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  1. On 8/14/2021 at 7:14 PM, oldschoolvikings said:







    Jerseys... nice.


    Pants... not.

    That pants stripe was a layup and they tossed it over the backboard. Orange over black was so easy. Hope they fix that next year because the unis do look good overall.

  2. I like these quite a bit. These looks are all pretty tried and true so I’m glad you didn’t steer too far in any direction, but overall I think you did a great job with the changes you did make.

    Couple things I’m not too fond of is the continued use of blue for the Suns. That never made sense to me. Red and gold are perfectly fine alone and the clash can just be white with red/gold accents.


    The other thing is Port Adelaide not using the prison bars. I saw the nod in the Heritage guernsey, but I think they should go all out. I mean they’re in the crest lol. I always thought the solution to get around the Collingwood issue was to make the bars teal.


    There is a lack of green in this league, any chance of expanding into Tasmania? Since it’s only a concept why not make it an even twenty sides with a Northern Territory team as well?

  3. On 7/18/2021 at 9:34 AM, ManillaToad said:

    If the Rams came out with these from the get-go they wouldn't be getting near as much praise as they are now. The numbers are the worst in the league, the nametag is beyond stupid, and the shoulders/sleeves are a lame imitation of what was a great look for decades. Their helmets still suck, they still go for the yoga pants half the time, and they promote their uniforms with players who look like they're wearing ballerina tutus. From a 0/10 uniform to a 1/10. Demoff and crew are doing great things out there in Los Angeles

    Hard disagree. These two jerseys were exactly what I was hoping we’d get from a modern update of the classics.

    Are there some things that I didn’t hope for on here? Sure. The gradient isn’t ideal and I’d like the numbers more without the shiny parts. That being said it’s still a nice font. I like the new horn, I like the placement on the sleeves (considering sleeves don’t really exist anymore), and I’m not bothered by the tag at all.


    No chance these are panned if the white Jersey was shown in place of that bone set. I just can’t see it. Will everyone love it? Obviously no, but it wouldn’t be the joke of Twitter like the original reveal was.

  4. Still thinking about the new Rams away Jersey (manifesting that). I liked the blue Jersey last year, but was really sad about the bone debacle. I finally saw the new jersey and the blue together in this photo today, and now I love the blue. The set finally feels complete. Both of these over the the yellow pants with the blue socks and I’m down with the Rams looking like this for a long time.


    I wanted a modern take on the classics and they did it. If I have to complain the gradient can go, and the bone uniform MUST be relegated to alternate or destroyed next year. Other than that I’m happy, new horn and all.

  5. Thank you Rams! From now on that’s how you shoot! These whites and the blues over yellow pants are all they needed. That’s how it should’ve been from day 1. Throw those bone joints in the bin expeditiously.


    Im so pleased with this. I loved the blue and this is all I wanted. This is a proper modernization of the classic Rams look and I’m here for it.

  6. That Rams white is what they should’ve been wearing along side the blue last year. My only complaint is it still isn’t the same as the blue, only in white. It has sleeve numbers and the blue doesn’t. That being said this is a massive upgrade and will look great with the yellow pants.

  7. 8 hours ago, henburg said:

    I really like the new Fire logo! I feel like it's important to appreciate that it didn't feel compelled to cram "Chicago Fire FC" around the circle, which wouldn't have ruined it by any means, but the whole thing looks much cleaner without it. I'd love to see more simplistic logos like this in MLS.


    Also can we admit that, while this was a pretty solid logo for a lot of years, it has grown to look dated? I don't think that reverting back to this straight up would have been a good idea .



    I get fans being attached to the original, but the new logo smokes this old thing. The only positive thing about the old logo is the unique shape. Once you start looking into the details this isn’t a good logo. The Fire did a good job modernizing it I think.

  8. 3 hours ago, monkeypower said:


    What exactly would you want because those are all classic logos.


    The Stamps, for example, the white horse is the symbol of the Stampeders and I don't know what you could change. They added a circle behind the logo for a couple years, but then switched back to just the horse.

