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  1. I updated the bird's tail, like @vtgco suggested, here it is: @Point1 I think I know what you mean about it feeling static, but I'm not sure how to fix it. To some degree it is supposed to be heraldic, like the Pontiac Firebird logo. Here's my first shot at uniforms, including a black and gold one like @Karnage84 suggested. I think that makes a good alternate look. I'd like to do a Tropics alternate too, but I have to think more about how to execute it.
  2. This Jets concept looks good, and I really like the use of the Express logo, but I worry that the striping is too close to the current Dallas Stars look, both home and away. I like the idea of the Jets wearing just green and white with no black, but it is harder to create a distinct identity that way. It could be cool to match the stripes to the streaks in the logo a little more.
  3. Using the '90s pistons as inspiration is a good idea! I'll have to think about the 'FF' logo again with that in mind. I haven't (yet) seen Semi-Pro, so I forgot about the Tropics, but they would be great fuel for an alternate! I reworked my bird logo to be more anatomically correct, have a thicker outline, and use a darker grey, and I believe it is an upgrade, but I'd still appreciate any feedback on this iteration! The other logos are updated to match. @Karnage84 had an interesting idea in using traditional Pontiac Firebird colours. Here are a few different colour options: Left-right, top-bottom, they are: The colour scheme I came up with Pontiac Firebird gold on black. This could make for a cool BFBS alternate, but I don't like it as a primary. Pontiac Firebird black/gold on red. I like this better than the black background, but it doesn't remind me of the car as much. Also, Owen Sound will be gold/red/black, so the orange/grey would still be more unique. The current Flint Firebirds colours, but rearranged to avoid the generic navy base. Let me know what you think!
  4. You've got some great looks here! I don't love BFBS for the Knicks, especially without any blue, but you know better than I do what Knicks fans want to see. As a Raptors fan, I'm glad you brought back purple! Unless I'm forgetting someone, purple/red is unique across the big four leagues, whereas there's so much black/red. I don't think I've seen any Raptors concept worse than the actual uniforms, but this one stands out for how well it mixes eras, with the original purple and the present day chevron. I still want them to wear a jersey that says "TORONTO" at least some of the time, but I understand that Raps fans in other parts of the country probably don't.
  5. I'm not big into soccer uniforms, so I hadn't looked through this thread before, but you've done some excellent designs! New England, LA, and the first Houston design stand out as favourites for me.
  6. Ah, I didn't realize they used to wear red and green! Nonetheless, I think blue and yellow is a great look. Nice work!
  7. Good points that I hadn't thought about home vs away! Between that and seeing how they look flipped, I think you were right to put the wordmark on the grey jersey in the first place. This has been a fantastic series, one of my favourite on this forum! I'll definitely be revisiting it for inspiration as I slowly make my way through the CHL.
  8. The designs look great, I particularly like the 'B' logo on the hats! I think you're right to reduce the number of navy/red teams, but I'm not sure green/red is the best choice for Buffalo. The Sabres and Bills both use blue as does the city flag, so I would keep that but try switching red for yellow to align with the Sabres.
  9. That's a really cool retro design for the Falcons! For Kootenay, I'm glad you brought back blue/black/gold. I know it was derivative of the Caps and doesn't really match the Ice identity, but it's a great combination and works perfectly for a team called the Crows. Your Crows logo is so clean, I love it. The alt logo for the Raiders is pretty cool, and the updated template for the Giants is a definite upgrade. I like how you used a classic layout for Tacoma, but modernized it with that angular pattern, it's an awesome template. And I like having a team or two in a league with asymmetric home/aways, although to nitpick, I'd rather see the logo on the home jersey and the wordmark on the away. In baseball the rule of thumb is to wear the team name at home and city name on the road, and a lot of teams ignore that but I think it's a good approach.
  10. The updated boot logo for the Rebels looks perfect, and the updates for Spokane and Moose Jaw are great too! Your Oil Kings concept is incredible, maybe my favourite of the series. It's not at all what I was expecting but it works so well. I know they're out of vogue, but I think it would be cool for one hockey team somewhere to use a nice gradient in their uniforms. I don't like it for Prince George, but it's a fantastic idea for Edmonton.
