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  1. Great idea putting the 'W's on the sleeves!
  2. I love the idea of a gold jersey, but I agree with @chcarlson23 that it's not immediately clear what the intent is. Not sure if it will work, but I would try using the same shape as the negative space 'V' in the logo.
  3. Nobody has commented on my latest update to the Sudbury home/away jerseys, so I'm going to take that as a positive. They're not perfect, but I think they're closer to where I want them to be, so thank you all for your feedback! To go with them, I've updated the alternate jersey. It still uses trim based on the nickel, but the dots are subtler now, which is hopefully a little more palatable. I also swapped the primary and secondary logos, to further emphasize the nickel theme. The black outlines in the logos, especially the nickel/paw, are jarring to me in the context of the jersey. I could remove them from the nickel/paw, but then it would look out of place next to the wolf logo. I'll keep thinking about how to improve the wolf, hopefully to the point of removing the black outline. Of course I could add black to the uniform designs to even it out, but I'd rather not. Keeping four colours in balance is already a lot. Until I've determined how to improve the wolf, I'll carry on with other teams. Hamilton is next and then, like I said, I can do any of Ottawa, Oshawa, Peterborough, or Guelph---let me know which you'd like to see.
  4. Thanks @Black Dragon! And thank you @Morgan33 for all of your feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the series! For the Rangers alternate, I agree that my first take was too close to the regular home jersey (just with a logo instead of the team name). I hope that my update above addresses that issue: even though I swapped red and blue, I think keeping the same striping pattern and using the 3D style numbers keeps it identifiable as a Rangers jersey in a way that the current alternate, much as I love it, doesn't. I agree that the plane-in-rink logo for Windsor is probably a better logo than the 'W'-propeller, but besides the feedback I received here, I shied away from making it the primary in part because it's not as original, seeing as it's closely based on the Spits' previous logo. I am making a note of your suggestion though! My plan is to go through every team again at the end of this project before declaring it "final", so that I can make any changes like that. The Greyhounds current real life set is one of my favourite uniform sets ever (the original San Jose Sharks kit is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that's better), so it was really hard to make changes to it. As you can see, I didn't do much. It sounds like the vibe I was targeting for the IceDogs came through! They don't have the same kind of history as the Fronts/Rangers/Spits/Hounds, so I felt like I could experiment more and do something more outside the box. I wasn't thinking of those early '00s Stars jerseys when I did that design, but I was always a fan of them, so perhaps that was my subconscious influence. I agree that the full-body version of the dog could use some shading, or something else; I'll keep thinking about how to do that. I agree that the Sudbury wolf could benefit from thicker outlines. I went the way I did with it to more closely mirror the current logo, but seeing as I am designing new logos, there's no reason for that. I'll be doing some more wolf sketches so I can refine it down to the essence of what I want to show. I'm glad you like the Big Nickel jersey! It seems some others felt it was over the top, so I'm going to think about how I can execute the same idea in a way that feels less like polka dots. That might just mean using smaller circles around the edge. I already have initial sketches for new logos for all OHL teams, plus all QMJHL teams. The bottleneck for me is getting time to sit at my computer and actually put together the designs. Before moving on to WHL sketches, I'll be thinking more about the wolf for Sudbury, and then I'll go back through the rest of the teams I have yet to do as well. Hopefully I can shift more of the work into my "pencil on paper" stage, which is easier to fit into random little gaps of time throughout my day.
  5. I love that Hamilton Steelers logo! It's like nothing I've ever seen but it's so good.
  6. Looks great to me! I'm not a fan of the 'A' logo either; the idea of it is good, and there's a lot of history behind it, but it is looking dated now. I would probably go with a blue helmet for the home jersey, but I'm glad you're focusing on the burgundy and lighter blue for the home and away jerseys; I definitely think that's where the Avs should be heading. Their current use of black is unnecessarily '90s, so I like that you've replaced it with navy on the heritage and breakout. Taking the striping from the logo for the breakout jersey is a great idea, too! Not sure I'd want to see it on the everyday uniforms, but it's perfect for an alternate. A minor nitpick: you wrote, "The breakout jersey features a simplified version of the jerseys worn when Colorado won the cup in '01," but I think you meant to write "heritage" in place of "breakout". No big deal, I figured it out, just had to read it twice. The only other thing I would say is that I'd like to see the Bigfoot logo included somewhere, but I realize it's a weird one, so certainly a matter of taste. Overall, these are much better than the existing look!
