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  1. The logo that Willis made is okay. I can see where he could go with it, but I would like it better if it still contained the elements of the previous Chicago logo. So I still believe the @Lafarge's is better than both logos.
  2. But nonetheless, it's nice to actually have a team in my hometown for once!
  3. Two things: 1. Landsharks is a very interesting name. Can't say that SHARKS have anything to do with Lexington 2. It says on the website that the team plays in the "Ohio Valley Premier League". It isn't USL 1 like the reports have been saying. But, I will say that maybe they want to test the waters of having a new team first before entering USL 1. They also said they have aspirations to enter the U.S. Open Cup so this could be the future USL 1 team.
  4. I don't know if you guys have heard the news, but coming from a Lexington native, this is some HUGE news. Lexington hasn't been able to keep a stable top tier sports team for years now. We've had the Horsemen (Indoor Football), Thoroughblades (Hockey), Men O' War (also Hockey), and even an Ultimate Disc team called the Bluegrass Revolution (which moved to Cincy after one year *facepalm*). So if you're picking up what I'm putting down, this would be huge in Lexington. And, I would prefer this new team to be an independent team and not be a reserve side for FC Cincy or Lou City. That would ruin the whole "represent your community" newer clubs are trying to implement. I honestly would like this logo made by @mcrosby to represent Lexington. We have Keeneland which is a horse race track and the Red Mile, which holds the Kentucky Futurity (harness racing). Secondly, we are known as the "Horse Capital of the World". It would make sense for us to embody something with Horse Racing. It's kind of funny how Louisville hold the Kentucky Derby, yet still choose to go for a Bourbon Barrel. If you've ever seen the the initial Lou City logo, it was in the shape of a barrel and represented the bourbon the Kentucky is also known for producing. But they hold the flipping Kentucky Derby, makes no sense to go for that than for the horse racing! And they still pushed that idea into the new Louisville NWSL team. Proof? Proof Louisville? Go Bourbons or Bourbettes I guess?
  5. Can't you agree that the new Chicago Fire and Real Salt Lake MLS logos look like the colors have changed spots? It looks like Salt Lake and Chicago are now affiliated instead. Honestly, Chicago should change their logo to the one @Lafarge made. It was a simple redesign, yet still kept the classic CF look. Now we get this new ugly logo.