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  1. They showed Bucco Bruce at the end of the reveal trailer so I'm going to be cautiously optimistic, then again if we got multiple helmets this year wouldn't the Colts have opted for blue? I don't know, but I'm hopeful for a creamsicle return... Also, although they might have been in Baltimore during the era these are nice throwbacks!
  2. Honestly like the Portland Winterhawks new logo. I understand there was probably other reasons behind the change, but it's nice that the team represents their city more. When I first got into the CHL I thought that they must be affiliated with the Blackhawks somehow, so ending that confusion is helpful - at least to outsiders like me. It's a little generic, but the call-back to the feathers in the old logo's hair, and mountains on the bottom half are unique enough for me.
  3. I know this is icing on the cake for what we all know and I'm not some reporter, but at ArtCraft Sports today (the Coyotes official customizer) I was flat out told they'll be using a white kachina next season and shown the maroon numbers that had just been cut. Interestingly she told me that they'll be keeping the red howling head as their alternate, so it won't be going away completely, similar to what the Flames did last year.
  4. I think I see green on the pants and bellow the brick red on the cap stripe. Anyways, I'm glad that it's actually happening!!
  5. Glad to know I'm not crazy. Spotted this when I was at GilaRiver a couple days ago on one of their official trucks and had to take a picture because I didn't remember the Kachina with the new Arizona wordmark, but I guess this is old news haha.
  6. and this gorgeous sleeved camo jersey vs the shiny gold Kings or Warriors alts (your pick!)...
  7. Disappointing... while not a great name Sound Tigers was certainly unique. Re-naming them the Islanders is especially bad since Bridgeport isn't an Island; the logo didn't look inspired either.
  8. I was scrolling through the Jags roster back in December and saw their CB Quenton Meeks was listed as #5. I'm sure he was just on the sidelines and not seeing in-game action but is this an example of a modern player who was allowed an out of position number? Foreshadowing months ago that the Chiefs new rule will pass? https://www.instagram.com/p/CIyTIj1HTdP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CJuBOdAn9VS/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CJWIeHGn3gV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. It may not be the ugliest jersey in NHL history but the Oilers away jerseys during the early 2010s were glorified practice jerseys with so many questionable decisions. Black gloves, arm stripes that only went around 80% of the way, hideous copper color, mis-matched pants and helmet colors (I guess not all that uncommon but I think it looks bad), so many outlines and the weird Reebok bib. Replacing the Roman head with 'Sens' is just a laughably bad attempt at trying to be cool. Different stripes all over the arms, this one is also pretty bad. As mentioned the Turdburger and Islanders basketball monstrosities are terrible. The Wild Wing, Storm Jersey, Salmon-Gradient Flying Skate, yellow Flying V and Burger King might be considered retro classics now so I don't know if they deserve inclusion. These bland yet ugly 2000s alternates will never be desirable...
  10. The Nationals and Cardinals wore the same color versus each other during Spring Training this year (white pants are STL, gray are WSH).
  11. With all the detail that you've applied to the rest of the uniform, I think the numbers need some outlining too. Black on the home and teal/gold on the away.
  12. Titans: Your new logo looks like Squidward with a slice of pizza on his forehead. I don't think that your yellow/orange color pops with the powder blue and navy and since the Chargers kind of own this color combo I would lean more into embracing the Titan's cherry red. Chargers: No complaints here, has more pop than their new uniforms and I prefer your use of the old wordmark as well as outlining the shoulder bolts. Buccaneers: Just not a fan of creamsicle unless used as an alternate or color rush. Maybe brightening up the colors and changing the flag's base color back to red would change my mind. As it stands, your shade of red is reminiscent of the WFT and doesn't have the same vibrant Florida sun look that their inagural set had. Saints: I like this concept, but would like it even more with some stripes on the socks. The number font reminds me of Bucs 2015 due to its jaggedness, way too angular and squat when compared to the round fleur-de-lis. Maybe some wild west saloon-like numbers would work here. Bears: A nice and standard Chicago set, but the added shoulder stars are barely visible, and the wishbone C gets completely lost on the socks leading to a cluttered look. I'd probably remove the stars on the shoulders and place the GSH back there, since it works much better than as a shoulder patch. Sorry if any of my comments or critiques came across harsh, I really do like the majority of your work so far!
  13. I think the Jets new uniforms have actually really grown on me. Besides the status quo logo change and BFBS (that I can live with), I think it's an upgrade over the butchered Namath-shoulders and ugly shade of green...
  14. I like it, the Lomardi no longer blends in with the numbers and the colors remind me of Los Angeles, especially with the reflection of palm trees. Definetly has a local flair to it that the previous template logos from LI-LV lacked.
  15. The helmet stripes look so jagged and the shoulder caps are kind of odd. But I like the simple numbers and new wordmark if this is a leak.
  16. Disappointing... You'd think after 16 years they would at least demote the lackluster 'B' to secondary status. It's a shame that we won't see the leaping tiger back at midfield either.
  17. This is a really cool series I stumbled upon! Any plans to continue it?
  18. What's promising is the inclusion of the superior tiger head at the end. Hopefully this is the direction the new branding takes and not a 'C' or 'B' with gradients and stripes meant to represent the industry of Cincinnati or something like that...
  19. I've seen lots of concepts on Instagram that suggest the Bengals adopt their Color Rush as their home and aways. Hopefully Nike and the NFL just keep it as an alterante because to me the orange and black is an iconic look no matter the era. Also, the white and black color scheme would look similar to the Jag's new unis, another cat team, so that might be another reason for them to not go that route.
  20. I love the Coachella Valley kit! The incorporation of the recognizable windmills out here works great for a crest and the colors represent the desert well, this is awesome!
  21. I don't know... I usually don't like gradients on sports uniforms but the Heat's vice jerseys these year aren't really that bad in my opinion. They have to change them up every year and the color scheme is too unique in the Big 4 and iconic to Miami to discard. The Heat's normal unis just feel like a standard black, red and white uniform to me, nothing that special. Plus they're just alternates so they don't get in the way TOO much.
  22. Bucs will be wearing their red jerseys with pewter pants this Saturday. WFT in all-white for good luck.
  23. Yeah, the Eagles font seems so cartoony. Especially the 2s...
  24. Bad fake. Square cut, bubbly logos and collar area are dead-giveaways for adidas knock-offs.
  25. Looking forward to seeing my home team in the Coachella Valley! Awesome concepts so far!
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