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  1. Holy crap, a JMR concept series?! Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Go Ducks!
  2. I believe it’s because the teams left out were more than 6 games back of the 8th seed. I remember hearing one of the NBA talking heads saying with the amount of games left before Miss Rona came over, a team no more than 6 games back could realistically make that ground up. Best to keep teams that don’t need to be there at home. No need to increase the number of possible Covid cases.
  3. My goodness. They look beautiful.
  4. Make the team colors light blue and orange and you have a winner.
  5. I think it’s more of a play in situation. They included every team except for the bottom 7 to make it fair I guess. Ultimately it seems like the “playoffs” officially start when the field is down to 16. Those 8 eliminated teams go into the draft lottery with those bottom 7. That seems pretty straight forward. The draft stuff seems entirely too complicated. A case of having too much time on your hands to do something gone wrong.
  6. I’m no business expert, but I feel like even people like me could understand being prepared to lose money for 2-3 years only works when money is coming back in. Then I go on twitter, and see people expect the XFL to make money without playing games in front of people that paid to be there. Vince is a villain, but he got hosed on this one.
  7. Ahh. Well I’m glad you’re back at it. Sometimes you just have to scrap things in order to progress.
  8. I was following the old series on the alternate history forum. Is that one dead?
  9. I can tell you that for plenty of people from urban neighborhoods the area code means a lot. You may find it silly, but it’s definitely a point of pride for many people.
  10. They only need the yellow pants. The league doesn’t even sell the pants so why do teams need so many?
  11. The first section was dedicated to your post. The notion that someone other than yourself only liked something you aren’t fond of because of xyz, based only on your own experience. I simply stated it’s possible to like something just because. For example, I like the helmet a lot and that has nothing to do with the uniforms. Totally different experience because I’m a different person.
  12. Or...people like things just because. I don’t mean to black out on you so don’t take this personally, but if I never see “they only like the thing I hate because...” again it will be too soon. Can we also get “I don’t like something and I know I’m not alone” out the paint as well? Actually any opinion that has some type of quantity of people attached (“lots of people think...”/ “everybody...”/ “no one...”) can go. You don’t need that to justify how you feel about something subjective in nature. Always comes off as “there are more people on my side, and therefore that other opinion is invalid.”
  13. I feel bad about this because you were just in my amen corner on my post, but absolutely not. That’s nostalgia or Stockholm syndrome talking. Its never looked good, and the undisputed champ of this new look is the matching helmet.
  14. I really like the bone color. I’m glad the Rams are taking ownership. That’s why it’s a kick in the teeth they keep doing things to make me not like it. File this under things that should be a slam dunk with this rebrand that aren’t. Why use that terrible version of the LA logo when the primary with the blue outline exists? It’s the same with the road jersey. Just make a modern bone version of the classic road. I’m dying on this hill.
  15. Oh no. I’m not feeling that at all. To me the horns on the new home jersey fix the biggest mistake made with the LA horn logo. The gradient from white to yellow. I still don’t get why this version exists. The horn is completely gone. Those who see a crescent moon or a banana would be completely justified here.
  16. The colors are nice, but I don’t like this. Orange and sky blue with a nautical theme or nothing. One day my team will get it right.
  17. That’s the most annoying part. Gradient numbers aside, they successfully made a modern version of the home royal/yellow uniform. Boggles my mind they didn’t make a Bone road version modeled after this and put them over the new yellow pants. It was right there. The tweet below nails it. He fixed the numbers, but everything else is the modern look and it’s beautiful. Model 1 and 3 should be the Rams we see today. Sigh.
  18. Honestly? As much I love the old Hollywood aesthetic, I think the LA horn looks cooler. It’s brighter, more fun, and more representative of modern LA instead of an era long gone. Also, I don’t really like the LA wing on its own. It needs the shield to work. The problem for me is the logo would look better with tweaks that probably won’t happen. If the part where the yellow fades into white was all yellow, and the shadow effects on the 'A' and under the 'L' were gone I’d love the LA horn. Until that happens, the Ram head is the logo for the LA Rams as far I’m concerned. Yeah this is pretty much how it should’ve gone. I had no issue with the home blue/yellow as it was. Ok maybe the gradient numbers, but I think they did really good so your changes are a wash. The away uniform was where they royally screwed up. I don’t mind the bone color at all. The issue was I didn’t understand why they made a modern version of the old royal set, but not the old white set just in bone. So your design addresses that in spades. This should be the modern Rams.
  19. Both patches on the bone uniform are the wrong color. Almost everything that makes the blue jersey really cool someone in that design room said “alright now get rid of everything for the bone jersey.”
  20. I’d make the sleeve yellow and the horn blue (like the classic since that was the idea), but this is basically what the bone jersey sleeves should look like. I have no clue why they made an entirely different jersey than the home blue. That’s so frustrating.
  21. I never said it looked the best. My post was an indictment of monochrome.
  22. This looks like a Virgil Abloh design. Coincidently his fashion company is called Off-White.
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