this set... but otherwise I like the direction you went with the designs.
  13. South Division: Houston Dynamo: removed the beveling from the logo and completely removed blue, which I anticipate won't be popular but I really wanted to make use or double orange St. Louis SC: I wanted to make use of an arch and started the process anticipating to make a Juventus-shaped oval logo with an arch and the arch's reflection forming the border, and ended up scrapping it in favor of a more uniquely shaped logo that still features the arch, and the fleur and waves featured in the STL flag ... Blue, red and gold seem to be the color of choice so far (https://mls4thelou.com/) but I decided to go with a royal blue as the primary color ... MLS doesn't have a ton of royal blue, especially if we're not talking about a royal blue / black combination ... I also decided to relegate the gold to more of a fourth/accent color behind the white and you'll see how this plays out on the primary kit
  14. I may try to tweak the Nashville primary after I've gotten through everything. I like the idea of relegating blue to the sleeves. And that brings us to the last team in the Southeast Division and the halfway point of the series. The Orlando primary is somewhat inspired by the current blue Chelsea shirt, but hopefully the pattern itself fits much better into the identity. Expand the photo to get a better look at the pattern. The secondary steals the colors from the Orlando Pride, but lightens the purple a bit... and features a large lion on the shirt. The third is a fauxback to the original Orlando City who had a Purple, Gold, and Red logo. The South Division is next. C&C is greatly appreciated.
  15. There's a lot of unique stuff in here. I think you're moving in the right direction by incorporating the flag and the hornet's nest in the same logo. I'd keep pushing in that direction. I am absorbing a lot of the design elements you're showing here to think about trying my hand at a Charlotte concept at the end of my MLS series. I love the name Charlotte Town FC for example. And I'm thinking the hornet and the crown imagery on the same logo could be cool. I'll try to do some more brainstorming for it.