  7. Thank you for posting the step-by-step process! It seems like a lot of work, but the result is outstanding! The Temple Lightbringers look really sharp! The TLB monogram on the shoulders is very creative, and the colours really pop. The sublimated rays of light on the upper sleeves are a great look, too. I'd love to see some Arizona team do something like that with their uniforms. In fact, with a slightly darker red, this would be a great template for for a Coyotes redesign. The helmet logo is a really nice composition too. Great work as ever!
  8. Thank you so much for the honest feedback! I really appreciate your input. Looking back, the Sudbury jerseys do seem pretty minor league-ish or almost like lacrosse jerseys, which isn't what I was going for. I mocked up new versions before getting this message, but I'll try it out as well! Thanks so much! Thank you for your perspective! It's good to have someone from Sudbury here to talk about the design. I can consider a more classic design as well, but I do really like the evergreen pattern, and I'd like to use it in some way. Here are my updates, which tone down the trees a bit and add a red accent. I took the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys as inspiration for how to include a red accent without going overboard. Let me know you think!
  9. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, here are my Sudbury Wolves uniform concepts. The focus is on forest green, with double grey accents. The tree pattern comes from the flag of Sudbury and the alternate pays tribute to the Big Nickel. Hamilton will be next, but I'm still open to suggestions for which team to do after that. As always, I welcome any feedback on the concepts I've posted so far!
  10. I've been following this thread all along, and I'm really interested in your designs, though I've refrained from commenting since I'm not familiar with the Metroid games. It's hard to judge logos based on fictional creatures without knowing the canonical versions of the creatures, but I love the unconventional patterns you've used. I'm trying to think about more experimental hockey jersey templates for my own concepts; while traditional striping is timeless and hard to argue with, it's important to try out other things too, and I need to remember that. Since you're looking to revisit the Tallon Desert concept, here are some thoughts: When I first looked at the logo, since I haven't played the games, it wasn't clear to me what the green line was. A quick search seems to suggest it's a laser, but my gut reaction was that it was the handle of a magnifying glass that was around the eye, which would also make sense for the "Observers" name. If you want to avoid that, I think it might help to make the laser beam bigger (both longer and thicker) and potentially add some "shine" lines around it to emphasize that it's not a solid object. On the other hand, it might be interesting to play into a magnifying glass shape. The pixelly "stepped" pattern around the yoke and hem of the home and away jerseys is fantastic. I'm the wrong person to ask whether it fits the location or not, but it looks great. I think it would be interesting to see something like that in a Coyotes concept as well. The black squiggles around the very bottom of the jerseys are more confusing to me. I suppose it's some sort of alien writing, but it stands out and I don't think it's really necessary, design-wise. I'm also not sure what the logo on the helmets is. In terms of colour palette, I feel it's a little much. I think you could drop "Parchment" without losing anything. On the home jersey it could be replaced with either white or green and in the logos with "Sandstone". The cracked earth pattern across the middle of the alternate is a neat element, too. I'm glad that it's not perfectly symmetrical, but the lines on the left seem denser than those on the right. Perhaps that was a deliberate design choice, but it feels a little off-balance to me. Thanks again for sharing these concepts! The designs are incredibly innovative, and as much as I enjoy looking at MLB/NHL/NBA/NFL concepts, it's always nice to see smaller and fictional leagues getting some interest as well (hence my own Ontario Hockey League project). Could you share a little more about your process? Are the designs hand-drawn on paper? If so, are they coloured on paper or digitally? If on paper, what medium do you use to get the colour so consistent? How do you reproduce the logos so consistently? I'm curious because I'm imagining something quite labour intensive, though it gives the art a very distinct look! Side note: Have you considered lettering/numbering for the jerseys? I imagine the aesthetics you're working with would inspire some unique typefaces, and I'd be interested to see your interpretations if that's something you're thinking about.
