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  1. STL is very well done. So many MLS teams have moved away from having distinct kits, which is a shame. And these would be very distinct by featuring the arch. I spent a lot of time trying to get an arch into my past attempt at an STL concept, and I just couldn't do it in a way that I liked. But you nailed it. That silver kit is particularly great, with the blue and red switching at the top of the arch.
  2. I think it's a good start. The large logos work well. The overall shape I like as well. Here come the nitpicks: The red font on the blue background is probably not gonna work. Slap your scorebug on a screenshot of a game so we can get a feel for what it will look like on a TV screen (smaller application). I think you can just leave the text white, and the outlines around the boxes give you enough of that secondary color. What happens when the score reaches 10? Italicized font may work, but I don't think this one is it. Particularly with the dashes through the zeroes. Your bases are not spaced well. There's less space between 1st and 2nd than between 2nd and 3rd.
  3. The Charlotte concept as a whole is great. The checkers look good with blue and black and would be unique for MLS. I also like the idea of the logo, but I think it has details that are too small and fine to be picked up in most applications. I just wonder if the head can be reworked somehow to have thicker lines and details in general without losing too much accuracy on the necklace and crown. The lines in the hair I think need the most reworking though. My favorite thing is the second kit for Charlotte though. That color scheme works perfectly and the crown pattern on the sleeve is perfectly done. Great job. I don't have as many comments on the Austin kits. They are solid and I like the ideas.
  4. I actually like this color scheme, unfortunately it's not quite as good as the navy/orange alternative for Houston, so going away from it was probably a decent move. I don't love the vest style though, or even the pinstripes necessarily. The sand uniform is obviously quite unique, so I think you can let that color speak for itself. The sand hat with the brick brim is great though. Would buy.
  5. Instant upgrade. Especially the darkening of the teal a bit, back to its previous shade and bringing back those gold accents. Is the stripe on the sleeve a black/gold/teal/gold/black stripe like you have in the graphic? If not, you may add some consistency by going that route on both the sleeve and the pants stripe.
  6. So many of these designs are really sharp. Here are a few thoughts I have: The diamonds on the side panels of the Pitt blue shirt are maybe a bit too big, but the overall design is really cool. Those socks are unique and look great to me. The patterns on the Pitt all yellow kit also work great. The Florida State main kit has a perfect FSU feel to it. The subtle patterns work well. I think the Miss State kits are a bit disjointed with many different patterns/stripes going on at the same time, at least for the 2nd and 3rd kits.
  7. As a non-traditional looking kit (due to the gradients), I like it. I think the gold Adidas stripes on the side is such a good move on kits with vertical stripes, since the shoulder Adidas stripes are really intrusive there. Did you make the logo with the gold spike and the A interlocked? I don't think I've seen it. I think the details of it might get a bit lost on the sock as is.
  8. That new Reign logo is tremendous. I really appreciate the handling of the mountain, which could not have been easy. It has just the right amount of detail present. Great job.
  9. Yes, the second looks far more like a wolf. And as mentioned, play with the contrasts and maybe consider shrinking the yellow outline. As is, all we would see in many applications of the logo is a yellow silhouette of a wolf.
  10. All of these are passable at the least, which is quite impressive since you gave us 6 different logos. So great job. I really want teal in the scheme. It's just so unique to the Mariners, especially now that the Marlins have gone and screwed up a good thing. That makes me prefer #5, which has a very Seattle look to it besides. Maybe there's some tweaks that could improve it, but I can't quite place my finger on anything specific. I also like the S + anchor, even though teal doesn't work in the logo since you want a yellow rope. Great logo.
  11. No need to belittle. I just meant in terms of its connection to Washington in any way. I just think it's a bit too basic. It's 5 stars. Maybe it's not meant to be the team's only logo, but if so then we should see more. That's all I mean.
  12. I think you need a more developed logo. The only way an NFL team could pass that off as their primary logo is if it had 50+ years of history behind it. The color scheme is interesting to me, though less realistic than finding a way to work with burgundy and gold. It fits the Generals name though.
  13. The DC football logo is great but could use a minor tweak in my opinion. When you use the logo on a burgundy background, you fill the football with white. But then the tops of the stars run almost right to the edge of the white coloring, whereas the spacing of the other elements of the logo is thicker. I think you could actually just recolor the bars and stars to white for applications on a burgundy background (even though it moves you a bit away from the flag colors) or put a white stroke around the football just to maintain that spacing. Very good stuff all around though. I like the wordmark a lot.
  14. Those Sixers jerseys are tremendous. I would buy those shorts immediately. I also like the asymmetric shorts on Toronto, though I'm not sure they will be well received generally. I think it gives their uniform a lot of character and has a bit of a 90's feel to it, which I love.