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  1. Exactly, and they’ll sell even more next year when/if they’re reinstated.
  2. The Orange alternates look decent, but I’d rather have the true creamsicles, at this point, and they wouldn’t go with two orange options. I’d really love to see the white creamsicles return, too. Does anyone with the knowhow feel like subbing orange for red on the pewter set? I think that would look decent.
  3. ORANGE LIVES!! Shame it’s not on the pewter. Pewter with orange in place of red could have been sweet.
  4. Yep the first game the ever won that was below 40 was against the Bears that same season. Like Fiddy said, most of that was because they were terrible for all of those years in the NFC Central getting abused by the Bears and Packers... but they looked GREAT doing it in those beautiful creamsicles!* *gotta keep it on topic somehow ha
  5. I lost a bet on the Steelers game that required my work computer’s wallpaper to be Franco Harris until after the Super Bowl. I had to check in all the new members to our base, so it was pretty annoying having to constantly explain that I wasn’t a Steelers fan. Shaun King started that game, because Brad Johnson was hurt. I think Robo-sack was, too. I was always a King fan, and swore he was going to break out that game. Nope! I flew home to Philly for the Oct game at the Vet that year. Bucs seemed like they had that one, but Brad was battered and knocked out of that game. The Vet was something else. I actually miss it (though not as an opposing fan haha).
  6. Inferior team? That Bucs D is one of the greatest defenses of all time (with two first ballot HOFers, two more knocking on the door, and Simeon Rice who should be in). Also, Gruden finally got the offense clicking (for the first time in Bucs history). They smacked down every single opponent they faced that postseason. The only “advantages” that Eagles team had on that Bucs team was the weather and a small recent history of “having their number.” In other words, the thought that the Eagles were superior in any way is, and was, a total fallacy. The two games where the Eagles lost to inferior teams were against the Cardinals where they blew it, and to the Panthers. It’s easy to blame injury for Carolina, but it wouldn’t have mattered. McNabb never had what it took to win. He was a fraud.
  7. It’d really tie the throwback Falcons look together nicely.
  8. I agree they’ll look much different on the field. However, fans in the stands (and in public) should not be an afterthought considering 99% of them will be wearing only the jersey to show their support. I don’t see many fans rocking the full uni around town or the stadiums on game day.
  9. This isn’t what we meant by begging for the old jerseys to return.
  10. This is far and away my favorite of the mock-ups, and would be possibly be the best look in the league. The white helmet allowing for the throwbacks secures it. It’s a damn shame it’ll never happen.
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