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  1. Just want to introduce this back into the conversation. In light of recent events. I embrace a name change, but would be devastated to abandon the Native American theme altogether in favour of something completely different.
  2. I have modified the forced perspective for a more traditional profile. Wrapped the feathers round to echo the existing team logo. Also updated the hair highlights for texture.
  3. Cleaned up the outlines on the monogram and modified the typeface to match C & B.
  4. Would the Browns ever entertain the idea of a logo on the helmet? Or is the mere suggestion sacrilege? Here is a design I posted in the Concepts thread.
  5. If ever there was a team that was in need of a rebrand, it's the Cleveland Browns! I mean...their primary logo is the generic NFL helmet icon from the 70s. With this design I suggest the unthinkable, by adorning the actual helmet with a logo. This is an evolution of an existing secondary logo the team uses. But reworking the 'B' to house a 'C' making it distinct to Cleveland, as there a are many teams that use a letter B across all sports. The stripes are a nod to the helmet stripe of the past, giving it a link to the proud history the team.
  6. Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated. Here is an updated version taking on board all your comments. Feathers increased in size and reshaped to loose sharp edges. Modified nose, mouth and chin. Addressed the neck - reshaped now as a bust. I am not sold on the highlight to hair, this is a tricky one to get right.
  7. My 2nd name choice was 'Potomacs' - which is more specific to the area. This gives the organisation an opportunity to work with the local tribes, taking the Florida Seminoles business model, forging genuine and lasting relationships with the community. 'Americans' is all encompassing - including all native Americans as a whole. Also...I like the idea of sticking it to the Cowboys! I would like to hear why using this theme is disrespectful to the indigenous people. This design is a stylised illustration, not a cartoon like Cleveland Indians.
  8. There is no room for the 'Redskins' to be an acceptable team name in the present day. This coming from a life long Skins fan, it pains me that the name garners so much controversy. But looking at the issue objectively, it is only the name itself that is the problem not the Native American idea the team adopted in 1932. The whole reason I chose to follow the team at all as a kid from the UK, was because of the imagery, colours and of course they were the sworn rivals to "AMERICA'S TEAM"! This rebrand is an attempt to answer the issue, by ditching the name but keeping the history and ethos of the team. There is a-lot of brand equity in the original logo, but certain details always bothered me. The head inside the circle, with yet another pair of feathers crudely tagged on.
  9. This mismatch always jars with me, it looks terrible.
  10. By no means do I intend to hi-jack this thread...I experimented with lots of shapes and felt this stark geometric design sat well in a modern badge format. Here is what it looks like on a shirt home/away.