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  1. 1. Chargers (perfect. 10/10) 2. Bucs (almost perfect, can't wait to see them on the field) 3. Browns (bringing back the classic look) 4. Colts (nice touch ups) 5. Falcons (at least I can laugh at them for looking like an arena football team) 6. Patriots (crappy color rush now crappy primaries) 7. Rams (no no no. I'm not from LA, but the Chargers are now my top LA team mainly because of how superior they are to the Rams looks-wise)
  2. This is why I absolutely love how the Chargers and Bucs did their rebrands. They just said ":censored: the excuses, we made it better because you wanted it to be better." Not like this, where the Rams are like "blue represents the sky/sea/history and gold represents the sun native to our city...", cause that's not what fans want.
  3. The beveling reminds me of the UTRGV Vaqueros. Aside from that, I kinda like the rebrand. The new logos look better on the jerseys though. They just kinda "pop" more on there.
  4. Only in this wacky alternate timeline would this actually ing happen. God bless.
  5. 53: The sleeve horns are unique (UA did them better than Adidas IMO), the jersey is clean, but the helmet kills everything. 52: Snakeskin/tiretread with the USA helmet doesn't mix. 51: Very meh. Just underwhelming. 50: Actually pretty nice. 49: The jersey/pants combo is boring, and it's mismatched with the mustard helmet. 48: Too much green. There needs to be a mix of green and beige/gold here and there 47: Nice, but the helmets kill it for me. 46: Really nice, but the USA helmet again. 45: Snakeskin/tiretread again. The glossed up helmets make it kinda gross. 44: Also pretty nice. I also found the next 4 parts to the list: Part II: https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/4/8/21209642/ranking-every-usf-football-uniform-of-the-decade-part-ii-the-meh Part III: https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/4/10/21213990/ranking-every-usf-football-uniform-of-the-decade-part-iii-the-solid Part IV: https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/4/13/21217272/ranking-every-usf-football-uniform-of-the-decade-part-iv-the-runners-up Part V: https://www.thedailystampede.com/2020/4/15/21217327/ranking-every-usf-football-uniform-of-the-decade-part-v-the-top-ten
  6. I feel stupid, but I'm not contagious. (Yet.)
  7. Back when the Bobcats rebranded in 2014, this logo was unveiled that night along with the rest of them. According to the team, it was supposed to be a secondary along with the side hornet. However, since the rebrand, I've never seen any merchandise or promotional stuff with this logo on it. Going through reverse image search, the only results for this logo are from forums, RedBubble, are memes with other faces in place of Hugo's, or are from news of the rebrand. Except for this one: Apparently it's from some sort of open house, but other than that obvious fact, I have no clue what this is from. Maybe for season ticket members? Have they ever used the logo at all at an official capacity, or has it been relegated to just a mascot logo, like it says on the Hornets Sportslogos page? Or has it just been wiped?
  8. Reminded me of the Rockies mascot. I sincerely apologize for what I've made.
  9. Young Victor Hedman wearing the old Reebok Lightning jersey in his first 2 years in the league. I miss the black.
  10. Beats what the Astros wore after that: These uniforms were bland and the branding just wasn't there. It wasn't the Astros. Heck, they were supposed to rename to the Houston Diesels with the new colors.
  11. I think no credit is given to how nice the Rays faux-backs were:
  12. However, those concepts always led back to the horns, which is why they play such a prominent role across both logos — and can even be used as a standalone mark. The horns also give the Rams flexibility, which is why neither the “LA” logo or the ram head are considered by the franchise to be its primary mark. “We really wanted to be strategic and smart about not necessarily utilizing one mark of the other, so while the NFL may designate the ‘LA’ as the primary mark in terms of a logo slick, we don’t really consider it that way,” Befort said. “That’s why the horn has the same shape and form across the identity, and that’s something we felt really strong about looking back into the historical side of things.” Along those same lines, the Rams have already created stencils that would allow them to paint either logo at midfield. “You could see one for a primetime game versus and afternoon game or could alternate every game,” Befort said. “The idea is to have flexibility and knowing that we could lean into one more than the other for any reason.” So what they're saying (I assume at least) is that they have both multiple primary logos and no primary logo at the same time. THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE RAMS, PICK ONE LOGO AND USE IT! Personally, I'd MUCH rather it be the new Ram head used as the primary over the LA monogram. I feel like they should delegate the LA to a secondary logo, and whatever they're trying to do with the standalone ram horn, use that as a tertiary logo. Problem solved. “We really wanted to be strategic and smart about not necessarily utilizing one mark of the other, so while the NFL may designate the ‘LA’ as the primary mark in terms of a logo slick, we don’t really consider it that way,” Befort said. And shouldn't it be the job of the team to designate its own primary logo? “The idea is to have flexibility and knowing that we could lean into one more than the other for any reason.” Then lean towards what the fans are clearly leaning towards. I'm not saying they should rebrand to that photoshopped Ram that's been circulating everywhere however. Use the new Ram head and use it well. The Rams fans will probably like it more than the LA logo.
  13. Although I'm extremely happy that the Buccaneers are updating their uniforms, I still think that their current jerseys are the best they've ever worn. The numbers to me are actually pretty cool. They're unique enough that they definitely don't blend in with the other teams' block numbers, and in my opinion, uniqueness usually beats a boring look, unless it is a classic look. That's why I'm not a fan of certain rebrands that take away that classic look from iconic teams, like the old Brewers (1994-1999, 2000-2019), the Padres wave (2004-2011), or Edmonton with copper as a color (1996-2011) and the oil drop cog (2001-2007). The darkened shade of pewter on their current pants, shoulders, and helmet is a little cooler to me than the old pewter. Granted, the old shade of pewter still kicks so much ass. I just feel like the brownish pewter looks better to me. Overall, I'll kinda miss the current look now that it's being phased out, but I'm excited for the new unis they'll wear next season.
  14. In the old XFL, the Birmingham Bolts were originally supposed to be named the Blast, which doubles as a noun. The Orlando Rage could have been read as a verb, but it doubles easily as a noun. In the current XFL, the Seattle Dragons had trademarks registered for Wild (adjective/noun), Fury (noun), Force (noun), and Surge (noun/verb).
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