  11. Both Swift Current updates look great to me! That colour scheme is perfect for the Red Deer identity, and I love the barbed wire striping. I like the skate/cowboy boot logo, but I think it could stand to be taller, so it reads more obviously as a cowboy boot, kind of like the Denver Spurs. The Medicine Hat wordmark is a great riff on the original. Your tiger head is certainly better than the 1998-2003 version, but I'm not sold on it over the original, busy though that one is. A couple things, I think it could use more black to keep the colour balance closer to the existing logo, and I think you can deemphasize the whiskers, possibly to the point of removing them altogether.
  12. Good points, thanks! I'll see what I can do to liven up the bird, and adding an outline to the gear/flame logo should be an easy win. Pontiac Firebird inspiration is what I was going for for sure! Hence the gear, the fat, bold letters in the tertiary mark, and the primary logo, which is intended to evoke the Pontiac Firebird logo without being a straight-up copy. Any ideas how I could strengthen that link in the logos? I'm reluctant to go straight to a car logo; I'd rather keep it a bit abstract if possible. I'll try out some red/gold/black variations as well, thanks for the idea!
  13. FLINT FIREBIRDS It's been a while, since I'm not as inspired by the remaining teams, but I've got logos done for Flint. When I first heard the name after they moved from Plymouth, I assumed it was based on the importance of the automotive industry in Flint and in Michigan more generally. Instead of leaning on that, they went with this gothic sort of theme and weren't even brave enough to make orange or grey their primary colour, instead keeping Plymouth's navy and remaining one of the eight blue teams in a 20 team league. I've amended that by promoting orange to primary, eliminating navy altogether, and creating logos based on muscle car imagery.
  14. Thank you for your insight @monkeypower! I'm not too familiar with the WHL or Western Canada in general, so I really appreciate it!
  15. I like Regina. Not too radical, like you said, but it looks classic without being boring or derivative. I really like the shoulder patch with the dog. You have chosen the superior Hitmen colours, I'm glad! I like the wider flames, and that team deserves the radical treatment you've given them. I don't think the number outlines are necessary in this case. That old Lethbridge jersey is a great find! I don't like the name---Lethbridge is about the last place I'd expect a hurricane to hit---but using a classic identity makes the generic name work, as it does for pro teams with generic names, e.g. Detroit isn't known for its tigers. The way you've incorporated the "tail" of the current logo into the classic script pulls it all together perfectly! I know it's a classic, but I think Swift Current's existing logo is a bit clip art-y; I like your version much better! I'd be inclined to add yellow to the white jersey, in the same stripes that are yellow on the home, but I understand the challenge you gave yourself, and I think you did very well with it! I hadn't seen the monument it's based on before, but the clover is a perfect perma-memorial.
  16. Kelowna and Tri-City do look better with the outlined numbers, but I liked the original Prince George concept with more silver better. The update to Winnipeg looks great, as does Brandon. The embossed wheat in the gold sections is great!
  17. That's exactly the colour scheme I'd like to see for Winnipeg, and the 'W'-shaped icicles on their sleeves are a great touch! I do agree with @monkeypower about the upward spike though. Besides not being the way icicles form, I think they make the sleeve numbers too hard to see on the white jersey, and they look a little too close to the diamonds on your Kelowna concept.
  18. This is a great series! It's cool to see some off-the-wall concepts, as some of us, myself included, tend to stick to more classic, tried-and-true designs. I'm not sure if you've seen these or not, but at 3:26 of this video there are some concepts for the new Jets logos. I figured you might be interested!
  19. I do think this is better, but I think the snout should be rounder and droopier. It might not make for a great logo, but I do think it would look more moose-like. I think the way you handled Prince Albert's numbers in the first place was best, but thanks for humouring me! Saskatoon looks excellent!
