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  1. On top of that it would’ve been a bridge too far to add a second color. The horn has always been one color. The Rams went as far as they could without committing complete sacrilege. I do appreciate that the break in the horn actually had some thought. You could forgive anyone that saw it as nothing more than Nike trying to be trendy or edgy.
  2. To be honest I kinda dig the mix of North American and European name branding. It has a certain charm and quirkiness that I feel fits the MLS. It also hits American soccer fans that are pulling for the MLS’ growth, and American fans of Euro football.
  3. It’s a bloody shame that Inter Miami square is white. Why they didn’t run with a pink Jersey is mind blowing to me. I hope STL isn’t afraid to rock that magenta.
  4. I still really like the blue over the yellow pants. I really think it looks great with the new helmet. That’s the only positives I have with this new set. The bone design just hurts me, even over yellow pants. There is no reason it couldn’t have been a modern version of the old school whites. They did it with the blues so I’m just baffled. No reason to have two different jersey designs in the same set.
  5. What a contradiction that is. It’s almost like they couldn’t decide which direction they wanted to go and chose both. That definitely fits the 90s wild animal I theorized more so than their actual primary logo. All the more reason it’s just a bad name, and Kraken doesn’t belong in the same pile as it.
  6. I was drawn to this passage here because I feel the same. The lore this logo creates, and the subtle design of it has made me come around on the name. Oddly enough I can’t say the same for the Wild. It could be argued they also took a subtle approach to a name that could have been open season for 90s cheese. A fangs out, claws up beast lunging at you as it tears through a hockey stick or rink. Screams WILD. Instead they created a serene image of wilderness encased inside a bear head silhouette. It’s brilliant, but I can’t get past Wild the way I have grown to at least tolerate Kraken. I think it’s because I can get attached to a mythical sea creature more than what boils down to another word for outside.
  7. Didn’t mean to strike a nerve. I just don’t have a problem with the grey masks like I thought I would, and I don’t think any of us would had the 70s Chargers (thanks AgentColon) decided not to make things a little spicy. I have no issue with the shell being the only customizable part of a helmet just purely on room to play with alone. Is there any reason teams can’t mess with the chin straps? I don’t think it’s that far fetched to apply whatever logic they are using for the face masks as well. I’m not dying on this hill, I was just surprised that I didn’t mind it.
  8. Two things: 1. I don’t think the grey face masks suck to be honest. Looks like the league equipment standard like the white chinstrap. If whoever the first team was to color the face mask never does it I don’t think we’d care about this. 2. I’m starting to like Washington’s new helmet. In a league with that much history it makes sense that there would be a team with nothing on it, a team with a logo on one side, and a team with numbers on the shell. Every league has teams that stick with the past and WFT works as that team, even if it happened in 2020.
  9. Oh that’s rich. I didn’t provide you a chart, but you can throw out your Native American “friends” as the end all be all on the matter. Well I too have a Native American friend that would disagree with your friends. They aren’t a monolith, but the fact of the matter is if some feel negatively about the name and the imagery then that’s more than enough to let it go. Especially considering the race of the man that can make that decision. If a Native owned the team then there might be an argument. I’ll say it again, the wolf tail used in that context bore a striking similarity to old R-word logo and that is a problem. It’s not about whether the logo was respectful or tasteful, but about the use of the Native American image. Simple as that. That group of people, save for your friends, have made it clear they are tired of being used as mascots. I don’t get what you are fighting for here.
  10. Amazing logos and a stupid name. Carrying on the tradition of the Wild. Who knew Minnesota would be the Oregon Ducks football of hockey branding trends.
  11. The only complaint I have is that the W on their profile pic should be on the helmet. Not sure why they went the number route. Other than that I don’t mind them not having an identity for a year. I like to think of them being in timeout for bad behavior. When they get their ish together they can have a name and logo back.
  12. Many have responded already, but you quoted me so I’ll be brief: The feather in that context is 100 percent tied to the racial slur Washington used for their football team name. Also, most Native Americans would rather they weren’t used for mascots or branding, whether it could be deemed respectful or not. This ain’t hard.
  13. It’s not bad, objectively. It’s just incredibly boring. Not to mention blue and black is so tired, especially in the MLS. That monogram is really good, and should’ve been at the center of this branding. That’s a missed opportunity.
  14. If that’s the name I imagine lots of Shane Falco jerseys will be purchased.
  15. This. I think there is a misunderstanding on what First Nations people are saying. It’s not find something more respectful of us, it’s stop using us as mascots all together.
  16. Honestly, I was stunned they were trying to do it this year. I think a public announcement that the change was happening next year would’ve sufficed. They don’t get points either way, but I can’t say I’m not impressed they are trying an 18 month rebrand in like 3 months.
  17. Without more detail the wolf tail still looks like a feather. Still looks like the slur. They should just let that stuff be the past. Keep the colors and the R if they want, but they must start fresh.
  18. Atlanta looks great. I prefer teams to find a way to make a clean modern uniform, but sometimes old school can’t be beat. I’m glad they didn’t go bland (classic doesn’t have to mean boring) because those panel stripes are wacky in a good way. Huge upgrade for the Hawks.
  19. That last sentence is probably why it’s a good idea to not name teams after a race of people. As for the concept, I don’t think the Elk horn is strong on its own. Looks like it would disappear at a distance. Perhaps shortening it and making it thicker would help. Edit: And you did just that. That’s what I get for not scrolling all the way down the page. I dig it.
  20. I mean the conversation around Cam having to “conform” in New England is already gross. I don’t know exactly how much his blackness contributed, but the fact that the one play has erased all that he has done gives me an idea. Especially when the same mediocre QBs get phone calls year after year. Reminds me of a bit from a Chris Rock stand up special. He was talking about how he had to be the very best in his field just to be able to comfortably live in the same neighborhood as a basic dentist that was white. Not a dentistry icon, just a dentist. Be it sports or anything else in this country, black people don’t really have the luxury to be mediocre and get opportunities despite that. I’m glad Cam has one opportunity to prove his worth, but damn is it typical that almost nobody wanted to even find out.
  21. Well if more kids are open to going to a place like Howard that will change. The national media will go wherever the talent goes.
  22. Mechanics is a fantastic name and the look is very classy. Las Vegas looks way better. I’ve never been a fan of singular names so Gamblers is an upgrade despite the commonality of it. Most of all I’m happy you kept the colors.
  23. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone attempt to evoke the Falcons logo by way of a yoke before. That works way better than the stripes most have used. Great idea there. Something about the red seems off on the home though. I think a black torso with a red yoke might work better.
  24. That yellow alt gives the Rams 3 different types of Jersey now. The alt is basically the blue home uni, but because of the numbers it’s technically a new type. Oh boy.
  25. I always thought Detroit Motors was a good name. That’s the name of the team in a football concept I’m working on. Maybe give it a go. That beehive “A” is pretty darn smart. Big fan of clever stuff like that. Well done. Digging how unique the colors are for ATL as well.
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