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  1. I said this way earlier in the thread, but I’ll say it again now...the Rams only need yellow pants for both home and away. The quoted post is beyond proof.
  2. To you, sure. I happen to like the new horn. They look better than the new away set because the bar for that is in hell. They don’t look better than the new home set though. No way.
  3. The stripe starts white at the top and fades into yellow.
  4. To be fair, outside of the throwback and color rush last year, the Rams haven’t had the horn on the sleeve in years. I’ll take that over this anyday. The new one actually makes an effort to tie in to the helmet. The uniform above simply doesn’t.
  5. The home blue set is actually really nice. Especially with yellow pants. I really dig it, even with the gradients. The helmet looks great too. The away bone set is an effing tragedy. All they had to do was make a light (grey or white idc) version of the blue one. Why is it an entirely different design? They aren’t the Giants or the 90s Vikings. A half assed crescent stripe and tv numbers out of nowhere? Grey pants? WTF guys. I accepted the new horn, the gradients, and even the patches and I feel rewarded by the home set for that faith, and then they boned me. Light jersey, yellow sleeve, blue sleeve horn, blue numbers. Done.
  6. Surprisingly, I’m not mad at these. I still think it’s dumb only one set has gradient numbers, but I digress. I could go without the wordmark patch, but that’s not a deal breaker either. What does worry me is the horn on the bone uniform. Apparently it isn’t blue on a yellow background like classics according to the guy that’s been confirming the leaks. It’s not even blue on a bone background. Oh and g-d bone pants.
  7. No you’re right it’s not just the numbers as far as the shape of them. It’s the detail at the top numbers. It replicates the break in the horn which makes it look a little like these:
  8. Ahhh ok. That explains the soccer jersey tweet. It’s the number font.
  9. Why with bone pants? The Rams only need yellow pants for home and away.
  10. The Browns don’t even pull off a Browns right now. When they get a stylized version of their helmet we can talk. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen that gradient numbers only on the home jersey rumor. Good lord that’s dumb. I can forgive gradient numbers, I’ve seen a concept that they look pretty decent on, but if they are only on one set that would be the dumbest thing in the world.
  11. I guess you missed my TED talk about this.
  12. Just when I thought I was out, you pulled me right back in! I don’t know how far back you go with his music, but this take definitely ain’t it.
  13. I keep seeing the word gradient used in relation to the Ram head. Those colors are used for shadow effect right? It’s not a gradient. It bothered me lol. That being said I agree the concept with just 3 colors is best. I understand the shadows give the logo depth, but the top of the ear kinda gets lost under the horn, so the inner ear bone shadow just kinda looks like its floating there. I see the ear just fine now, but at first glance it was odd.
  14. That’s a statement we can agree on.
  15. I feel almost every attempt at “completing” the logo we’ve seen posted here has been a downgrade. I think they stopped at the right point. While the aforementioned Cowboys star isn’t much of a logo either, I’d argue adding more details like a bevel would be an epic fail. Sometimes minimalism works.
  16. Lol. I’d say Jay’s catalog is pretty solid so I’m comfortable putting most of them on the table. I have to be honest though and I just don’t mess with MCHG. Probably Blueprint 2 as well. It’s bloated.
  17. Ram head looks right at home next to these other logos.
  18. We definitely see things differently. On wordplay alone he’s easily up there. When you add in storytelling it’s not even a question. I’ll give you Magna Carta, that sucked, but beyond that? Yes.
  19. That’s a terrible rule of thumb lol. I’m not putting on a cape for his moral value. I’m talking bars, and he is one of hip hop’s greatest.
  20. You can cherry pick an awful line from damn near any artist ever. Don’t be silly.
  21. Y’all buggin. Want to hate Hov for that Jewish line? Cool, but to disregard his prowess with a pen is wild.
  22. Watching this thread venture into the Beyond section of a popular Bed & Bath store has been a joy. Learned something new about Sparky. I didn’t know he made a heel turn, but I couldn’t log in for awhile last year so While I’m here the Ram nose only looks like a Johnson if you draw extra lines on it to make it that way. That’s a you problem. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  23. A lot of these work so darn well. Kinda wish football looked like this full time again.
  24. That looks gorgeous. Should be the primary logo no question.
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