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  1. These are looking great! I recently sketched an idea for a new Rams logo. Went in a more minimal direction
  2. The concept is really solid, but maybe it's my screen (or eyes!) but I think the orange could be a bit more orange. Looks red still to me? Also, I wonder if perhaps the font is a bit too "tough" – reminds of me Harley Davidson somehow – which I'm not sure fits the concept
  3. Really love this concept and excited to see where it goes! Looking forward to Birmingham – closest to my home town (can I ask why the Cannons?) I'm a bit late to the party (new to the forums, hi!) but I think the concepts are really solid but in need a bit of something more. I think you could go very minimal (Colts, Cowboys or Hawks and Nets in the NBA) or add more detail and shading (Jaguars, Eagles, Dolphins). I feel like they're somewhat floating in between at the moment.
  4. I really like the concept (top left especially) but I'm getting a bit of bird vibe. Possibly it needs a little bit of a forehead and the ears pointing a bit more upwards?