  20. I think this is the best iteration on the Royals uniform yet! Recolouring the 'V' in the Giants logo makes the lumberjack clearer, but the 'G' harder to see, so I agree it's not the right solution. I think Moose Jaw's identity needs to be changed for sure, but from a design standpoint, I think their logo could be really good if not for the outline and wordmark, so basically the original without the wordmark. I like that you kept the white hockey stick from that logo in the moose's chin, but it's not working for me overall. For one thing, I don't like the triple outline. I would try black with a white outline on the red jersey and red with a white outline on the white jersey. But also, the face reads more as a deer than a moose to me, because it seems shorter and pointier than a moose's snout. I do like the antlers, though, as their pointy-ness also echoes the current logo. I favour a pirate theme for Prince Albert but the bevels and the dam create a more unique identity for sure. The cream helmet is a great idea, and the bevels are a cool effect. It is a bit too busy to my eye, but I'm not sure what you could remove without sacrificing colour balance and/or the team identity. One possibility: Instead of the gaps in the yoke, could you make the numbers a bit smaller and fit them inside the yoke, in the opposite colours from the numbers on the back? Keeping the yoke in one piece would streamline it, I think, although it may end up as bevel overkill. Or maybe the sleeve numbers could work in black, since there's black in the logos but nowhere else?
  21. This is a great series, a lot of these teams really should look at diversifying the leagues' colour palettes. I think my favourites have got to be the Twins in Wild colours and the Rangers in old Stars colours, so maybe I'm just a sucker for green and gold. I really wish the Marlins would have gone with something like your Vice set; that's what I was expecting out of their most recent redesign. The Dolphins colours you've shown above would make for some nice city synergy too; Marlins teal just makes sense. Cleveland looks good in Cavs colours, but I think the Browns colours are even better. I never would have thought of volt green for Atlanta, but I actually really like it! I wasn't a fan for the Hawks, but you've made it really pop on those uniforms. The Mighty Ducks colours are really fun for the Angels; definitely more exciting than red and navy! I love that you brought back the lower-case 'a' logos for Anaheim and Atlanta both. I don't like the new Ducks uniforms in orange/gold/black, but I think they would look better applied to a baseball uniform. Then again, the Angels should probably avoid looking like the Giants. Growing up as a hockey fan in the early 2000s blue/gold/black was the first colour scheme to come to mind when I thought of Washington sports, so it's nice to see it applied to the Nats too! The blue top with the DC logo is excellent. I've been thinking for a while that the Red Sox should trade in navy for green, so I'm a fan of that one too, though in practice I would look for a darker shade than the Celtics use. Some others that I think would be cool to see if you're up for it: Dodgers in late '90s Kings colours (especially in light of the revelation they almost switched to purple), or the Mariners in the modern Seahawks navy/grey/lime.
  22. I hope my previous comment didn't come across the wrong way; I am really glad you are doing this series! I just meant that I'm not sure my designs will be able to live up to yours, though I'll give it my best! The Everett jerseys without the word mark on the chest look better to me, but I can respect their inclusion if that's your preference. I think the updated yoke for Tri-City is perfect, even better than what I was imagining! And straightening the hem stripes lets the logo shine more, I think. I'm not generally a fan of side panels or those cross-stripes like the Kings use, but they work in your Giants concept. The logo is a great simplification, too, though I think the arm gets a bit lost. I'd be interested to see that part recoloured to black, but that might take away the overall 'G' shape, which is more important. For Victoria, count me in the double purple camp! I think a little more grey trim could be a good thing, but I wouldn't completely drop the lavender.
