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  1. Bengals jersey schedule is out: - color rush at home vs Titans and Giants - orange jersey week 15 vs Pittsburgh on MNF
  2. Falcons drop jersey schedule (pants tbd): everything is black at home/white on the road except: - white at home against Minnesota and Denver - Throwback vs saints week 13 - Gradient vs lions - black on road at cowboys
  3. Will it be throughout the playoffs or rotationally mixed in? Yellow accessories according to locker vision.
  4. Funny how they cropped out the gradient numbers in almost all of the pictures.
  5. Is it really silver though? Those pants look like a washed out shade of gray with the new nike material.
  6. Might mean nothing, but the panthers did their photo shoots with the players in uniform, and all the players wore blue jerseys with white pants.https://www.instagram.com/p/CDZZBWdnHlJ/?igshid=1p26pqa5tgc2a https://www.instagram.com/p/CDY-iXDHbHL/?igshid=wgq3zywwl215
  7. Washington will be keeping the HTTR slogan and will use the same color scheme going forward, so we can reasonably assume that the new team name will be red-something.
  8. Kraken has grown on me since the rumor first emerged. It’s much better than sockeyes or some of the other names floating around, like emeralds or Sasquatch.
  9. One of the best features of madden as a uniform nerd is the ability to mix and match uniform combos at our discretion and see how they would look in a game. Here are a few combos that looked surprisingly good in madden and I wouldn’t mind seeing used on an NFL field. I will update this when I’ve tried out more teams but here are just a few: Lions: Color Rush Grey Jersey/Blue Pants Packers: Green Jersey/ White Color Rush Pants (they also have an alternate yellow jersey with green numbers) Seahawks: Blue Jerseys/ Green pants, grey jerseys/blue pants Saints: In 2016, the saints wore a throwback jersey with black jerseys/gold pants/ black socks with gold stripes to commemorate an anniversary. It closely resembles their color rush. In madden I like to mix and match the black throwback jersey and white color rush jersey with the throwback gold pants and color rush pants. I use the throwback socks and this would be an ideal saints set. ^^^Imagine that mixed and matched with the color rush set. Feel free to add any experimental combos you’ve tried for other teams that actually look decent. Edit: this thread should probably be moved to discussion instead of news
  10. These actually look really nice as long as players stick with team colors and designs.
  11. Seahawks Uniform Schedule Prediction Seahawks combo vs. opponent combo Jersey color/ pant color/ standard socks unless otherwise stated Preseason Week 1: vs. Raiders Blue/blue vs. white/silver Preseason Week 2: @ Texans White/grey vs. blue/white Preseason Week 3: vs. Chargers Blue/blue vs. white/white Preseason Week 4: @ Vikings White/blue vs. purple/white Week 1: @ Falcons 10:00 FOX White/blue vs. black/black Week 2: vs. Patriots SNF Blue/blue vs. white/blue (I think pats will wear white pants in this game if they add them) Week 3: vs. Cowboys 1:25 FOX Blue/blue vs. cowboys color rush Week 4: @ Dolphins 10:00 FOX Blue/grey vs. white/white Week 5: vs. Vikings SNF Green color rush vs. white/purple Week 6: BYE Week 7: @ Cardinals 1:05 FOX Grey/grey vs red/white Week 8: vs. 49ers 1:25 FOX Blue/blue vs. white/gold Week 9: @ Bills 10:00 FOX Grey/grey vs. blue/blue Week 10: @ Rams 1:25 FOX White/grey vs. royal/royal Week 11: vs. Cardinals TNF Green/blue vs. white/white Week 12: @ Eagles MNF White/white vs. black/black Week 13: vs. Giants 1:05 FOX Blue/blue vs. white/grey Week 14: vs. Jets 1:05 CBS Blue/blue vs. white/green Week 15: @ Redskins 10:00 FOX White/blue vs. red/white Week 16: vs. Rams 1:05 CBS Blue/blue vs. bone/bone Week 17: @ 49ers 1:25 FOX White/blue vs. red/gold
  12. A solution would just be to remove the jersey stripes
  13. This may be off topic from the current discussion, but here’s what I would fix about the falcons current uniforms. Helmets: switch to black face mask, although the chrome ones look alright Jerseys: Significantly decrease the size of the ATL, maybe even change to “ATLANTA” in a small font. Remove the side stripe on the jersey so only the pant has the stripes and so you can freely mix the red pants without having mismatching stripe colors between the jerseys and pants. Make the red gradient jersey solid red. Keep the entire throwback set as is. Pants: Keep as is, they look fine. Use the red pants more often and the mismatched stripe colors won’t be an issue because of the removed side stripes on the jerseys. Socks: Not much you can change, just avoid monochrome.
  14. The bucks have also gotten close to every color on the rainbow... And they are rumored to have blue alternates next season.
  15. Really all they had to do was: Home: keep the royal blue and yellow set with updated colors and the new helmet shell (old horns) Away: Add an away set that corresponded with the home. Maybe add white or royal pants with consistent striping to enable multiple combos. Alternate 1: Fearsome Foursome Away Throwback with white horns. Could be a replica of the 2017-19 away uniforms with every St. Louis gold highlight removed Alternate 2: Keep yellow color rush with royal blue instead of navy OR Fearsome foursome navy on white throwbacks with the same St. Louis Navy jersey with all gold highlights removed.Imagine these with all of the gold replaced with white. This way, the rams could have a uniform set similar to the dolphins in a sense. The dolphins have a modern home and away set, and a throwback home and away set. The rams could have done something similar, by using a royal/yellow set AND a navy/white set as alternates
  16. Looks like they are cut off because of the sleeves.
  17. I doubt this will happen, as much as they love the grey uniforms, white jerseys and blue pants will be their primary uniforms for a while. Before 2013, the Seahawks didn’t have a primary away look. They would wear white jerseys with grey, white and blue pants almost at random. After the Superbowl 48 win, white on navy became Seattle’s primary road look, and last season, we didn’t even see white on white or white on grey during the regular season. They did wear all grey twice last year, but it’s just an alternate when compared to white over navy being worn 9 times for the Seahawks over the course of the pre, regular and post season in 2019.
  18. Here is the dolphins inverted jersey which I think looks really nice. The teal numbers and the bright shade of orange is really good. This would have been so much better than the color rush jersey they wore in 2016.
  19. Top right is the worst of the 4 options shown
  20. I didn’t know where to ask this, but now that the schedule is out, can someone make the 2020 week by week uniform matchups thread? @canzman
  21. That is true, but personally, I believe that throwbacks look better when paired against other throwbacks.
  22. The thing is that with those throwbacks, there would be mismatching eras. If two classic franchises had a throwback game, it could work. But otherwise it would be a 50s fauxback vs the Seahawks in wolf grey.
  23. No I think it’s based on somebody who has seen the uniforms telling us on these boards that they were bad. And look at their logo.
  24. That shouldn’t be a valid excuse at this point. SIX other nfl teams have unveiled new looks during these times. The consensus on these boards is that the rams unis will be bad, and delaying the announcement isn’t doing them any favors. The rams really messed up this offseason, in free agency and in the PR department.
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