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  1. Yeah, definitely not after 9/11. As @B-Rich said, the show ended in 1998 and this specific episode aired in June of 1990. Also, I'm almost positive it's not a NYPD or NYFD sign. I've spent a few days researching this and looked at tons of logos so there's probably very few things I haven't image searched. But if anyone can offer any photos of what they think it might be, that'd be appreciated! I'm leaning towards @Gordie's suggestion of the white Porsche logo, although the center still seems off. Obviously the picture is pretty blurred, but it seems like if the center was as small as it was in Gordie's example, then it wouldn't have even shown up on TV.
  2. Here's a picture of the logo, I'm trying to find out the one next to the Mets' hat: The image is from S1E3 of Seinfeld (The Robbery) so it would have to be from around or before 1990. Here's a gallery with more images of the hat in question: https://imgur.com/a/RPBNvMV So I'm thinking the logo is most likely a baseball team because the rest of the shelf is baseball themed (there's a glove behind Elaine's head). From left to right, the logos are LA Dodgers, Yomiuri Giants (which I first thought was the Chicago Bears), Mystery Logo, and NY Mets. It's also possible that the logo could be some sort of team that has roots in New York since along with the Mets, the Giants and Dodgers both played there (even though the Yomiuri Giants just modeled their logo after the MLB Giants). By far, the number one suggestion people have given has been a Porsche logo, since Jerry is a noted collector. But to me, things about it don't match with the Porsche logo. In the mystery logo, the center seems much bigger and there seems to be more red compared to Porsche. Other things that I'm pretty sure that the hat is not: NYPD, NYFD, Arsenal, Ferrari, Queens College where Jerry went to school, U of Maryland where Larry David went to school. Thanks!
  3. I don't think united doubles as a noun, but it does double as an adjective. Although I'm not sure what most people would think of first with United. Is it supposed to be "We united as a team" or "We are a united team"?
  4. What about all the soccer teams called United? Manchester United obviously, but there's also D.C, Minnesota, and Atlanta United in the MLS.
  5. The skateboarding uniforms are interesting: Why are France and USA so similar?
  6. I like the scorebug, doesn't seem too intrusive. I saw an article where it theorized the bug was designed to better be captured on a smartphone camera for when people take pictures/video of their TVs. I thought that was a pretty interesting idea!
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