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  1. Not bad. Really enjoy Victory Project as the sponsor. Glad to see a bold pattern in an MLS kit again.
  2. At least they're bringing back hoops. Should be a good look for them.
  3. That's just from the argyle tag on the back of the shirt.
  4. Someone with inside info said it's a new version of a previous design, which people suspect means hoops or state line. Given the creator performance shirt and hat, though, I'm convinced they're bringing back argyle.
  5. It's like Christmas Day every year when our new kits release
  6. Sporting KC will be revealing their new kit next Tuesday.
  7. New Earthquakes primary kit leaked on the Adidas app. Not a bad look. A little plain, but at least someone is wearing royal blue in the league.
  8. Sporting tried to use the flower logo on their first argyle kit back in 2013, but Adidas shot it down.
  9. I guess they're just throwing in the towel with the kits this year since they're re-rebranding next year. Maybe the secondary will be more interesting.
  10. Shh! Don't say it out loud! If Garber hears you, our clubs won't get that expansion fee money from teams #31 and #32!
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the authentic also has that darker back. It seems like a strange element to change for the youth/replica.
  12. Pretty good look for the Timbers. Don't care for the choice of using the darker green for the back. Looks weird with the lighter green sleeves.
  13. At the end of the day, the decision lies with each club's front office. Adidas and MLS have their restrictions, yes, but this doesn't mean that every team has to go with all-white or all-black options. Clubs are just taking safer routes because, often times, it's a safer bet and may likely sell better. Jersey nuts like all of us may go crazy over it but, in the end, money talks. Thankfully, boring kits may be having an effect on sales (considering that apparently only Atlanta broke the 100k barrier to get a third this year). I hope MLS can return to some of the bolder, more distinct designs of the past eventually but, until then, I guess Philly is our ray of hope.
  14. To be fair, it worked out really well for them, to the point where it's considered one of the most successful rebrands in North American sports. Sold out games for 9 years straight and a stark increase in merchandise sales. One of my favorite stories from their creative director was that they were 17th in merch sales during a time where there were only 16 teams, behind generic merch with only the MLS logo. After their rebrand, the club has done a complete 180. Sometimes these pseudo-European rebrands work for MLS teams. Also, I'll take any of their kits from the rebrand over those boring kits from the cobalt blue days as the Wizards.
  15. Sadly, if Cincy's primary is navy blue this year, all of the teams that used to use royal blue as their primary kit color have opted to use darker colors (Cincy, Montreal, and San Jose). No more royal blue kits in MLS.