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  1. Nike had nothing to do with those designs according to the teams. The first designs with any input from Nike has been the two city uniforms introduced this season.
  2. There have been worse WS logos. We'll see how it looks in patch form. Some of the previous years WS and Postseason uniform patches have been pretty brutal.
  3. Exactly. I kinda want one actually. It would help keep my head cool in the summer.
  4. To be fair trucker hats really do keep your head cooler despite the aesthetics. I'm sure the players just want to keep cool.
  5. It probably has something to do with the Giants wearing the previous home uni for over 20 years and winning 3 championships in them. When people think of the Giants now they think of those cream unis. I think if you're going to make a change like that just for the sake of change they may as well just change the rest of it. Why is it still cream? That was meant to invoke flannel uniforms and now with NOB they may as well go back to white or change the uniform more significantly.
  6. I think NNOB looks so nice and clean on the traditional unis. The Dodgers and Cardinals would look phenomenal with NNOB. With the Giants I just see it as a change for change's sake that did not need to happen. Every move the Giants have made over the last decade has only made their uniforms worse. If you go back ten years ago they had perfect home and road uniforms and they kept messing with them and made them worse each time. Particularly their road jerseys.
  7. The Giants showed off their new home unis with the name on the back. Not good in my opinion and not a change that needed to happen. NNOB is uncommon these days and on the Giants' classic home uniforms I think the name takes away from the look.
  8. That's not cream as much as it is flannel that has aged for close to 7 decades. The original color for those would be much more white.
  9. Interestingly, since 1990 only two World Series matchups haven't featured blue at all. 1990 Reds vs A's and 2005 White Sox vs Astros (At the time they were of course wearing brick red and black).
  10. I think that pricing has in large part to do with them being made in the US. They cost Nike more to make relatively speaking and they want keep their margins sky high so they pass on the cost to the consumer. Which is terrible for us because the same exact product as last season, which was already pricey mind you, is now even more expensive. As far as the replicas go I believe Fanatics is making them not Nike. It's still to be determined but I don't think Nike will have a replica tier at all at least there haven't been any leaks or rumors saying that. So there is either $400 authentic or ~$100 Fanatics replica garbage. Baseball merchandise is going to hell rather quickly and all this goes back to Fanatics taking over in 2015.
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