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  1. SUDBURY WOLVES (again) OK, here's an update on my Sudbury Wolves concepts. I drew a whole bunch of different wolf heads and I'll be the first to acknowledge this one isn't perfect, but it's the best I've come up with yet. I've switched back from green to blue, now with two shades of blue and one grey, with no black and no red outside of the logo. I updated the secondary nickel logo to match this newer style, but it takes on different colours depending on the background it's on. Let me know what you think!
  2. Thank you both! I've tried to incorporate an 'S' into the hive a couple different ways but haven't found one I'm happy with yet. I'll keep trying. If I come up with a more distinctive hive logo, I'll put it on the alternate jersey and move the skating bee to the shoulder, but until then here's what I have:
  3. Thank you! I remember liking the Sting logo well enough as a kid but it's certainly outlived its appeal. I'll try keeping the Mississauga 'M' blue and see how it looks, thanks for the suggestion! And I agree on the towers logo; it didn't seem to fit into the uniforms at all.
  4. SARNIA STING OK, here they are. Instead of black I decided to use a very dark purple, to make the look a little more unique. I'm pretty happy with the primary, but I'm concerned the beehive might be too simple.
  5. I have the Sarnia logos ready, but Imgur isn't letting me upload them at the moment. I'll try again later. Sorry for the delay!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! The photos I used for reference (e.g. this one) made the fish look pretty long, so that's what I went with. I'll think about thickening it up though.
  7. Thank you! I have Mississauga's uniforms ready. In reality their jerseys are all blue and white, based on the template the Leafs were using when Mississauga changed names to the Steelheads. I wanted to put more emphasis on "steel" and also distinguish from the many other blue teams by making grey the primary colour. The striping on the home jersey is based on the 'M' in the primary logo, and the away uses a colour-swapped version of the same striping. The alternate uses a pattern inspired by the city of Mississauga's logo, but which also looks like waves, or fish, or many repetitions of the letter 'M'. My plan is to work on Sarnia next. For now, let me know what you think of these!
  8. MISSISSAUGA STEELHEADS It's been a while, but I've got logo concepts for Mississauga ready. I don't mind the pose of the fish in the current logo, but the look on its face seems scared or stunned to me, so I wanted to fix that. The block 'M' is intended as a tribute to the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors, who became the Steelheads. My primary logo combines the fish and the 'M', but the fish and 'M' are also available as separate secondary logos. The final alternate logo depicts the Absolute World buildings in Mississauga, which are visible from the highway and in my mind are the best symbol of the city. I think that's the weakest of the four logos, and I'm not sure yet how I'll use it.
  9. These are excellent! I've thought about doing something similar in the past, but never got around to it, and mine wouldn't have been this good anyway. I do agree with @WideRight about Tampa; I had to think about it to figure out what it was (thought part of that is the unfamiliar colours) and it does seem unnecessarily complex. The LA one is my favourite, maybe one of my favourite logos from this board. The genre of logo you describe is my favourite too, and your Kings mark fits it perfectly. Others near the top of my list are Columbus, Detroit, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Vancouver. Great work.
  10. OK, another round of slight tweaks, this time for Windsor. I switched the 'W' with propeller back to the alternate, as I had initially planned, as I do think the plane-on-rink works better as the primary. The alternate is a grey-ish cream colour. Since there's no longer a 'W' on the chest of the home and away kits, I swapped out the maple leaf roundels on the shoulders for 'W' roundels. I also switched to a more legible font for the "Turn Ahead the Clock" style jersey.
  11. I don't love the direction you picked for the Jets, but that Chanticleers logo is awesome.
  12. I've updated my Kitchener logos so that all of the diagonals are at 45 degree angles. It's a subtle change, but it makes them more cohesive, I think. The uniforms in turn are updated to use the new logos, plus I lowered the NOB and number on the home and alternate to match their placement on the away.
  13. I reversed the direction of the rain, so that it would run opposite to the italic font. I don't love the way this turned out. Perhaps because the original wordmark used an ultra bold font, so there was more room to fit in the rain. I'll play around with this and see if I can come up with something better.
  14. I wasn't sold either, so here's yet another attempt: I'm still not 100% on it, but I think I need to leave it alone for a while and come back to it later.