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  1. Titans in navy over white at Cincinnati. Bills in Blue over white with the correct socks.
  2. With Seattle going mono navy week 8, I really hope they wear navy over grey in week 17
  3. Up to 3 times per season. For SF it will most likely be: Week 6 vs. Rams Week 8 @ Seahawks Week 17 vs. Seahawks
  4. 49ers wearing the all white throwbacks in Seattle this week.
  5. Chargers didn’t paint the end zone because the rams have a home game on Monday night. Falcons tried to recreate the gradient effect in the end zone. Didn’t work.
  6. Lions in all grey color rush today. This Lions Falcons game might have actually looked good if the lions wore white over blue.
  7. Only have a sample size of 4 games in blue so far. Not ready to call out patterns... I think they will randomly alternate between yellow and blue pants regardless of whether it’s a home game or not. I hope they wear blue over yellow at Miami
  8. I’m all for it. Grey/grey vs red/white gets boring. I was hoping cardinals would wear all red, I think that or white/red are their best current combos. Also Seattle needs to start wearing grey vs teams other than the cardinals more often. Grey jersey with blue pants wouldn’t be too bad.
  9. So we’re just gonna leave this one out?? Also on a more serious note, the white horns identity for the rams was beautiful. I wouldn’t mind if they kept the 2017-19 set and just got rid of the St. Louis gold accents, and kept the royal/yellow as alternates.
  10. It’s common for social media teams to pre schedule their posts, maybe this was what Miami was originally supposed to wear this week vs Denver. Wouldn’t be surprised if the called an audible with the unis for the jets game though.
  11. Cardinals have worn the all black color rush for home Thursday night games the past 3 years. They don’t have a home primitime game this year, so if they will wear all black this year, I’d expect it to be at Dallas on MNF.
  12. They are scheduled to wear navy on the road week 17 at San Francisco. I hope they wear the grey pants in that game
  13. They’re going for the slot machine vibe because it’s a casino sponsorship, should be socks instead imo