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  1. Looking awesome, where did you get the mockup.
  2. Yeah I know that the Rockies are named after the rocky mountains, but a lot of mining has been done in the rockies too. I might make my own miner later, but I'm keeping this one for now. A bunch of other users on this platform use logos from other sports teams too, so I think its fine.
  3. Except that miners have everything to do with rocks. They mine rocks. Is that not common knowledge?
  4. I was just trying to get a cool miner logo, not take a logo from another Colorado team. Wonder why I am getting so much backlash over it. Geez
  5. Yeah, i changed the pants, hat and tongue. I will change that in the description for you.
  6. I rebranded the Colorado Rockies due to their current boring, branding. - Updated the color scheme to more vibrant purple. - New primary logo with mountain and Colorado "c." - Used the Denver Nuggets miner logo to create a secondary mascot logo for the Rockies. I slightly edited it and updated its aesthetic. - New wordmark using a script font. - All new jerseys.
  7. The last thing I didn’t like was jersey patches in the NBA, this commercialization takes away so much from the jersey.
  8. Another thing I didn’t like was under armour uniforms. The logo looked bad on jerseys to me (at least compared to the more traditional Nike and adidas logos) and to me the logo connotes cheap, badly designed products.
  9. Sleeved jerseys were pretty ugly. They kind of brought good designs though, that would have looked even better on normal jerseys. Good thing they are gone.
  10. Unpopular opinion: I think that should branch out into other sports. Cycling and running have a lot of uniforms. I think should add them to their website.
  11. Sorry, I keep posting, but I keep thinking of more. I would like to see more patterns being used in jerseys rather than just solid colors. In soccer patterns are used on basically every jersey, so I think they can be used in other sports as well, especially basketball.
  12. I also want to see more pinstripes in basketball. They were kind of common in the 90s and I think they could totally make a team unique.
  13. I would like to see olive in sports. It’s a pretty common color for things in real life, I think it should transition to sports.