  23. It's been great to see some junior hockey designs on the board lately and this series is no exception, I love it! My plan was to eventually make it to the WHL after finishing the OHL and then going through the QMJHL, but it might be rendered moot after seeing what you've come up with! As a kid I was a big fan of Everett's look, but it's showing its age and this vintage take would be an excellent way to move forward! The chest stripe is bold and classic looking, but still distinct from others I've seen. I don't think the city/team name is necessary on the chests (I'm glad the Canucks have finally removed that from their jerseys). I don't think the shading on the mountain adds anything either, but I do favour simplified logos pretty much across the board, perhaps to a fault sometimes. Nonetheless, I think this is my favourite so far! Seattle has a great look, but reducing the silver makes it even better. I wonder if there's any way to remove silver altogether, perhaps by making the silver sleeve stripes green? I don't know if that would work or not; it might make the very cool ferry-shaped stripes harder to make out. I've been trying to conceptualize a firefighter concept for Spokane, but the combined wing/waterfall is much cleverer. I'm not sold on lilac but it certainly stands out. White numbers on a white jersey could be dicey, but you've executed it perfectly. The shoulder patch is sweet too. I think red and green is the right approach for Portland, but in my own brainstorming I've been stuck on modifying a Blackhawks jersey. The team really shouldn't represent Chicago, they should represent Portland, and the diagonal sash does that perfectly. The logo is great, but I agree with @TheHealthiestScratch that it would probably look better without any off-white. As a matter of personal taste I'd probably use green pants but the red works better with the white jersey at least. The Tri-City team has a very blah name and a visual history that is blah at some points and totally ridiculous at others, so I think you have the right idea in totally rebranding. The steam cloud yoke is a great idea, but I didn't understand what it was until reading your description. I think curving the outline of it where it angles down toward the logo might make it clearer. I also think there's a conflict between the wavy stripes at the hem and the ones in the logo. Straightening the hem stripes would be one approach, but it could also be interesting to blow up the logo and use the hem stripes in place of the stripes in the logo. That may be too "Turn Ahead the Clock" for what you want though. I agree with you that the Blazers should wear a 'K' rather than a 'B' but I like that your 'K' implies a 'B' shape still. I like the shoulder patch even better than the primary, but it may not be at home on the front of a hockey jersey; if we were talking about a soccer team it would be a different story. I'd like to see a bit more white in the stripes on the blue jersey, but the unique sleeve striping pattern looks fantastic. The Rockets are a tough nut to crack, not least because their identity has nothing to do with rockets, but you've streamlined the Ogopogo look excellently. I love how the wordmark incorporates the monster as well as a nod to local geography with the bridge. The black diamonds on the sleeves are really inspired. I like the idea of the Cougars' Atlanta Hawks-style "Pac-Man" logo, but your execution is far better than the one the team uses. If you told me you were designing a uniform with two shades of brown, metallic silver, and wood grain, I'd think it was a joke, but it comes together and works amazingly. The only thing I might change would be to make the pants the darker shade of brown, but I'm not sure I'd even do that. Top notch work all around!
  24. I love this thread! It's great to see more junior hockey on the board. My favourites so far are the Pistons and Wolverines, but they're all so good. The vintage style Stampeders logo is excellent in its departure from the usual genres of hockey logos. The 'W's on the Wolverines' sleeves are a great touch. Like many on this board I think, seeing a team wear one of my designs would be a dream come true! How did you get that opportunity?
  25. Don't worry about not commenting right away, I really appreciate the feedback whenever it comes! I'm glad you like the jersey halved down the centre! I figured it might be a polarizing design, but I had fun with it. You're right about the sleeve stripes though, I updated them to match the socks: You're right that the green and white uniform doesn't really work with the set; maybe I was subconsciously channelling the St. Pats uniforms the Leafs wore last week. Right now the tree-in-shield is only on the alternate uniforms, so I left out white to match the third jersey. If it ended up on another uniform, I would plan to add a white outline. I agree with you on Sarnia; the outline on the bee doesn't work for me, so I'm keeping purple as the primary. There is a bit of a mis-match in the Battalion logo, I'll revisit that and figure out how to either round out the face or make the hat more angular. The green helmet is a good call though, here it is: My biggest motivation for keeping Sudbury in blue is to distinguish them from the Everett Silvertips (I am planning to redesign the WHL eventually too). Here's the home uniform with shades of blue swapped for shades of green, though, and I think it does look good. It could work as a St. Patrick's Day uniform at the very least: The blue nickel on the alternate is not ideal, but I prioritized making the jersey grey, since it's supposed to look like one big nickel. I played around with the colours to make the base navy and the nickel grey and I think it's actually better, so thank you for inspiring the update! Sorry, I should have addressed that before! It's my own design, but the team has used a similar monogram before, usually on the side of a helmet. I decided to stick with the helmet for the alternate because it's so iconic of the Knights. I felt putting the LK on the front would be a bit like the Leafs wearing a jersey with TML on the chest. It is an interesting idea though, here's what it would look like on the alternate: Thank you! Thanks so much! It's great to hear from another Kitchenerite!
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