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  1. This turned out really nice, excellent job. I think the halo sleeve piping is incredible. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the white a in the last set, doesn't seem to fit in with the others.
  2. I really hope Nike brings the city concept to MLB, but I doubt it will ever happen. All are great concepts. Birdland is my personal favorite.
  3. I considered this while making it and really liked the idea but couldn't really pinpoint a solution. It just never looked like an F to me. One leg was the base of the F and the other came across but it was missing the 3rd line and looked more like a T or a 4 to me. Would you get rid of the other F entirely? Or keep the original F in addition to the legs F?
  4. I appreciate that, it was a lot of fun. A league-wide "what if?" promo would be incredible. Some teams would have to fake it like the Rays do with their fauxback uniforms. I'd love to make more of these concepts, just need to find some other good options
  5. Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who has been curious about that.
  6. I recently read an article on here by @CC97 about the original owner of the Marlins wanting to name the team the Flamingos. The article also mentions the idea of going with South Florida instead of just Florida or Miami. Both of these ideas were ultimately shut down but I thought it would be fun to make a concept of what might have been. I had a blast making this and would love to explore other options if anyone has any info on team names that almost happened but didn't. Especially any that are as wild as this one. Hope you enjoy!! Disclaimer: everything I know (not much) about Photoshop/Illustrator I learned from YouTube so keep that in mind when viewing these. C&C always appreciated. First up we have the logo: The uniforms:
  7. These are my thoughts exactly. Love the idea, just think the shape of the sea lion needs a little work, especially around the flippers.
  8. I really like option 1. With some minor edits to the mouth, it would be an excellent logo.
  9. Love how you didn't rely too much on the turquoise and just let it create that extra pop in all of them. The white set is very clean, I like it. Not to contradict myself, but on the Spring Training set did you consider a turquoise brim on the hat?
  10. I didn't really like the change to the horns when the new logo came out but it looks pretty good on the helmets.