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  1. NFC is the designated home team this year. I think the Bucs go red/pewter
  2. Rams announce bone jersey with royal blue pants and royal blue socks for the Wildcard game at Seattle on Saturday.
  3. They confirmed white/black for this Sunday on Instagram, but I noticed a few players such as DJ Swearinger commented “where are the gold pants” and “I thought we were wearing gold pants this week”
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJKNvWagja4/?igshid=9a08cmfm6fq Oh no. NFL promos get the uniforms right and this suggests that Lions Bucs will be mono grey vs mono white.
  5. Some packers uni tracker on Twitter confirmed green over gold for this week. He said the packers are discontinuing color rush.
  6. Besides complete rebrands, does anyone know if any new alternates/throwbacks will be unveiled next season. Only ones that come to mind off the top of my head are rams alternate and new packers throwbacks. Does anyone know anything else? This may also depend on the one helmet rule
  7. If they do, it’s gonna be next week against the Titans on SNF. I’m wondering if the ravens will break out the color rush this season. They have 2 home games left and still haven’t worn purple/purple, purple/black, color rush, and black/purple.
  8. They’ve confirmed orange over black and orange socks is reasonable speculation. It’s either orange or black socks and orange is exponentially better
  9. I doubt it has to do with weather for teams that play indoors or in cities where hot weather is a factor like the jets, Texans and colts. The jets have worn white for early home games, which they also market as a whiteout game, whether it’s sunny or raining. I agree about the Texans. I think they would go mono white if they had a full stadium of fans wearing white, and they might’ve worn blue pants for their home opener because of the fan situation.
  10. Most of these are fan promos, the colts marketed that Titans game as a “whiteout” game to their fans. I don’t see that happening without a full stadium of fans this year. “Whiteout” doesn’t really work when the stadium is at 15% capacity with fans in white shirts and 85% empty blue seats.
  11. Bucs will be in mono pewter that game, so red pants may actually be a nice contrast.
  12. Chiefs Bears and Washington can pull it off because they have striped white socks
  13. Mono black with blue socks has always been my favorite panthers home combo. It looks much better than the new washed up shade of grey that they call silver.
  14. That’s my personal Twitter account. Every Friday, the rams post a game day preview article on their app where they announce stuff like the uniforms they wear. I just took a screenshot of that. The rams app is pretty credible to me.
  15. Titans in navy over white at Cincinnati. Bills in Blue over white with the correct socks.
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