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  1. Okay, I've got a quick question. Actually a couple, I guess. First, I'm having so many issues with Sketchbook (the app I use for these concepts) right now. It crashes every time I try to use it, and bc of this it is taking me way too long to create new concepts. So, my first question is what do you guys use to design your concepts? Are there any free apps that work well? My second question has to do with this series. Because my concepts are taking so long to make, I thought about making a new thread for each team. This allows me to take my time on concepts and also focus on one team at a time, rather than rush onto the next. Would you guys be down to follow my creations that way or should I keep all my concepts to this topic?
  2. AL Central: Chicago White Sox The changes I made here are easily noticeable. For a good while now the White Sox have stuck to black and white, but in the last couple of years we've seen a few members of their line-up go for red batting gloves or other accessories. The Sox used to include red obviously, so I threw that back into the mix. This created a sleek, more modernized set of uniforms for the team. The pinstripes remain on the home uniform, but the roads gets a major update. The script on the roads is a throwback, as is the script for the home alternate jerseys. I tried to avoid a boring black uniform here, hence the cream home alt, and since red was so bold on the home and away sets, it gets its own jersey for the road alt. Let me know what you think! The Tigers are up next!
  3. AL Central: Kansas City Royals Finally, after a busy work week and some computer issues, I bring you the KC Royals. I like the simplicity of the Royals current look, so I tried not to over-do anything here. With powder blue being their secondary color, I think they are a team that can get away with the powder blue roads full time. I also tried to use the powder blue more throughout the home uniforms as well. The blue is brightened up a tad, too, going back to the George Brett days in KC. For the alts, the road jersey can be worn on top of the road pants, and the blue tops remain the same as one of their current alternates; they can be worn on top of the road pants as well. Thanks for waiting for these. My White Sox concept is finished and ready to post later.
  4. AL Central: Cleveland Indians We're back in the American League, kicking off the Central with the Indians. The Tribe, in my opinion, do a pretty great job balancing their red and blue within their uniforms, and they have for a long time. I don't have many problems with their current look, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see them change it up and throw some history in there. My concept resembles the late '40s look, as well as tying in some other historical uniform aspects, such as the sleeve numbers (used in the late '50s, early '60s). The primary logo stays the same, as do the team colors. The alts remain a lot like their current alternates, just utilizing the old script. Red comes into play more in the alternates, but I think it helps balance out the set. What do you think? The Royals are coming next!
  5. NL West: Colorado Rockies Rounding out the NL West, we have a team whose identity has remained the same throughout their history. The Rockies have sported the pinstripes for their entire existence, and so the lack of pinstripes here might be the first thing you notice. I also tried to emphasize the purple, a color not seen much in the MLB. I tried to really limit the black until I got to the alternates, and I tried to replace it with silver accents. There's not too much to say about the home and road uniforms. I tried to keep them simple. I changed up the script on the front of jerseys just slightly, but the difference isn't huge. For the alts, I liked how the purple looked with the "CR" primary logo and a number added to the front of the jersey as well. The black jersey worked nicely with the silver, I thought, because it helped contrast the purple and black. I'll be moving back into the AL next!
  6. NL West: San Diego Padres The Padres just unveiled new unis for the 2020 season, and while I don't think they're the worst set they've worn, I'm not actually that big of a fan. I do like the return of pinstripes, which is why I used them in my concept. In my opinion the yellow and brown gets a bit boring. That's why I added some orange back into the mix, like the team did in the '80s. I think it adds a little pop where it's needed. Another big change I made calls back their original look, which featured a sand-colored away uni. I like how this aspect separates the Padres from other teams, and I'm glad they brought it back as well. For the alts I disliked having a bright yellow or orange jersey for the home look, so I decided for a throwback to 1972. The brown top can be worn at home as well. The Rockies are next to finish up the West!
  7. NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks The Diamondbacks have sported a lot of different looks over their two decades in the MLB. Nothing's really seemed to stick for them yet. They haven't been a team afraid to experiment. The last couple seasons they've worn some of the least traditional unis in the big leagues, but luckily their newly-introduced threads for the coming season return them back to normalcy for the most part. They did, however, keep that bright teal in their color scheme, of which I am not really a fan, especially with the Sedona Red they use as their primary color. My concept tries to grasp onto a more traditional, yet modern feel. I axed the teal for the gold included in the outlining of the original Diamondbacks logo. Also, the terrible "D-Backs" wordmark is gone. That, too, has never been popular with me. I used the current logos and fonts, simply recolored. This set took forever to create, so I hope y'all enjoy it! Be sure to tell me what you think! The San Diego Padres are up next!
  8. That Buzz City uni is a major upgrade for the Hornets. Incorporating the Charlotte flag was a great idea. Great work on that one! Also love the old Brooklyn Dodgers-inspired Nets alt! Keep it up!
  9. I like the way this concept ties together so nicely! The striping on the sleeves/chest to match the primary logo is real sweet! I like that idea a lot. Don’t know if it would work on the pants as well, but it’s an idea. Any chance we’ll see a black alternate uni, too?
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