    Did they ditch the circle? I really liked the addition tbh. Never was a fan of the plain white silhouette. Just feels lacking as a primary mark.

  9. I’m so glad they put the S at the end more than anything, so nailing new logos and the helmet is a plus. The new logo has a modern 70s feel to it the same way the Alouettes new rebrand did. A new logo that feels like it’s been around for decades. That’s the sweet spot.  I do hope the new EE logo is somewhere prominently on the uniforms to keep that part of history. I’d like to see it as a patch on the chest like the Chiefs AFL logo.  

    The CFL has been doing everything right with these recent rebrands. Now if they can get good looking uniforms across the league, and a 10th team we’d be all set lol.

  10. These kick ass. I wish the white pants with the orange stripes had the white parts of the panel filled in with black though. That felt like a no brainer, so weird miss there. Other than that this is a win.


    I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why people on the internet insist on saying these are the same as the old uniforms. They did this with the Browns as well. Like what?! You don’t have to be a uniform nerd to know these new uniforms are different, and better looking.

  11. These updates have been fantastic. Seems like each time you go back and change something it’s an improvement and that’s not always the case in logo design. LA looks how it should finally. You crushed it.

    I do hope that when this is all said and done you put all the finalized identities in one image. I’d love to see the logos/uniforms side by side and get a real feel for this league aesthetically.

  12. I think the home jersey would look better if the red portion was shrunk down to make a stripe in the middle. It can still be outlined in the gold and the numbers can sit on top of it. The point is the jersey should be blue above and below the stripe. The logo looks good and the colors do too. Really looking forward to this series.

  13. It’s closer to my idea lol. Not sure I like the local flair inside the numerals instead of around them, but I’ll take it. They also put the trophy behind the numerals which is how it should’ve been from the beginning to prevent it looking like a numeral.

    The problem is it’s not centered and the LV is see through like glass so it still ends up looking out of place. The effect is much better on the 3-D version, but the flat one screws it up. Overall? It’s progress. Maybe by SB60 they’ll nail it.

  14. I think the current style would make a great template centerpiece. Similar to the way NHL uses the the word Winter in the winter classic logos. That always stays the same, but everything around it changes.

    I think these larger Roman numerals sitting on the super bowl banner could be the constant every year, but they could add the local flair around it. The trophy would be made smaller and would sit on top of the numerals. I feel like that would be a solid templated system logo.

  15. I thought the Falcons looked good tonight. They could’ve used white socks, but aside from that this is the best use of their new set.

    Hopefully the next time they wear the black jersey they wear white pants, and black socks. These should be their default home and away sets.

  16. Is this the first year TSL has had real logos, names, and uniforms like a real league. I remember it just being a training ground for players trying to get into the pros. They played games, but I don’t remember it looking this “professional.”

    It’s also hilarious they call their refs a tiger crew instead of a zebra crew.

  17. On 9/25/2020 at 8:34 PM, jwinters said:

    Oh, that's an interesting thought. Bulldogs are square enough that it might work out. I'll see what I can do.


    Thanks! It turned out even better than I expected.

    It might be interesting to make the chain circle go around the bulldog like a collar, and then make the H hang from it like a dog tag. Could be easier than trying to force a H into the dog head.


    The Guelph logo is the ace of the bunch so far. It’s really timeless, and has that easy to sketch ability that many iconic logos have. Well done!

  18. 1 hour ago, crazylegs said:

    The Rams have 2 more uniforms to unveil...One in 2021 & one in 2022.  I would like to see them do this:




    I’m a fan of the new blue over yellow look, so while the throwback is iconic it’s a wash for me. I maintain the most baffling thing about the new uniforms is they didn’t make a modern version of the throwback white over yellow.


    Even if the bone jersey had the blue sleeves from the new blue jersey it would be acceptable over the yellow pants. They just just chose not to. They gave it an entirely different sleeve design and it makes no sense.

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