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  1. These kick ass. I wish the white pants with the orange stripes had the white parts of the panel filled in with black though. That felt like a no brainer, so weird miss there. Other than that this is a win. I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why people on the internet insist on saying these are the same as the old uniforms. They did this with the Browns as well. Like what?! You don’t have to be a uniform nerd to know these new uniforms are different, and better looking.
  2. This would be much better if the spark was inside the tree like the old logo. I like it though.
  3. These updates have been fantastic. Seems like each time you go back and change something it’s an improvement and that’s not always the case in logo design. LA looks how it should finally. You crushed it. I do hope that when this is all said and done you put all the finalized identities in one image. I’d love to see the logos/uniforms side by side and get a real feel for this league aesthetically.
  4. I think the home jersey would look better if the red portion was shrunk down to make a stripe in the middle. It can still be outlined in the gold and the numbers can sit on top of it. The point is the jersey should be blue above and below the stripe. The logo looks good and the colors do too. Really looking forward to this series.
  5. It’s closer to my idea lol. Not sure I like the local flair inside the numerals instead of around them, but I’ll take it. They also put the trophy behind the numerals which is how it should’ve been from the beginning to prevent it looking like a numeral. The problem is it’s not centered and the LV is see through like glass so it still ends up looking out of place. The effect is much better on the 3-D version, but the flat one screws it up. Overall? It’s progress. Maybe by SB60 they’ll nail it.
  6. I think the current style would make a great template centerpiece. Similar to the way NHL uses the the word Winter in the winter classic logos. That always stays the same, but everything around it changes. I think these larger Roman numerals sitting on the super bowl banner could be the constant every year, but they could add the local flair around it. The trophy would be made smaller and would sit on top of the numerals. I feel like that would be a solid templated system logo.
  7. Now this looks great. This is how they should look. Now I see the modern throwback they seemed to be going for.
  8. So they’ve moved from banners to brackets as the unifying theme of these logos. That’s cool I guess. Phoenix 2020 is still the odd man out (features neither of those things) which is fitting as it’s been cancelled.
  9. I thought the Falcons looked good tonight. They could’ve used white socks, but aside from that this is the best use of their new set. Hopefully the next time they wear the black jersey they wear white pants, and black socks. These should be their default home and away sets.
  10. Is this the first year TSL has had real logos, names, and uniforms like a real league. I remember it just being a training ground for players trying to get into the pros. They played games, but I don’t remember it looking this “professional.” It’s also hilarious they call their refs a tiger crew instead of a zebra crew.
  11. It might be interesting to make the chain circle go around the bulldog like a collar, and then make the H hang from it like a dog tag. Could be easier than trying to force a H into the dog head. The Guelph logo is the ace of the bunch so far. It’s really timeless, and has that easy to sketch ability that many iconic logos have. Well done!
  12. This is what they should’ve done with the bone jersey. Hell, the white wordmark patch on the bone looks like it came from this jersey.
  13. I’m a fan of the new blue over yellow look, so while the throwback is iconic it’s a wash for me. I maintain the most baffling thing about the new uniforms is they didn’t make a modern version of the throwback white over yellow. Even if the bone jersey had the blue sleeves from the new blue jersey it would be acceptable over the yellow pants. They just just chose not to. They gave it an entirely different sleeve design and it makes no sense.
  14. The bone color looks pretty good under the lights with that gorgeous blue. I just wish the jerseys were designed to look like modern versions of the throwback white; the way the blue jersey is based on the throwback blue. Oh, and they should be wearing the yellow pants.
  15. On top of that it would’ve been a bridge too far to add a second color. The horn has always been one color. The Rams went as far as they could without committing complete sacrilege. I do appreciate that the break in the horn actually had some thought. You could forgive anyone that saw it as nothing more than Nike trying to be trendy or edgy.