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  1. AL West: Houston Colt .45s (Houston Astros) Just as a fun addition to this series, I've got four extra designs lined up, two teams for both leagues. The first being the Houston Colt .45s. I've always loved their wordmark, and I had all sorts of fun with this carefree reintroduction to the team. Their real life look from their tenure from '62 to '64 and my concept inspired by the Milwaukee Brewers' former look are shown below. Enjoy!
  2. AL West: Houston Astros - Current Threads: - The Inspiration: - My Concept: - Changes: Again, I'm taking from different parts of the team's uniform history, such as the cursive font from their early 2000/2010s days in the NL Central and their orange caps, which acted as the primaries in the '70s and '80s. I loved the uniforms featured above from 1971 and how the orange popped so well. I was originally going to use that font as well, including the shooting star, but had second thoughts. Using the 2000s font instead took some recoloring, but I was happy with it and liked how it fit in with the team's current primary logo. What do you think? I've got a special Colt .45s redesign on deck.
  3. AL West: Oakland Athletics - Current Threads: - The Inspiration: - My Concept: - Changes: Mainly, I made Kelly Green part of the set and drew a lot of inspiration from those sweet 1970s uniforms. I like those because they use the team's yellow so much, rather than just having it outline the fonts on the uniform. Other than that, there isn't much to change here. The A's have some of the best unis in sports, so I didn't mess with them much. The Houston Astros are next! What do you think of the A's?
  4. I love the idea of the Cooperstown collection! I can only imagine the great things you have planned for those! Those sand unis are gorgeous as well!
  5. AL West: Seattle Mariners - Current Threads: - The Inspiration: - My Concept: - Changes: Why the Mariners introduced their baby blue during Spring Training last year is still in question. I think it fits the team well, but it needs to be incorporated across the board, rather than in a single uniform. That's what I tried to do. Obviously I mixed aspects from the team's history, using the classic trident logo. The baby blue is used more as an accent until you get to the alts, and I think it adds a good pop between the navy and dark teal. The only concern I have is that there might not be enough contrast between the navy and teal. What do you guys think? Suggestions, comments? The Athletics are up next!
  6. Welcome, everybody, to this brand new series! I can't wait to get going on this thing, and I just think it's super cool y'all are checking this out. Since I first posted my very first few concepts on here on a few months ago, I feel I've learned a lot, and hopefully you all see that improvement as this series unfolds. I'll try my very best to keep updates daily. Below is the order in which I will be posting all 30 MLB teams: AL West - - Seattle Mariners - Oakland Athletics - Houston Astros (Houston Colt .45s) - Los Angeles Angels - Texas Rangers NL West - - Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants (Seals rebrand) - Arizona Diamondbacks - San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies AL Central - - Cleveland Indians - Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox - Detroit Tigers - Minnesota Twins NL Central - - Pittsburgh Pirates - Cincinnati Reds - St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers - Chicago Cubs AL East - - Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees - Baltimore Orioles - Tampa Bay Rays (Expos/Montreal rebrand) - Toronto Blue Jays NL East - - Philadelphia Phillies - New York Mets - Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals (Senators rebrand) - Miami Marlins Each team will get four uniform options, including a home, road, and two alternate jerseys. For most teams, I will be avoiding adding throwbacks as their alts, but teams with classic looks like the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yanks might end up with one as a fourth uniform option. some changes will be very small, others will be complete overhauls of team identities. And hopefully you'll like what I do to your favorite team's look. Anyway, that's enough talking. Let's get this thing started! As always, constructive criticism is encouraged. Enjoy!
  7. Hey everybody, I hope one of y’all can help me out. I’ve been looking everywhere for this template, and I can’t find it. I’ve seen folks using it for their concepts around here, and I would love to use it myself. Where can it be found?
  8. 6. Texas Rangers: Home Uniform: I can't stand the Rangers' new look. I like the ideas, but they are each so poorly executed in my opinion. For one, they can't decide on a primary color. Secondly, they tried to mix two completely different fonts on the same uniforms, using a cursive font similar to the one I used, yet an updated version, for the team name, but sticking to their old (I don't even know how to describe it) Ranger-y font for the numbers and last name. Those two do not go together. Keep it simple Rangers. That's what I tried to do. I went with the original version of their current cursive font, introduced in 1984, and I kept their blue as the primary color. I also used their '82-'83 "TR" logo, which is something else they have updated and brought back for the coming season. It's not my favorite logo of theirs, but I wanted to incorporate it since it was included in the new look. Overall, another simple look/ Away Uniform: The block letters get me again. Originally I left the "Rangers" cursive font on these, but decided I better put "Texas" on there. Just a typical away uni, red limited again. Home Alternate Uniform: The home alts are simply the homes with a blue top. Red plays a bigger role here in order to contrast all the blue. Also the addition of the red bill. Away Alternate Uniform: What I hate most about the Rangers' new duds are those hideous powder blues that look almost nothing like the originals. The white script looks disgusting on the powder blue, especially with the red and blue details. In my opinion, you can call back the old look as long as it has some ties to the old look. These are just brand new powder blue uniforms, not throwbacks at all. And get that powder blue hat OUT OF HERE! (I have some strong opinions sometimes.) For mine, I looked at the Rangers' original powder blues. I kept it mostly identical with changes only in the font and hat logo. Next up!
  9. Oh, I getcha now! lol I liked the blue pinstripes, too - didn't think it took away from the maroon, but I did debate over if it was too much blue to be included based on the lack of blue is the rest of the Phillies' set. That's why I said I "ditched blue almost entirely." I can make the outlined numbers for the Sox, too. I'll try to have that updated look out soon.
  10. 5. Chicago White Sox Home Uniform: My first choice in this redesign was to bring back the red. I then decided on an older "Sox" logo, trying to, again, give the uniform a classy feel. The pinstripes were an easy choice given the White Sox current jerseys, and the thick sleeve cuffs are there to pay homage to the old 80's striped uniforms. Away Uniform: I wasn't gonna give these the pinstripe look originally. I've always hated pinstripes on grey roads, but something about these felt like it worked well. Used a classic "Chicago" font from the 1930's. Away Uniform(?): Roads w/o pinstripes. Maybe a cleaner look. Can't decide. You tell me! Home Alternate Uniform: These are a fauxback kind of jersey. Just a vintage look for a classic team. Away Alternate Uniform: Completely inspired by the Chicago Bulls' black unis, though these do incorporate a tad more white. I think in this case, the pinstripes look alright limited to the pants. Next up!
  11. Color correction for the Brewers' away alts. Also, addition of yellow fronted cap.