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  1. Where else are they talking about? Charlotte? In all honesty, if they do move, they'd better keep the name. It's stuck with them for three cities now and there's tremendous brand equity. There's no compelling reason to change it
  2. Las Vegas Athletics ahoy! Hopefully Jeff Passan is a credible enough source to get SFGiants58 to design Las Vegas Athletics uniforms...
  3. I can imagine! We have our fair share of overly complicated and complete rip-off logos here in the West I'm guessing you're in Victoria? The old club logo has a very William Ellis Green-like feel to it.
  4. Being in Australia myself, I totally get that. I think you've done a great job with all of your logos. I actually like the block G on the first cap logo over the second one. You know your club's history, go with the one you think best fits it. I do like the second script font for the jersey wordmark better that the first. I'm not the biggest fan of loopy curvise fonts and think the second is more "basebally" despite the B not connecting. Which font is it? The roundel, primary and bird on bat are all very good. Go with the gold bat over the green one. I daresay if they go with your design, your club will have the best look of the comp.
  5. The bird/lightning bolt combo is because for more than 100 years, Port was the Magpies, but they had to change their name upon ascending to the AFL, so they selected the Power. It makes perfect sense as Port have been trying lately to bring back the historic and de-emphasise the teal that they were also forced to add. I think the bird/bolt combo is a good next step. A full magpie would be a no-go because Collingwood would completely drop their bundle if that was added to the Port crest
  6. At first, my knee-jerk reaction was that I didn't like the two marlin fins on the sides of the M in the Classic design. But it is growing on me, due to the overall "deco-ness" of the shape. Still wonder how it would go without the fins, however
  7. Now that I see that, I can't unsee it! Maybe have the r and the l disconnected, as they are in the Flavor concept? That way the connector goes away, making it look more like an r again and less like pi
  8. I agree with you on the roundel. I can see why the red is in there, given it is a primary team color, but it is jarring and I think there's enough red on the stitching of the baseball and the marlin to still be represented. I like the uniform numbers as they are. I like the blockiness and think it also contributes to the art deco feel. I think the Belgrad numbers work fine on the Vaporfish set, except for the nine. I would prefer an upside-down 6 instead, the nine just looks too wonky.
  9. I think (hope!) that "a few classic ideas merge into one" might mean a return to the teal with Miami branding...
  10. Underrated comment. It's perfect. I love it!
  11. Winston-Salem = could be Winston, but I like Winnie, to rhyme with/honor Minnie High Point = could be Tom, but Thomasville is it's own entity. However, the historical nickname of minor league teams was the Hi-Toms. I could also see it be something like Hip Greensboro = Nate or Nathan, to honor Gen. Nathanael Greene, who the city is named after
  12. I agree with Whittier. Move the ramparts to the left side as a lower-case n has the straight line sticking up on the left-hand side. The idea of the concept, combining the hockey stick from the old logo with La Citadelle, is solid.
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