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  1. This is a quick fix I mocked up looking at the details mentioned. Any better...or NO?
  2. Whilst I like the new direction for edmonton, I have a few issues with certain details of the icon. Why is the antler disconnected? Would it not work better as an actual antler extending from the top of its head? The snout radius looks off and has gives it a pouty expression. The raised brow above the eye is too subtle, this would benefit from better execution. This plays into the connetion with the ear, which seams too small/thin. Lastly, the open point making the base of the crest/neck should be opened even more. There are too many inconcistencies with stroke widths and curves.
  3. I thought the new helmets were a good compromise, but it looks odd that they don't match the TV numbers on jersey shoulders. I think it would look miles better by just removing the TV numbers all together.
  4. Introducing the Washington DC State flag as shoulder stripes/stars, although I am not comfortable utilising stars as a historic rival to Dallas...state flag or not. Also trying 'Old Gold' as the complementary colour to the darker shade of Burgundy.
  5. Here you go CATLogo1 This logo version is probably my favourite too. Had fun creating it from initial concept. Although feel it is not intimidating enough for real-world use in NFL. As a long suffering Washington fan, I hope Redwolves is the chosen name, not Warriors or something political.
  6. There would be zero fans in the stadium if that was a return image
  7. Throwback head logo removed from sleeves. Washington wordmark added to front. Gold facemask not grey (if you want to be pedantic).
  8. This is what the Platinum lid looks like with the logo
  9. Thanks for the Constructive Criticism. The jersey patch was instead of a logo on the platinum metallic helmet. This is what Steelers, Jags, Chiefs and Jets have used before. By "finish off the tail white" do you mean the descender to left on the'R' ? While keeping the right kicker stripe and arch at top burgundy?
  10. Continuing on from the 'Washington NFL Franchise Retires Name and Logo' thread... The 90th Anniversary is on the horizon and with the switch from all things Native American, here is what the new jersey patch could look like.
  11. Yep...this is the future of Washington's revisionist past. Native Americans are now deleted from the team's entire history. This is from the official Washington twitter feed:
  12. Where does all this stand on celebrating the history? The 90th anniversary is 2022. They have made such a big deal about Est.1932. Washington have always commemorated milestones by using a jersey patch. But will future patches eliminate any reference to Native American imagery and verbaige? Or will they simply swap out any historical name/logo with whatever NEW name/logo is finally decided?
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