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  1. Any truth to rumors of Cardinals changing uniforms for next year? When the face of the franchise goes on record to say he doesn’t like the uniforms and they are dated I would say that might be something to keep an eye on .
  2. would love to see an updated drawing if the tri corner hat
  3. Color rush was suppose to be out the door wasn’t it. I thought the league ended that and teams need to follow suit. To me a third alt. Jersey is fine but these all one color lien suits have got to go. The Chargers created a nice set and it won’t be worn at least 3 times in favor of stupid color rush sets really?
  4. The shoulder stripes match the pat patriot throwbacks and everyone likes those. They are trying to make it work with the navy. they just got it wrong in the order of the stripes should have been w/r/w on the navy jersey and b/r/b on the white jersey
  5. Broncos Bengals and Cards are on the board in terms of outdated looks
  6. There has to be a pair of white pants dont you think? I know there are talented people on here who could mock that up right ? Also show us that pic of Gilmore with a white sock that has the stripes matching the jersey
  7. Improvement but the blue socks with pants is a big no for me. Then no white pants with the blue jerseys also a mistake.
  8. I don’t think you have to keep a throwback for 5 years. If NFL were to allow for two helmets next year they would go with Pat Patriot throwback and kick the Bledsoe era throwback to the curb. I could be wrong but that would be the logic.
  9. Everyone around here that knows anything to do with the teams merchandise(pro shop people) say helmets are remaining silver because they all believe the Bledsoe era jerseys are coming back as a throwback. With the league likely to allow a second helmet next year would allow for a pat patriot throwback and no need to change helmet to white to make it work this year. Sounds very similar to what the Bucs were hoping for in terms of throwbacks for next year. But who knows ???
  10. Maybe they don’t anymore ...cause the teaser doesn’t appear to have them
  11. The Rams look like shmucks , they had a layup and somewhat updated version of the the old LA Rams royal blue and athletic gold and you got a winner but they got too cute and look at them outsmarted by the Chargers
  12. Pants stripe doesn’t match for me that’s what was lacking in that color rush. The red should be thicker to mimic the shoulder stripe still I don’t like it together both the blue pants and jersey. White pants there and you have a winner
  13. does anyone really think they would shoehorn gray into this? It makes no sense for it to be primary road jersey. As an alt maybe but I think this guy isn’t very credible
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