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  1. Just do it already. We don’t need some big flashy reveal at this point. The way the world is right now doesn’t allow for that type of thing anyway. Just put out a video and call it a day.
  2. These are pretty good. The Chargers have done the “modern version of a classic” the best. They took the time visualize what the classic would look like if made today. I appreciate this more than the Bucs or Browns bringing back the classic uniforms on a modern template. Those scream “we failed at modern design so back to the safe zone.” The Chargers nailed modern design, and it feels classic. The home and away are great. The yellow pants are nice, but I wonder if they should exist considering the Rams will likely use yellow pants full time. That being said the white over yellow away is class, so I’m torn. That away with powder over white at home are probably the best looks. There are some cons. The helmet numbers aren’t necessary to me. Quite frankly they should be on the shoulder or the sleeves. I don’t need the swoosh having all that real estate to itself. The other con is the color rush uniforms. In a vacuum they are kinda nice. The problem is they would look better with different color pants to properly pay homage to the eras they are referring to. Which defeats the purpose of CR; so why have them? My Rams have their work cut out for them. They won’t lose the city, but hot damn they could lose the uniform war. Please don’t screw this up!
  3. Massive upgrade for the Pats. The biggest issue is the lack of silver pants. Mono at home isn’t ideal at all, especially with that helmet. To their credit, however, the socks with the red blocking eliminates the full leotard. I was also going to make a stink about the wide stripe on the pants, but apparently the team just had the wrong pants in the unveiling? So minus points for stupidity, but they will have the proper stripes if the players social media are to be trusted. Well done.
  4. This is what they should’ve shown today. Home and away. I really thought that would be a lock. Oh well. I don’t get their need to have the helmet as the logo. This should be the new primary, not a secondary. Like with the exclusion of the orange pants they were this close to being perfect. Sigh.
  5. The uniforms are very nice. How they should always look, but I have a big issue with no orange pants. I think the Browns look the best with orange pants home and away so to see them cast aside again for white and brown (ugh) is annoying. I’m also stunned they didn’t use this opportunity to introduce a proper logo for the brand. The helmet should remain untouched, but everything else should have a legit logo on it. A picture of the darn helmet. Objectively the uniform is an 8 or 9, but I really want to give it a 6 for the lack of orange pants. *Mutters under his breath* they did good.
  6. Liberty knocked it out of the park. Seafoam is the star like is should be. I like that the logo doesn’t stray too far from history, and yet manages to be modern. Even the colors on the uniform really pop. It’s just a shame the WNBA is at the mercy of advertisers because even with a template I think they could do good work with the uniforms.
  7. I don’t know if it’s that, because he had the money to blow. When there was actually games being played that is. Feels like he could let this thing rock and roll so long as revenue was coming back in. Gotta spend it to make it, but right now all he is doing is spending and nothing is coming back in return. I really believed this was going at least three seasons, but with the uncertainty of the country getting back to normal after its subpar handling of things, prepping for 2021 season didn’t make sense. Vince has some dumb luck. The first time he does all the right things and nature no sold his efforts like Hogan.
  8. I like these. In the same way I liked the Rams new logos; with a caveat. Like the Rams logo I thought this is better than what they had. I also appreciate that they didn’t just run back to the old stuff. I do believe modern uniforms can work, and find some old looks incredibly boring. It’s all about execution and presentation. The Bucs for example. I think that look is boring, but it’s superior to what they had before because they executed modern design wrong. Like the Rams I think the execution is solid minus some things here or there. For the Rams it’s the shadows and gradients, and for Atlanta it’s the gradient as well. It’s an alternate though, so I let it slide. Where both teams make mistakes is in the presentation. You only get one chance to make a first impression and they both botched it. If the Rams unveil the new Ram head as the primary and the LA horn as the secondary I think they get positive reactions across the board. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. Same with the Falcons. If the black over white with black socks is the primary home, and white over black with white socks is the primary road they’d get thumbs up. Again, the alternate aside. I don’t know why the monochrome thing keeps happening because it’s such an easy fix. Make that change and they will have achieved a true modern take on a classic in a way the Bucs did not.
  9. A “modern” update to the Super Bowl era set. Don’t think they can do better than this. Personally I find it a little boring, but as far as pleasing a fan base and not overthinking things it’s a home run. The Orange could be a little brighter though. In some photos it looks like a red outline. Overall the Bucs stomped it.
  10. The new Ram head blows the STL one out of the water. I really hope they lean toward it as the primary look over the LA mark. I know I have, and I dug the LA logo. I think simply swapping their designation fixes a lot of people’s misgivings about this rebrand. Maybe not on a technical level, but on the eye test level. The Ram head is clearly the primary, and the LA horn is clearly a secondary. They reveal it that way and I don’t think you hear as much negativity.
  11. Well that’s a plus. They didn’t just create some new horn shape to fit the wave narrative. I legit had no idea all Rams horns didn’t loop all the way.
  12. As a fan it hurts to agree that this is probably the worst. Some may not like the new Rams logo, but we all see what it’s supposed to represent. What the hell is this Clippers logo supposed to be? I hope they stretched first.
  13. Maybe I’m falling for the okie doke, but this all feels LA now. The colors, and the design being driven by nostalgia and what came before. It’s so LA.
  14. That’s beautiful. This is the one they should roll with all the time. Outside of blue backgrounds that is.
  15. I think the Rams did a good job here. I’m really feeling how everything does mesh the past and present well. The old school Ram done in more modern style is nice, and it’s horn gives context to the LA horn logo. The LA horn logo looks way better in the right colors and correct alignment. Also looks good locked up with the “Rams” wordmark. The only issue I have here is the gradient. Could’ve fixed that by having another gap in the horn between the yellow and gold, but it is what it is. I dig this.
  16. TB10... nah, doesn’t work.
  17. The amount of people I saw on Twitter mourning the cancellation like their best friend died blew me away. The XFL was legitimately building a grass roots movement and it was starting to work. People that gave it no shot were coming back for more. This is a shame. Also looks like any plans of doing a playoff later seems to be dashed. XFL is sending people home (also something AAF screwed up) and moving on to 2021.
  18. Regardless of the appeal of the league to some people I don’t think anyone can deny they were doing things the right way. It’s a good look for them paying players for the rest of the season and giving fans the refunds. AAF would’ve thrown its head back and laughed. I hope they can come back next year because I really enjoyed it, and it was nice to have a pro football alternative in America that didn’t feel like a clown show.
  19. The NFL could win a lawsuit on “if he didn’t have a penis he’d be a girl?” Those elements of the logo are essential to what the logo is. Hypothetically removing them to prove it might look like another logo is wild. Thanks for the education.
  20. Rudy Gobert the 2020 defensive player of the year.
  21. Does the NFL own the image of an oil derrick or something? I’m completely ignorant to these type of laws, but there is only so many ways to draw those and the NFL just happened to get there first.
  22. Same. I don’t see the Chargers bolt, I don’t see Trump’s wig, etc. I just see a modern take on the horn. Maybe we just have issues.
  23. The first primetime game went about as well as anyone could’ve imagined. Awesome game. Only thing that could’ve made that better was seeing that new overtime.
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