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  1. I am currently in the works of making a Football Manager database with your America League concept. I am actually having fun reading all the backstory and history behind every club and team, and even looking at the historical rankings of teams over the course of decades. Even the map with every America League team is super interesting as geography is one of my favorite subjects! The insane amount work put into this fully fleshed out series is actually out of this world. I look forward to more updates as this is my favorite fantasy league on this website!
  2. Bruh, this is a soccer thread, not a cinematography thread. Discuss this elsewhere.
  3. First off, I do agree with the fact of relegation putting clubs into bankruptcy. But, practically all Major sports teams in the US are franchise teams, so I would think there are already business people who have money to support the club. I also do agree with your second point, and I can't find any piece of evidence against that. I'm just trying to rationalize how most soccer clubs in the U.S. have to pay a huge fee just to get to a top stage, when really their team should have good enough players that can already support and keep their team's place at the top. FC Cincy, which I do support, were really good in the USL, but then decided to go to MLS while having to pay the fee. And in their first season, finished worst the the Rapids (which kinda hurts). If there was pro/rel, the FCC could have been promoted to the MLS, then been relegated back down to the USL where they can now find their footing again and train/buy players and really cement their position in the MLS the next season.
  4. I've had this thought in my head to somewhat solve the problem of teams having to play massive amounts of games during one season whilst lowering the crazy amount of expansion teams. So basically, by 2022, the MLS will have 15 teams in both conferences (that's also only if some USL teams don't bother buying an expansion fee into the league). I was thinking that maybe, MLS and USL, and possibly the other lower leagues could have a conference specific pro/rel league. So basically, the Western conference in the MLS has pro/rel with the Western conference of the USL, same with the Eastern conferences. And the East and West conf. of the MLS are still a part of the MLS (kind of like the American League and National League in MLB). Each team in each conference goes only against teams in their conference twice and plays one team of the other conference once and do the same with the USL. That way, it lowers travel costs and times for teams and teams don't have to buy a flipping $400 million expansion fee.
  5. NGL, i kind of feel like at this point in the MLS where we are having 26 team in the 2020 season and 28 teams in the 2021 season, we should start pro/rel.
  6. I saw @GDAWG post this a few days ago on the MLS thread, but I'm reposting it here because it's a lower league thread. This is really stupid imo and I think I even saw someone post a solution to the USOC problem for lower league teams on there as well. Goes to show how much the USSF doesn't care about developing players and helping soccer grow in smaller communities (the whole point of soccer!)
  7. Exactly. I hope Charlotte do this and look smart unlike Austin FC who basically decided that it's a turf war against Austin Bold, instead of making the Bold their lower league affiliate.
  8. The logo that Willis made is okay. I can see where he could go with it, but I would like it better if it still contained the elements of the previous Chicago logo. So I still believe the @Lafarge's is better than both logos.
  9. But nonetheless, it's nice to actually have a team in my hometown for once!
  10. Two things: 1. Landsharks is a very interesting name. Can't say that SHARKS have anything to do with Lexington 2. It says on the website that the team plays in the "Ohio Valley Premier League". It isn't USL 1 like the reports have been saying. But, I will say that maybe they want to test the waters of having a new team first before entering USL 1. They also said they have aspirations to enter the U.S. Open Cup so this could be the future USL 1 team.
  11. I don't know if you guys have heard the news, but coming from a Lexington native, this is some HUGE news. Lexington hasn't been able to keep a stable top tier sports team for years now. We've had the Horsemen (Indoor Football), Thoroughblades (Hockey), Men O' War (also Hockey), and even an Ultimate Disc team called the Bluegrass Revolution (which moved to Cincy after one year *facepalm*). So if you're picking up what I'm putting down, this would be huge in Lexington. And, I would prefer this new team to be an independent team and not be a reserve side for FC Cincy or Lou City. That would ruin the whole "represent your community" newer clubs are trying to implement. https://www.uslleagueone.com/news_article/show/1059812 https://soccerstadiumdigest.com/2019/10/usl-lexington-stadium-being-discussed/ https://www.kentucky.com/sports/other-sports/article236610928.html I honestly would like this logo made by @mcrosby to represent Lexington. We have Keeneland which is a horse race track and the Red Mile, which holds the Kentucky Futurity (harness racing). Secondly, we are known as the "Horse Capital of the World". It would make sense for us to embody something with Horse Racing. It's kind of funny how Louisville hold the Kentucky Derby, yet still choose to go for a Bourbon Barrel. If you've ever seen the the initial Lou City logo, it was in the shape of a barrel and represented the bourbon the Kentucky is also known for producing. But they hold the flipping Kentucky Derby, makes no sense to go for that than for the horse racing! And they still pushed that idea into the new Louisville NWSL team. Proof? Proof Louisville? Go Bourbons or Bourbettes I guess?
  12. Can't you agree that the new Chicago Fire and Real Salt Lake MLS logos look like the colors have changed spots? It looks like Salt Lake and Chicago are now affiliated instead. Honestly, Chicago should change their logo to the one @Lafarge made. It was a simple redesign, yet still kept the classic CF look. Now we get this new ugly logo.
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