  11. Before getting back to Sudbury uniforms, I wanted to post some updates to the work I've already shown. First up, a fix to the Kingston Frontenacs primary logo, based on @cw20's feedback. They pointed out that the chin and nose seemed to be pointed at two different angles, so I've tried to resolve that here, making the chin look more natural. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I've adjusted the logos on Kingston's home and away jerseys accordingly. Next up, I've altered the away and alternate jerseys for the Kitchener Rangers. My favourite sport is baseball, and while not universally adhered to, the rule of thumb in baseball is that your home jersey should have your team name (e.g. Blue Jays) and your away jersey should have your city name (e.g. Toronto). I planned on taking that approach for the Rangers jerseys, but was worried that "KITCHENER" was too long a word to fit diagonally across the jersey. I was eventually convinced to try it by a previous Rangers alternate (the one hockey jersey I actually own; on a side note, it looks better in person) and the Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL) jersey, since "KITCHENER" and "ISLANDERS" both have nine letters. For Kitchener's alternate, I changed it to red, so that the team didn't just have another blue jersey option. It's not ideal that the alternate requires a different pair of pants, but I figure the Rangers current real life alternate does too, so it can't be that much of an issue. Finally, I switched Windsor's alternate jersey to be red as well, again so that it wasn't too close to the regular home jersey.
  12. SUDBURY WOLVES I've tweaked the shades of colours used by some of the teams so far, but Sudbury is my first wholesale colour change. Their current blue and silver is fine, but not very distinct. When they first entered the OHL, they wore green and yellow, but that didn't seem quite right either. I've merged the two colour schemes, going with green and grey, but using more of a forest green than the original, to match the flag of Sudbury. (Stay tuned; my uniforms are going to use the evergreen pattern from the flag as well.) There are three blood drops on the left of the wolf and two on the right, in honour of the earlier incarnation of the Sudbury Wolves that won the 1932 Memorial Cup. The shoulder patch is based on the Big Nickel, for which Sudbury may be best known. I haven't decided on an alternate jersey design yet, but it may be something in throwback colours. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know, along with any other feedback you may have! After Sudbury's uniforms, I'll do the Hamilton Bulldogs, who are the final canine team, and then likely one of Ottawa, Oshawa, Peterborough, or Guelph, just to take a break from animal-based teams. If you'd like me to prioritize any of those, I'm open to suggestions.
  13. That latest iteration of the 'HR' monogram is great!
  14. OK, time for Niagara jerseys. The shape of the arm stripes is inspired by the first jerseys the team wore upon moving to Niagara. The Sudbury Wolves will be up next, but I would appreciate any feedback on my IceDogs set!
  15. The stripe pattern on the home and away for the Leafs is what I remember from watching Leafs games as a kid (even though it was just on the socks) so I'm glad you've brought it back and extended it to the sleeves as well. On the other hand, I think the current Leafs logo is the best they've ever had, so I don't love the idea of going back to the Harold Ballard era wordmark, but I could live with it. It's somewhat heretical for me to say as a Leafs fan, but I think they should remove the team name from inside the leaf. I'd rather see something like this alternate logo on the front of the jerseys, but I digress. I really like the idea of mixing St. Pats colours with the leaf; it always feels weird to me to wear a jersey with a team name that's not your team name, but at the same time, it's cool to tie the identity back to the St. Pats. As for the alternate, I like it! I'm assuming the inspiration for the double white stripes and the font is either the flag of Toronto or the Blue Jays font, but either way I think it works! The '3' in the jersey number looks a little funky to me, but it's OK. Using a more dynamic looking leaf is a good idea, and I like the general shape of this one, but I think the third point from the top (counting the very top point as "first") should be a bit "spikier" to match the ones on either side. The sublimated navy leaf on the royal of the jersey is an interesting element; I can't think of anything comparable in the NHL right now, but I always like to see more experimental ideas in concepts. I've always thought of silver as the Leafs "third colour", probably because of this alternate logo but the double blue works too. It meshes with the other Toronto teams too, as the Argos have always been double blue and the Blue Jays also use two blues (three now if you count powder). I would be pretty happy if they were to unveil this as an alternate! Great work overall! Also, much credit to you for not making a black and gold alternate! I don't like that colour scheme for the Raptors, but I think it would be even worse and make even less sense for the Leafs.