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  1. Oh wow. Looking at the LA logo I thought maybe the cross bar of the A created a stylized big cat tail, but that could totally be a flame. I gotta say I’m not mad they pulled Wildcats out of their butts and made it work because keeping Wildfires would have been tone deaf as hell.
  2. The interviews would be infinitely better if they didn’t try to capture it right after the play ended. Give them a few to relax and then do it. They had a few like that and that should be the law.
  3. That rust getting knocked off and the players are getting real reps. I hope they can endure because the early games are basically preseason for these guys. Late season should be pretty good.
  4. I think we have seen over the years the league will tolerate almost anything except for social justice protests. If said QB has a better season he might get a look. As far as this league goes, it has its first heel character in McGloin. Saw many people on twitter talk about how the drama held their viewership when the game turned into that blowout. Edit: 14,979 is the announced attendance in LA. Not bad.
  5. The players would be smart to embrace it. Show some personality, maybe gain a following, and build a brand of sorts. Would be win/win for them and the league as it needs personalities and stars.
  6. Ahh yes the notorious late arriving LA crowd. Glad they filled in, but for their sake I hope they get some more offense. I enjoy a defensive battle myself, but this league is being judged more harshly than ever and needs the high powered offense people are used to.
  7. JLJ

    Pittsburgh XFL

    The image isn’t loading.
  8. So we found out today that Defenders and Guardians really aren’t the same thing after all.
  9. This is the only part that feels kinda forced. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, so maybe it was just my ignorance that made me think it felt tacked on. I love the idea of adding a Fleur, but it seems a bit off.
  10. Hopefully it has a cool name other than “XFL Championship.” The “X-Bowl” is mad corny, but it kinda works for this. I’m also fond of something timeless like “The Classic.”
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