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  1. I agree with you though I like the old one better.
  2. Absolutely right on the money ...the logo is unchanged . Flying Elvis is here to stay .
  3. The talk this weekend on Bucs message board was the helmet changing to a anthracite gray for the Bucs to better match the pewter fabric ...booooo!
  4. I’d love a red alt. But everyone is hearing a 1997 throwback.
  5. Pats fan Fitzy on the radio today again mentions a version of color rush navy and color rush white version is what’s he’s still hearing. The pro shop people basically said the same only it will be a mix and match option, not all navy and all white exclusively.
  6. Reading too much into this maybe ....but if you zoom in on players in this picture they seem to have white helmets,yellow facemask and looks like no powder blue stripe on the pants
  7. One thing I thought was a cool touch but I think they switched after one season was the pant stripes that mirrored the Elvis head from blue to red.
  8. One was a reporter “Mike Reis”the other guy is a pats fan who became kind of the a pats fan character created his own cult type following “Fitzy”. Fitzy is clued into a lot of Pats stuff but he’s not like us...most aren’t. The details are where we live.
  9. I can see a regular football reporter thinking a change to color rush centric uniforms being seen as only a minor tweak for the change of helmet color I agree that wouldn’t be minor. This isn’t a rebrand. However if helmet rule changes next year you would have your Pat patriot throwbacks there so no need to change helmet color for this change they are undergoing this year.
  10. there was a rule in place before ...they were used only for throwbacks. How many different helmets did you see in the past besides throwbacks ? None. The Seahawks asked with their redesign to have home and away and were denied.
  11. I’ve heard similar but with keeping the silver helmet although nothing about font change.
  12. One the best uniforms in football all time regardless of Rick Mirer...I see Steve Largent and the original Curt Warner at RB
  13. They did such a great job of matching the pewter the first go around with the rebrand in 97.
  14. People who work in Foxboro at the stadium pro shop.Just what they were hearing because of the popularity of the color rush jerseys. They mirror the overall look of the throwbacks and people love those around here. Again all rumors but makes sense.