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  1. We are definitely in the minority, and while I think the previous uniforms were great, I agree think the Jets set is one of Nike's more successful uniforms.
  2. The Bengals have been confirmed. There's a thread but it hasn't been touched in days, since there hasn't been many updates/speculation/leaks.
  3. Okay, so I don't HATE these like the general public seems to. I do think they are all over the place, and like the Falcons, I think there were close to a pretty good, modern update. Here's what I would've like to see: What I adjusted: Home: Removed chest patch Yellow numbers instead of gradient numbers Blue/white socks instead of full blue Away: Removed chest patch Adjusted shoulders so they are consistent with the home jersey Identical to home from the waist down In my opinion, this is all they need for a successful update.
  4. Very, very poorly. https://www.ramsfanshop.com/c-12614?_s=bm-comad-Rams-JerseyLaunch20-728x90
  5. VERY quick and VERY dirty, and based on the low-res leak images, but the bone over yellow would be such a better road look. Also, these "leaks" almost look like some of the Nike concept sketches we've seen in some other official release videos, so we'll see shortly if they are the real thing or not.
  6. Thats's what I was thinking, and the helmet looked to be a matte or satin blue.
  7. Minor revision, making the pants and shoulder stripes silver. Feels way better than the mono-blue.
  8. That could be them taking a "before" picture so they can do an old/new transition in the release video. I feel like they would've blurred any clue of the new uniforms out.
  9. Going off of the mockup posted here, this looks even better with a blue keyline.
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